A Full Nest Ch. 05

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My Dad’s words to me echoed around me as I raced down the hospital corridor.

Take care of our family, Rye. I know you will.

I’m trying Dad. I’m trying. I’m filled with panic as I run down hallway after hallway. Each one was darker than the last.

Take care of our family, Rye. I know you will.

Where are they? Where they hell are they? I knew they needed me. I could feel it in my bones. I turned into another hallway and kicked open the door at the end. Another hallway. I screamed with frustration and kept running. I could see a figure at the end. Two of them.

Take care of our family, Rye. I know you will.

It was Mom. She was alive again. She was being held up by a doctor. I couldn’t see the doctor’s face. I called out to her and reached a hand out. Suddenly she was right in front of me. I grabbed her hand. Then the floor beneath her gave out and she fell through. I yelled and tried to grab her but it was too late. She fell into the abyss.

Take care of our family, Rye. I know you will.

Another scream. Farther away. Belle. She needed me again. I’m coming Belle. I’ll save you. I crashed through a window. There she was. Bethany was there too. They were both gagged and tied up. I tried to get to them. But my feet weren’t moving. Why weren’t they… I looked down. The creep who had tried to rape Belle was holding me. I roared and tried to kick him away but he was too strong. He began dragging me down to the floor with him, pointing a gun at me. I looked up to see if Belle and Bethany were still okay. Right as I did the floor gave out and they both fell through. They dropped as I screamed helplessly.

You failed, Rye. My Dad’s voice echoed even louder making me deaf. They needed you and you failed.

No. No. I’m sorry, Dad. I’m so sorry. Please.

No No No No.


Bethany scrambled out of bed as she heard Ryan’s screams.

“RYAN!” Belle screamed as she ran after Bethany. They both shoved into his room right as he sat up in bed screaming. His shirt and bed were covered in blood.

“Rye wake up!” Bethany held him as he began struggling. His blood began smearing on his shirt. “Belle go wake up Aunt April! I think he tore his stitches open!”

Belle froze, staring at the blood.

“BELLE GO!” Bethany yelled, still trying to wake him up without hurting him.

Belle jumped and ran for their Aunt.

“Rye wake up!” She patted his cheek roughly. “Rye!”

His eyes snapped open and he looked at her in a panic. “Beth!” His eyes focused on the blood he had smeared on her. “You’re hurt. No. No no no no. Beth I’m so sorry.”

“I’m not hurt Rye. I’m fine.” Bethany blinked back tears as he shook in her arms. “I’m fine, sweetie. I’m really okay.”

“Belle. Find her…” He began sitting up then collapsed. “Sorry sorry.”

“Rye why are you saying sorry?” Bethany pleaded even though she knew he wasn’t listening.

“Dad…sorry.” Tears began streaming down his face. He shivered and continued to murmur in her arms. Then grew still. Bethany hurriedly checked his pulse and felt that he still had one. Moments later, April and Belle came in. They somehow managed to lift him and carry him to the car, trying to not tear the stitches even more in the process.

“What the hell happened?!” April hurried into the driver’s seat and started the car.

“He had a nightmare.” Bethany was doing her best to apply pressure to the freshly opened wound on his torso.

“He was screaming so loud…” Belle murmured. Her eyes were staring off into the distance without focusing on anything.”

“A nightmare did that?” April said in shock. The twins didn’t respond. They knew about Ryan not being able to sleep properly. And about him mumbling when he did manage to sleep. But they had no idea he had nightmares; their gut telling them that this wasn’t the first one. And even though it wasn’t their fault for not knowing something that he hadn’t told them about, they couldn’t help but feel guilty for letting him suffer on his own. Beyond logic, they were scolding themselves for not being there for him.

When they made it to the hospital, the nurses rushed over with the on-call ER doctor close behind them. They quickly listened to what happened while getting Ryan onto a gurney. The twins tried following after them before an attendant stopped them.

“I’ll take you to the waiting room. Please follow me.”

They tried to push past him anyway, but April held them back. “Ryan will be fine girls. They’ll take care of him.”

The sisters reluctantly gave up and did as they were told.

As the family sat in the waiting room, they all wondered if the world would stop incessantly reminding them just how powerless they were.


I woke up. I groggily looked around and saw that I was in the hospital again. A doctor was in the room, talking to my family.

“He didn’t lose too much blood.” The doctor was saying. “It looked like a lot because of the nature of the wound and where it’s located but he’ll be grandbetting giriş alright. His recovery will be set back a bit, but no worries beyond that.”

