A Girl Called Sami Ch. 18

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Both of the girls stayed at school for the summer, hoping to make up some of the ground they had lost from missing the fall semester after Katrina last year. Class loads were heavy for a summer semester, for both of them, and they worked hard at their studies.

The bad news is that it left them little time for fun stuff, especially Sami with her job at The Grille and all. Add that to her photo shoots for the agency every couple of weeks or so, and our Sami-girl was one busy little beaver that summer.

Sami had talked with Bonnie about the project that Marcia wanted to do, using them as her models, and Bonnie pointed out, correctly, that the fall semester would be better for them both to do that. She was interested, alright, but not this summer.

Sami, agreeing with Bonnie, told Marcia that they were interested but not until the fall. Marcia was disappointed but resignedly asked Sami to call her when they were ready.

Sami stayed at school for the July Fourth holiday, picking up a couple of extra shifts from some co-workers who wanted the holiday off to party. Bonnie went to her home in Gulfport for the holiday, there being another family reunion at her parents’ place.

“Can’t really not go, sweetie,” Bonnie said as she kissed Sami goodbye in their room, “they have these things every five years, and well, you how family is.”

“Yeah, I do,” Sami said, and then kissing Bonnie once more, she slapped Bonnie on her ass, saying, “Now get out of here, ahead of the traffic, and drive safely, okay?”

“Okay, baby, see you next Monday,” and with that, Bonnie left for her drive to Gulfport.

Sami finished a report for her management class and hurriedly changed for her shift at the restaurant, rushing out of her door and damned near running into the girl who had her hand raised to knock, and which caused the young woman to jump back a bit.

“Oh, shit, you scared me,” Sami laughingly said once she was over the shock of there being a body right outside of her door.

“I’m sorry, I was just about to knock when you opened the door so fast; hell, you scared me too,” the girl replied with a laugh of her own.

“Wait; don’t tell me….Bea, right? Room 312, right?” Sami said as her brain downloaded the information to her mouth.

“I’m impressed,” Bea said with a chuckle, “I figured that you had blown off my invite to come and visit,” brazenly looking at Sami as if she were a piece of meat that she was choosing for dinner.

“Been really busy, Bea, not unsociable,” Sami replied as she locked the door to her room, “and now, I’m on my way to work across the street and I’ll be late if I don’t hurry,” moving past Bea and heading for the stairwell.

Bea walked/ran down the stairwell with Sami and when they made it out of the dorm to the steps, she stopped Sami with a hand on Sami’s arm.

“Look, I won’t keep you; I’d just wanted to see if you’d like to hang out a bit over the Fourth, if you don’t have anything else going on, that is,” Bea offered as an explanation.

Looking at her watch, Sami realized that she still had a good ten minutes to make the two minute walk, so she relaxed a bit, and motioned with her head for Bea to walk along with her.

“Well, the only day that I’m not working is the Fourth; The Grille’s closing for the holiday,” Sami said, adding, “and my roomie’s gone, so yeah, I guess so; what’d you have in mind?”

“I don’t know, maybe hit a couple of bars for a few brews; you know, just kinda’ hang out.”

“I’m still about ten months shy of being ‘legal’ for the bars,” Sami admitted to Bea, which caused Bea to smirk a bit.

“Please; this is N’awlins, honey, I know plenty of places where we can have a few without any problem at all. Look, I know you’re rushed right now; drop by my room when you get off tonight and we’ll figure something out, okay?” turning to walk away, her eyes on Sami.

“Okay,” Sami said as she watched Bea’s fine ass walk away from her, back to the dorm.

Her ass was the reason that Sami remembered everything else when she almost ran Bea over as she left her room; Sami remembered admiring her ass that afternoon, in the stairwell, when they had first talked.

Turning to look again at Bea as she walked towards her job, Sami thought that all in all, this whole thing was a bit strange, but what the hell, it surely beats the crap out of staying in her room on the Fourth, alone.


“It’s open,” Sami heard Bea’s voice say from the other side of the door when she had knocked.

“I almost didn’t come by,” Sami admitted when she walked into Bea’s room, into Bea’s private room, “I thought it might be too late.”

“Nah, I was just catching up on some assigned reading shit,” Bea said as she got up from her bed to welcome Sami with an offer of a coke or water from her dorm-sized fridge.

“Who’d you have to kill to get a room all for yourself?” Sami asked as she took the offered coke.

Laughing, Bea told her that she güvenilir bahis was the RA for the dorm, and RA’s get their own rooms, “The school figures it gives the RA and the residents a private place to discuss any problems or concerns of the residents.”

