A Free Spirited Woman Named Hannah

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This is a story of a woman in her mid 30’s who is no virgin but is no slut either.

Her name is Hannah. She is trim with a shaved pussy and brunette hair long past her shoulders and full lips.

Hannah starts her day feeling pretty sore from an intense game of tennis the day before.

She thinks maybe she could use a massage to ease up her sore muscles. Her legs are definitely sore and feel that a nice massage will bring them back to life again. She puts her hair up in a casual style so that the oil of the massage doesn’t ruin her hair.

Downtown is where the only massage parlor is. She has never gone there before but thinks today is the day.

After lunch, she heads downtown and checks in at the massage parlor. There she meets a young possibly college intern and greets this young lady.

The young girl responds and says, “Hi. How are you?”

Hannah says to her, “Well hi. I was wondering if I could get in for a massage today?”

The young girl answers and says to Hannah, “Yes, you can get in in just a couple of minutes. The masseuse is cleaning up a massage room and should be almost ready.”

“I don’t remember seeing you before. Could you please fill out our check in form?”

Hannah fills out the form and hands it to the young lady.

Then she tells Hannah, “You can change into a robe in the locker room just to the door on your right.”

Hannah enters the locker room and changes into her robe. Hannah’s legs are truly sore today and she is looking forward to some relief. She wonders what kind of masseuse she will have and is a bit nervous being nude except for her robe. She cinches the belt tight and waits to enter the massage room.

She notices a sign over a door labeled “Massage”. Hannah only waits for about 30 seconds and the light comes on.

She then enters the massage room, disrobes, and looks at the massage table. This one is different. The place for her legs is split wide so that each of her legs will be separated. She thinks it’s so that the masseuse can reach her back and shoulders more easily.

Hannah removes her robe. She is now naked in a strange room and feels a bit uncomfortable.

She lies down on the massage table face down and places a towel over her bare bottom. She feels exposed due to that leg split and her bare pussy. Hannah is a little shy about this. But she also has a secret that being exposed like that kind of turns her on and she can feel a tingling in her pussy from this. She even starts to get a little wet already. She tries to think of something that will distract her and get her to calm down.

After a minute or so the masseuse walks in and introduces himself. “Hi, my name is Al, nice to meet you.”

Al is wearing a robe himself but it appears he may be nude underneath that robe. But Hannah’s legs are so sore she quickly dismisses the thought from her mind and concentrates on the upcoming massage.

Hannah then says “Hi Al. My name is Hannah. Nice meeting you too.”

Al asks Hannah, “Is there any special area that needs extra attention?”

Hannah says, “Oh yeah, my legs and especially my calves are pretty sore. That’s what brought me in here.”

Al then tells Hannah, “OK then we will give those pretty legs a little extra work-over.”

They make some small talk before Al tells Hannah, “Are you ready for some nice warm oil?”

Al sprinkles some on her feet and calves and slowly works that oil on her calves and down to each of her feet and down to her toes. He gently massages it all over her toes and even in between each and every one. Al rubs it in, over and around her feet and rubs the bottom of her feet working it into her skin.

Hannah thinks to herself, “Boy this feels fantastic!” She is very happy she decided to get this massage.

Hannah feels the nice warm oil on her lower legs causing those tight muscles to loosen up. She knows that she made the right decision to come to the parlor today.

He lifts first one calf and then the other, rubbing and stroking each of those calves for maybe 4-5 minutes. Her lower legs are now covered in this nice, soothing oil.

Hannah forgets how exposed she is and is only feeling the pleasant strokes of the masseuse on her tired feet and calves.

Then Al sprinkles some oil on her aching thighs and slowly rubs and strokes it all over every part of her thighs that he can reach.

“That feels wonderful,” she tells Al.

Al keeps busy rubbing and stroking her thighs and gets very close to her bare bottom and her pussy too. A few times Al accidentally brushes her pussy lips and this is starting to feel REALLY good. But she is somewhat embarrassed because she feels herself getting wetter and is afraid that will show.

At this point, Al says he will switch ends and do her neck and shoulders. Al tells Hannah he will have to lower the table just a bit so he can do a better job on those shoulders.

First Al sprinkles adiosbet yeni giriş some more oil on Hannah’s back. Then he grabs the crank and lowers Hannah just a bit so that his cock in his robe is now bouncing on the top of Hannah’s head whenever he reaches her back and sometimes her lower back. His cock bounces on Hannah’s head quite a few times while he continues his massage on Hannah.

This is an erotic situation for Hannah. She never thought having a man’s cock tap her head would have an effect on her libido, but strangely the thought of that cock so close to her face and mouth makes her get even wetter. She tries not to think about that cock but is having a hard time trying to think of anything else. The experience is very sexually exciting to Hannah.

Al continues rubbing and stroking that oil on Hannah. She also is really enjoying these sensations. It feels wonderful to have this man’s hands rubbing and stroking over almost every inch of her body. She is enjoying this tremendously.

After a couple of minutes of this nice warm oil rub on the lower back, shoulders, and neck Al asks Hannah if she would like him to do her posterior. Hannah is enjoying the feel of his hands roaming over her body and just wants to experience this as long as possible and thinks, “what the hell. He probably was looking at my bare pussy already and this whole thing is feeling SO good.” She tells Al, “OK but be discreet.”

Al by this point is getting fairly hard stroking a beautiful woman’s body for the last several minutes. He also is feeling the effects of having his hands all over this shapely woman’s body. He is having a hard time maintaining his professionalism and keeping his cock from getting fully hard.