“Thank you doctor.” April hugged him. “We thought…”

“I understand, ladies.” The doctor hugged her back for a second before gently pulling away. “But he really will be fine. We’d like to keep him for the rest of the night just in case. But you can take him home in the morning.”

“Thank you.” Bethany got out of his way and the doctor left after giving them another reassuring smile.

“We’re gonna lose our whole inheritance if we keep coming to the hospital.” I said dryly. I was still feeling groggy but I could talk now.

“Rye!” The women rushed over but none of them hugged me like they had last time.

“Red is a good color on you ladies. But I recommend a design that isn’t as splotchy.”

The women just glared at me.


“Why didn’t you tell us about the nightmares?” Bethany sat on the bed and took my hand into hers. “Rye we told you over and over to talk to us. Or anyone. Why didn’t you say anything?”

I had an answer for that but it wasn’t one they would like. So I stayed quiet.

“Don’t just stare back! Answer her!” Belle snapped.

I stared at the blanket covering me. “Dunno.”

“Dunno?” Belle repeated in a mocking voice. “How long have you been having them? At least tell us that.”

“Since Mom died.” I mumbled. I looked at them expecting them to get mad for hiding it for so long. But they all had soft expressions on their faces filled with nothing but concern.

“Oh Rye…” Aunt April ran her hand through my hair then kept it cradling my cheek. “Sweetheart you should have told us. We could have helped.”

They were right and I knew it. But deep inside me there was a voice that told me I deserved the nightmares. That voice had been the one to shut me up for so long.

“You kept saying sorry.” Bethany was rubbing the back of my hand.

“I did?” Crap. Now they’re going to ask why.


Knew it. “I dunno. Don’t remember the nightmare.” A lie. I remembered it this time. Vividly. Thinking about it made my stomach twist and my heart attempt to move to my throat.

“Rye please stop lying to us.” Bethany stared right into my eyes. She looked so broken and scared that I just couldn’t lie to her again.

“Alright.” I averted my eyes. I couldn’t bear to see her like that. I knew Aunt April and Belle had the same expression so I didn’t look at them either. Just stared at my blanket as I opened up. “The last time I saw Dad in the hospital, he and I talked. He told me how proud he was of me and that I was becoming a better person than he could have ever hoped. I didn’t know why he was saying all that so suddenly. No one had told me that he wasn’t going to make it. I just thought he’d be in the hospital for a while and then be alright.”

“Laurel was hoping the doctors were wrong. She didn’t want to scare you kids for no reason.” Aunt April said quietly. “She didn’t mean to hurt you three.”

“We know.” I said. I figured it out on my own as I grew up that Mom probably knew Dad wasn’t going to make it. Bethany and Belle definitely figured the same.

“What else did he say?” Belle asked after we were quiet for some time.

“Take care of our family, Rye. I know you will.” I said, barely keeping from sobbing. “In the nightmares Dad says that I failed.”

“You do take care of us.” Bethany said.

“Mom died, Beth.” I couldn’t hold it anymore. The tears burst through and began flowing freely. “I couldn’t take care of her. I couldn’t do anything but watch her die. She withered away and what’d I do? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.”


“And then we moved to Aunt April’s house. Making her take care of us after she just lost her sister.”

“Rye I asked you three to move in. I want-”

“Belle gets drugged by some creep while I’m sitting at home doing nothing. My gut was telling me something didn’t feel right but I ignored it. Couldn’t even save her properly in the end. Got shot and now I’m even more useless than I was before.”

“You’re not useless, Rye.” Belle was crying. “And you do take care of us. You saved me Rye. That’s all that matters.”

I didn’t say anything. Just continued to stare at the blanket. The room grew quiet and I was glad they weren’t pressing me with more questions or making me talk more. I knew they’d want to refute everything I said. It wouldn’t even be that hard. But no matter what rational argument they threw at me, it wouldn’t be anything new from what I had already told myself. Yet the feeling persisted. I failed.


“Since you were so keen on leaving my room last time, I asked the neighbors to help me move the sofas around and set up an airbed.” April gently set Ryan down onto the bed. “This is where you’re gonna be until you get completely healed. And by that I mean doctor approval. We’ve got a follow up in a month.”

“A month?” Ryan grandbetting yeni giriş gaped. “Come on I can walk up the stairs just fine!”

“Tough shit, Rye.” Belle snapped. “You’re sleeping down here.”

“And Belle and I will be taking turns sleeping on the sofa.”