“Very fucking cool,” Sami replied, as she dropped her tall, slender body onto the futon, with her back against the wall, facing Bea’s bed, where Bea had taken up a sitting position, facing Sami.

“I knew our RA was named Bea, and I can’t believe that I didn’t make the connection when we ran into each other a few weeks back,” Sami said after a sip from the cold can of cola.

“That’s alright, sugar, I like to try to keep a low profile, so, no harm, no foul,” Bea replied with a sweet smile for Sami.

Bea was a senior, and 23, graduating at the end of the upcoming fall semester with a degree in English and had been accepted to graduate school at UT, in Austin, Texas. She was Bonnie’s height, give or take an inch, which made her 5’6ish, and Sami figured, about 120 lbs or so.

Her hair was short, with blonde highlighting, which showed off her baby-blues to full advantage. She was small-breasted, their nakedness showing through the simple, thin peasant blouse that she was wearing.

But her most redeeming physical quality was her fine, firm ass, no doubt about it, Sami thought, though her eyes fixated on Bea’s breasts showing through the blouse.

“So, what’s the plan, Stan,” Sami quipped.

“Well, I’ve got wheels, so transportation won’t be a problem, so I guess we just need to figure what it is we want to do.” Bea answered.

“Since I have to work the lunch shift on the Fifth, I can’t get too hammered,” Sami joked, “but, a few brews and maybe some fried shrimp in Bucktown wouldn’t be a bad idea.”

Bucktown was near Lake Ponchatrain and a part of the City’s metroplex.

“I know just the spot; an old friend of mine manages a place in Bucktown with cold, cold beer and delicious shrimp, as well as the best Redfish in Bucktown.”

“Sounds like a plan, Bea,” Sami said, rising and looking for a place to put her finished coke-can down.

“You’re not leaving already?” Bea questioned as she took the can from Sami and tossed it into a waste basket at her desk.

“Yeah, I need to shower up from work; I smell like beers and burgers,” Sami laughingly said as she sniffed at her shirt’s sleeves.

“I like the smell of beer and burgers,” Bea replied standing close to Sami now, and closing her eyes, she sniffed and opened her eyes afterwards, saying, “I don’t know, but to me you smell good enough to eat,” her voice laughing at her own pun, but her eyes saying something else. The double entendre wasn’t lost on Sami, and it did cause her to rethink her plan of staying in her room, after her shower.

“So, after you’ve showered up, why don’t you come back and we’ll bullshit each other for a while; you game?” Bea asked, adding, “And if you have any reefer, I wouldn’t mind a bit.”

“This isn’t a set-up to bust me for pot, is it?” Sami asked, but only half-joking when she said it.

“Relax, honey; I’m just out of my own stash at the moment and I can guarantee that we could find weed in over half of the girls’ rooms in this dorm,” Bea reassured Sami with a chuckle, “Hell, the fourth floor positively reeks of it, most days.”

“See you in about a half hour,” Sami told Bea as she opened the door to leave.

Bea’s response was a small smile, which showed dimples that Sami hadn’t noticed before.

It was actually only twenty minutes before Sami returned to Bea’s suite, freshly showered, her hair still damp, and dressed in her bum-arounds, gym shorts and a well-worn tee-shirt showing Jagger’s puffed-up lips and wagging tongue on the front, and a list of tour stops from eons past.

Bea still had her peasant blouse on but was wearing only panties, her shorts in a heap in the corner of the room. She had been reading when Sami knocked and then entered her room, her granny glasses perched near the end of her nose. Sami liked the look was her immediate impression when Bea had looked up from her book.

Putting her book on the floor, Bea told Sami to join her on the bed, and to fire up; “I’ve needed to get a stone on for a week, now,” Bea admitted as she took her hit from the offered doob, sucking the smoke deep into her lungs and then holding her breath to let it seep slowly into her system.

“Oh, damn, but that’s good,” Bea commented when she passed it back to Sami.

“Yeah, yeah it is,” Sami agreed as the smoke drifted down her throat, “an artist friend of mine always has good shit,” referring, of course, to Marcia.

Nodding, Bea took the doob for another hit, from Sami’s offered hand.

They each took their turns, both feeling the herb work its magic on them, and when the doob was almost finished, Bea ate the roach, after Sami offered it up to her.

“So, you and your roomie, Bonnie, is it serious between you two or just a typical college girl-love thingy,” güvenilir bahis siteleri Bea asked after she swallowed the roach.

Somewhat taken aback with the question, Sami sort of stumbled her response; “Yeah, well no, I mean, I don’t really know how to answer that question,” Sami admitted clumsily; the stone that was wrapping its arms around Sami wasn’t helping her to think clearly, and it showed.