“You don’t have to do all that.”

“Maybe we wouldn’t have to if someone hadn’t tried to be a typical stoic tough guy by keeping all his feelings to himself so he could have nightmares every night instead of talking to his family.” Bethany shot back. “I called Mom’s old therapist by the way. She’s gonna call you to set up an appointment and you’re going.”

Ryan, being a very smart guy, didn’t say anything to that.

“Here.” April handed him a glass of water and a pill. “Doctor wanted you to take this for today. It’s a painkiller and it’ll knock you right out. It’s to help you deal with the anesthesia wearing off so the pain doesn’t drive you crazy. You can go back to your normal ones tomorrow.”

Ryan took the pill without argument.

“I hope you stay like this. I like a man who does what he’s told without argument.” Belle grinned. She was promptly given the finger.

“Oh stop it you two.” April smacked Belle on the back. “I’m gonna go take a nap so I can catch up on some rest. You three should do the same.”

“Yes ma’am.”

April waved to them and left to her room, looking like she’d sleep standing right there if she could.s

Bethany and Belle took a seat on either side of Ryan as he laid down, leaning against the wall that the bed was next to.

“We miss anymore work and we’re gonna get fired.” Belle said dryly.

“I’m not missing any. Told them I’m working from home.”

“Lucky. They’re making me come in tomorrow.” Belle looked down at Ryan. “You gonna be okay?”

Ryan gave her a thumbs-up. “I’ll be fine.”

Belle laid down and snuggled up next to him. “Alright then. Naptime.”

“Good idea.” Bethany said as she did the same thing on Ryan’s other side.

“Guys we’re in the living room…”

“Nothing wrong with cuddling our baby brother.” Bethany said, kissing him on the cheek. “Just taking a nap. Nothing else going on.”

“Then why’s Belle’s hand on my crotch?”

“Belle stop it!” Bethany swatted her twin’s hand away.

“Just checking if it still worked.” She poked at it. “Yep. It’s a little hard. Still works.”

“Shut up and go to sleep.” Bethany sighed. She looked around and then kissed Ryan deeply. “Sleep well.”

A few hours later, April woke from her nap and came out into the living room. She smiled widely as she saw the Parker siblings crowding on the air mattress. Belle was lying mostly spread eagle, her leg on Ryan’s and her arm above his head. Bethany was curled up to her brother, nose pushed up against his neck. They were all breathing slowly and deeply. Peacefully. April took out her phone and leaned over them to take a picture.

“Oh Laurel. You would have loved this.” April sighed and went to the kitchen. They had all slept through lunch so she wanted to make them a hearty dinner.


“Bath time, Rye.” Belle said as she took my dinner plate away.

“Alright.” I silently allowed Bethany and Belle to help me up. I tried to walk on my own but Belle quickly grabbed me and had me lean on her.

“Beth and I are going to take turns.” She said after I took a seat on the edge of the toilet. “I’ll be first because I’m the better twin.

“Whatever makes you happy.” I sighed. I winced as they began to take my bandages off. The cuts on my arms and legs were mostly healed but there was no doubt that I’d have scars all over, both faint and obvious. My bullet wound still throbbed painfully beneath the dressing. Fortunately, it was waterproof so I didn’t have to change it every time it got wet

“It’d be easier if you stopped wearing a shirt.” Bethany sighed after they finally succeeded in taking it off without making me groan in pain. “Until it heals more.”


Bethany and Belle looked at each other and Belle nodded. Satisfied, Bethany began helping me take my shorts off along with my boxers. What was she satisfied about? Hell if I know. Damn twin telepathy. Now that I was naked, they helped me take a standing position in the shower stall. I would have preferred taking a bath since I didn’t want to stand, but I wasn’t supposed to let the wound soak in water. Running water was the better option.

“Bye, sweetie.” Bethany stepped in the stall to kiss me. “I’ll be on the sofa tonight.”


She sighed, kissed me again, then left. Belle locked the door and quickly stripped before joining me. “Ready for your sexy shower time?”


Belle stood partially in front of me so some of the water would be stopped from hitting me. She got the loofa lathered up in soap and began gently washing me. “We love you, Rye.”

I looked down and raised an eyebrow. “Why the sudden affection?”

“You feel guilty that we’re taking grandbetting güvenilirmi care of you like this. That’s why you’re being so quiet.” Belle eyes were unwavering. I wasn’t used to her looking at me without mischief being sprinkled in with the love. It was touching that she cared about me this much. But also sucked since it meant that she was worrying about me.