“Simple, baby-girl; it either is or it isn’t,” Bea said softly, the effects of the herb showing in her face, in her smile, as she leaned against the wall, her eyes on Sami’s face.

“Well, we both have feelings for each other, if that’s what you mean, but I’m not ready to say that we’re walking down the aisle…wait a minute, how’d you know her name is Bonnie?” Sami asked as her mind put the pieces of the conversation together.

“Duh? Dumb-ass, I’m the RA; I know all of the residents,” Bea replied with a chuckle.

“But, why do you think…” and then in a brief moment of clarity, Sami understood that Bea must have heard about her and Bonnie being walked in on when they were making love that afternoon, a few months back.

“Don’t sweat the small stuff, Sami; quite a few of your dorm mates spend time together, in the sack. Oh, they’ll deny it, but in the darkness of their rooms, some of the girls play with each other, make no mistake about that,” Bea said in an attempt to reassure Sami, “you should hear some of the stories I get told when I ‘counsel’ some of the residents.”

Continuing, Bea added, “There’s one chick on the fourth floor who comes to see me once a week, all concerned about the things that she lets her suite mates do to her, but each and every time, before she leaves, she’s on her knees between my legs; never fails,” Bea brazenly admitted without showing any embarrassment at her admission.

“So, you’re…” Sami started to say but was interrupted by Bea.

“Yep, I fly the rainbow flag, out and about, so to speak.”

Sami nodded her head in understanding, her mind doing a million calculations a second about the conversation which had taken a turn that Sami hadn’t really expected. So I was right, Sami thought, when she invited me to stop by and hang out with her, sometime, a few weeks ago, Bea was actually issuing an invitation for a bit of girl-play.

“You’re a very pretty girl, you know that, right?” Bea said to Sami, her eyes taking in Sami’s features.

“I’m okay, I guess,” Sami replied, but not with false modesty; Sami ‘knew’ she was attractive to others but felt funny when she thought that about herself, not really comfortable with being ‘full of herself’.

“Oh no, baby, you’re a hell of lot more than ‘okay’,” Bea replied, then stretching her legs out to lay them across Sami’s lap. Sami relaxed and leaned against the wall, as Bea was, both feeling the full effect, now, of the weed that they had shared.

“Are you going seduce me?” Sami asked in a slow, stoned manner, her fingers stroking Bea’s legs on her lap.

“Depends; do you need seducing, or does the thought of a casual romp in the sack appeal to you?”

Smiling, Sami admitted, “When I smoke, I tend to get horny; so yeah, the thought of a casual romp in the sack has some appeal, well, a lot of appeal,” laughing after she said it.

Pulling her pillows in a bunch behind her back, Bea relaxed into them as she and Sami simply stared at the other. Holding her arms out to Sami, Bea said, “Come here baby, come snuggle with me, baby-girl; I won’t bite, unless you want me to,” chuckling afterwards, but with a not-so-teasing look in her eyes.

Sami looked at Bea’s opened arms, chewing on her lip as she considered the offer but in the end, Sami moved Bea’s legs from her lap and crawled into Bea’s opened arms, laying her head on Bea’s shoulder, bringing her hand to rest on Bea’s bare belly, just below the peasant blouse, her fingers softly stroking across Bea’s skin.

“Mmm, that’s a good girl,” Bea said as she scooted down a bit so that she could kiss Sami, which she did, softly, teasingly, finding Sami’s lips warm and soft to her own. Sami responded with tenderness, enjoying the feel of Bea’s lips against hers.

They kissed each other like that, softly and tenderly, both content with letting the moment build from a spark slowly, both knowing that it would be a blazing inferno, but neither wanting to rush the fire.

It was when Bea slid her tongue deep into Sami’s mouth that the play moved to the next level.

Sucking hungrily on Bea’s tongue as it slowly darted in and out of Sami’s opened mouth, Sami slipped her hand under Bea’s blouse and fondled Bea’s breasts, causing Bea to begin moaning her pleasure from Sami’s touches to her breasts. Bea moved her hands under Sami-girl’s tee shirt and began playing with Sami’s titties, marveling at the thickness and hardness of Sami’s nipples as her fingers slipped around them in play.

“Take off my blouse, baby,” Bea said to Sami, and when Sami had done so, lying back on the bed afterwards, iddaa siteleri Bea lowered her breasts against Sami’s mouth for Sami to suckle, her hands holding Sami’s head to her chest as she did so, and her lips kissing the top of Sami’s head.