“Yes. You are. And you don’t need to be.” She resumed washing me, taking care to not be too forceful with the area around my wound. “We’re family. We take care of each other.”

“Yea I’m sure every family gives each other baths.”

“And I’m sure every family has a dumbass brother who doesn’t tell them about his nightmares. An idiot who takes a fucking bullet trying to save his sister.” Belle’s jaw was clenched. “How is it fair that you take care of us like that, yet we can’t do something as simple as this for you?”

You know me. I didn’t have a rational answer for that.

“Exactly.” Belle said. “Now quit your moping and let us love you.” She looked up at me and I was glad to see the mischief had returned. “Bitch.”

“Alright.” I laughed. Looking at her gave my heart had a weird twisting feeling that felt amazing. “You’re a wonderful girl, Belle.”

Her face remained the same but I saw her ears turn pink. Adorable. She scowled. “Why the random compliment?”

“Because I love you.” I cradled her cheek and kissed her. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

“I love you too, Rye.” She kissed me back.

“I mean it when I say I’d do it again.” I said. “Take a bullet for you.”

“I know. I hope you won’t have to.”

“I dunno… If getting shot means I get to see you wet and naked then it sounds worth it.”

Belle rolled her eyes and laughed. “You can see me wet and naked without getting shot.”

“Oh right.”

“Dork.” She kissed my chest. “Turn around. Need to wash your back.”

I turned and sighed when Belle pressed her fingers firmly into my back along my spine. A massage, wet and naked girl, and a shower where I’m washed by said naked girl. Maybe the bullet had actually killed me. “You’re really good at massa- OW!” I flinched as she slapped my ass.

“Revenge.” She chuckled. “For being a dumb bitch.”

“Demon. Can’t believe you’d hit a cripple.”

“I don’t give a fuck.”

“Clearly.” I yelped when she slapped my other cheek. “You done?”

“Yep.” She hugged me from behind and pressed her boobs into me. I could just barely feel her nipples poke me.


“Now to play.” She murmured. She kissed my back and bit it hard enough to surely leave a hickey.

“Ow! You said you were done!”

“I lied.”

“I hate you so much.”

“You sure about that?” She ran her hand down my belly until she got to my cock. I wish that wasn’t enough to get me hard but it was. One hand cupped my balls and the other began stroking it. “I’m a little offended that you didn’t get a boner until I put my hands near your dick.”

“Sorry.” I moaned. What? Of course I apologized. Her hands were on my dick and balls.

“Hmmm…” She purred. “I love it when you’re so submissive.”

I blushed and stayed quiet. I loved it too.

“Big and strong hero like you.” She kissed my shoulder blades. “Cute little puppy when Beth and I are around.” Belle squeezed a little harder on my cock and pulled on my balls in a way that didn’t hurt but still made me groan. “And I know exactly why that is. Do you?”

I couldn’t talk with her hand rubbing the sensitive head of my cock. If I didn’t have my hands on the shower walls, I would have crumpled. It was torture to have her focus just on that. But it was the kind of torture that pushed me steadily towards cumming.

“Answer me, Ryan.” She growled, biting me again.

“No. I don’t.” I managed to moan out.

“Because you actually love being taken care.” She murmured. “You love not being in charge and responsible for once.”

Was that really it? Maybe. At home I had been the one to do most of the chores. I had even started to take charge of our expenses when Mom grew sicker. The girls pitched in whenever they could, so it wasn’t like they were taking advantage of me. But it was mostly me that kept things going.

“It’s okay.” She said. “We love doing this for you.” She nuzzled my back. Belle never nuzzled. “Enjoy it.” With that, she grew quiet, focusing entirely on jerking me off. She slowed moved up and down so her boobs would rub pleasantly against me. Belle had stopped giving just the head of my cock attention and was now stroking the whole shaft. Her other hand never left my balls, either cradling or pulling on them gently. On my back I could feel her kiss and lick me. Every now and then she’d bite, but they weren’t as hard as before.

“Belle I’m gonna…”

“Not yet. Still playing.” She stopped stroking me right as I was about to cum. My cock throbbed so powerfully it was almost painful. It dribbled out some precum but everything else was forced to stay inside.


“Just because.” Belle laughed. She let go of my balls to hold the head of my cock against my belly. With her other hand she rubbed up and down the shaft with three fingers. This was enough to keep me hard and aroused but nowhere near enough stimulation to make me cum.

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