“Oooh, baby, that feels soooo good,” Bea’s contented voice murmured, feeling the fire in the pussy from Sami’s tongue and mouth on her breasts, “you suck titty really, really well,” pressing her breasts hard against Sami’s sucking mouth and flicking tongue, almost smothering Sami in the process.

Pulling her breast from Sami’s mouth, Bea slipped down Sami’s body and kissed Sami hard, lustfully, her breath coming in short, labored gasps from the excitement that being with Sami was giving her.

Her hands lifted Sami’s tee shirt while her tongue slipped in and out of Sami’s mouth; fondling Sami’s tits, the hardness of Sami’s nipples pressed against Bea’s palm, which only drove her desires more. Dropping her head to Sami’s chest, she hoovered Sami’s nipples, one at time, her moans muffled by Sami’s tits in her mouth.

Sami was humping and grinding her crotch against Bea’s leg, which was pressed hard against it; moving her arms from her grasp of Bea’s body, Sami pulled her tee shirt from her body, lying back down afterwards; Bea never stopped sucking and licking Sami’s breasts as she did so, but her hands were busily removing Sami’s shorts, then her panties.

Moving quickly, Bea slid down Sami’s body and dropped her mouth onto Sami’s pussy, her tongue relishing all of the wetness that it had found, as Sami wrapped her legs around Bea. Sami’s response was to lift her ass from Bea’s bed, pressing hard against Bea’s mouth, her own moans of contentment filling the air, mixing with Bea’s sounds.

Bea’s hands were under Sami’s firm, fine ass, her fingers squeezing and kneading her muscled ass, her voice becoming louder as her lust took her over the edge; pushing her face as deep as she could into Sami’s pussy, her tongue quickly snaked in and out, her nose rubbing against Sami’s swollen love-bud which drew a drawn out stifled cry of joy from Sami.

“Ahhhh, sweet Jesus, oh damn, damn,” Sami cried when her orgasm burst free from her body as she pulled Bea even further into her burning, three-alarm fire that was her pussy under Bea’s very talented oral abilities.

And when it was finally over, when the climax had finally stopped shaking her body, Sami’s insides became rubbery and felt like they were leaking from her body, mixed with her juices that Bea was lapping with her tongue; not unlike a thirsty puppy would do.

Sami pulled Bea from between her legs, hugging her tightly and smothering her face with kisses while her hand quickly pulled Bea’s panties off, then returning to caress the wetness between Bea’s legs. Pulling Bea so that she was kneeling with Sami’ head between her legs, Sami’s hands gripped Bea’s ass-cheeks, pulling her wet snatch to Sami’s waiting mouth.

Moving her hips back and forth against Sami’s talented mouth and tongue, Bea closed her eyes as she rode the Sami-train to the Promised Land, again and again.


Taking a break from the sex-play, just a break they said, ’cause they both wanted more of the other, they were lying in Bea’s wreck of a bed, arms and legs intertwined, their juices smeared on each other’s legs, not to mention their mouths.

“Damn, girl, you give good head,” Bea said with a chuckle, and then kissing Sami’s nose on its tip.

“And you don’t?” Sami retorted, “I can understand why you have so many ‘counseling’ sessions with the residents.”

“I’m surprised that you never heard the whispers about my ‘hands-on’ counseling technique,” making a joke of herself, “and when I heard about you and your roomie getting walked in upon, I told myself that I needed to find out for myself what you were all about.”

“I go to ya’ll’s home games, you know,” Bea continued, “I’ve been watching you play ever since you started here; you’re good, very good.”

“Thanks, but without T setting me up, I wouldn’t get as many chances to kill the ball,” Sami admitted.

“You’re right about that; you two work really well together on the floor,” Bea agreed.

On the floor, in the shower, on the bed, oh yeah, me and T really do work well together, Sami thought but keeping the inside joke to herself.

Both were starting to feel the sleepiness that good weed can bring begin to invade their bodies; well, the weed, of course, but also the physicality of their fuck session. Neither would have denied that they had fucked, not made love, but simply fucked.

“Sleep with me tonight?” Bea asked as she snuggled into Sami’s arms, her leg thrown across Sami’s thigh, “I promise you a wake-up that you’ll enjoy,” Bea promised, her voice trailing off, betraying the sleep that was overtaking her.

Feeling sleep coming fast towards her, Sami’s response was to simply nestle against Bea, enjoying the feel of Bea’s damp pussy against her thigh…

And that was the reason that Sami hadn’t answered her cell phone when it rang at 11:00 that evening; her cell was in her room, but Sami was with Beatrice, so she didn’t answer the call from Mr. Madison at 11:00 that fateful evening…

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