He returns to her legs that are spread out on this table and then steps between them. He removes the towel which was the last thing Hannah had to maintain her fading dignity. Al then dribbles some of that nice warm oil over her ass. It runs between her crack, drips onto her pussy, and that puts even more tingles in her pussy. Al starts the massage of her ass and rubs, kneads, and strokes it. Then he slowly works his fingers all along her ass crack.

Al rubs that oil in her on her little puckered hole and bumps her pussy lips over and over. Now Al is purposely bumping and rubbing her pussy repeatedly because he is getting quite turned on, but tries to pretend it’s all just a normal massage.

Hannah is getting pretty excited by this erotic turn of events. It really feels GREAT with that hand rubbing her ass, her puckered opening, and her pussy. Her pussy is now very wet both from the oil and her own juices. She is QUITE wet now just from her own juices and her heart is racing too. Al is still trying to maintain his professionalism, but his cock is getting very hard indeed.

Al says to Hannah, “OK, Hannah, now can you turn over?”

Hannah gets up a little shaky from all this stimulation. She finds herself quite turned on.

While Hannah is standing up ready to lie on her back on this table, AL flips a couple of levers and suddenly the legs lift and bend to create a hospital stirrup effect.

Al explains, “Hannah I’m doing this so that I can access you better without having to stretch so far to reach your stomach while I stand between your legs.” Al asks Hannah, “Do you think it would be OK if I removed this robe? It may get too many oil stains when I lean over you to do your stomach and abdomen.”

Hannah looks over and thinks he is a pretty good-looking guy, and this will give her a good chance to see his cock. She is the type of woman who gets excited when she sees an erect penis. She also is a cum lover and loves to have some swirling on her lips and tongue when she is having sex. She likes messy sex and hopes any man she makes love with likes things messy too.

She says, “OK Al but don’t get any ideas.”

Al slowly disrobes and she sees his naked body for the first time. Her heart skips a beat when she sees him like that. His cock is better than average and now is fully erect. This turns her on even more and she gets even wetter.

Hannah then hops up on that massage table and then pulls her legs up onto those stirrup-type legs. This leaves her completely naked and spread-eagle with a strange nude man a few feet away. She does feel exposed and very helpless in this position. Being in this position with her pussy wide open for anyone to push their cock in made her a little uneasy but also even more turned on too. She feels VERY vulnerable.

Al then heads up by her head and sprinkles oil on her neck, shoulders, and breasts. Her nipples are now quite hard before Al even touches them. The oil feels good, but those hands rubbing, kneading, and stroking her breasts, shoulders, and neck for several minutes feel fantastic. Her nipples are very sensitive and every time his hands roam over her nipples she gets even wetter. She is adiosbet giriş almost dripping by this point.

Then Al leans over Hannah’s face to rub and massage her stomach. When Al does this his bare cock is positioned right over Hannah’s face. She sees his cock up close now, only an inch or so from her face and almost touching her lips. Al’s cock is so close that she can smell the man scent and that happens to be even more of a turn-on for Hannah. She knows she just loves a good hard cock and here is one right over her face.

His balls sometimes bump Hannah on her hair and that is another unexpected but sexy turn-on for her.

As she watches his cock moving back and forth right over her face, she is VERY tempted to take a lick or to grab it and suck it for what she hopes is a large load of cum. Hannah struggles with her dignity, but somehow just lies there and enjoys watching his cock so close to her.

Al then says, “Hannah I need to redo those legs and feet again.” Then he switches back to do just that.

Hannah feels quite turned on but VERY vulnerable with her bare pussy being so exposed on this massage table, naked and spread-eagle. Al puts more oil on her legs and feet and again rubs and strokes her feet and calves. Again Al works that oil all around and even between her toes again. Hannah loves this because it feels so wonderful.

Al then moves up to do her thighs. He squirts oil all over both thighs and works both his hands over every square inch of her thighs. When he is doing her upper thighs, his hands accidentally touch her pussy or her pussy lips. Hannah is ready to burst from all of this stroking.

Al then squirts some oil on her stomach again but he also squirts some oil right on her pussy. Hannah thinks to herself, “Is he going to massage my pussy too?”

Well, Al starts rubbing that oil on her stomach and slowly works his way down, right to her pussy now. This is getting too much for her to handle. On top of having her pussy stroked and rubbed, his cock is hitting her pussy from time to time. There were even a couple of times she felt the head of his cock start to enter her pussy.

She lifted her head to get a better view of this. She could see Al’s cock and it was VERY WET from her and Al’s pre-cum. It also looked very hard and inviting. This happened to be just another turn-on to her and she wished that cock would enter her fully and fuck the hell out of her. This was getting to be torture now having a hard cock bumping her pussy over and over without entering her hot, wet pussy.

Hannah finally said to Al, “Would you please just put it in! I can’t take anymore and need that hard cock where it belongs.”

Well, Al didn’t hesitate very long before he guided his cock right to her pussy entrance and thrust forward, burying his cock deep. Hannah was so wet that there was no resistance to the quick entry.

To Hannah, it was marvelous to have this cock deep into her pussy. He was long enough to reach VERY DEEP and it excited Hannah tremendously.

Al then started pulling back and then driving it deep time after time. He would pull out until just the cock crown would be in Hannah and then drive fully into her pussy, his balls bouncing off Hannah’s ass over and over.

Hannah remembered that when she saw his balls, she thought they probably carried a big load. This made Hannah nervous because she wasn’t on the pill and she could maybe be ovulating.

She was enjoying this SO MUCH so she found it hard to think of anything but this cock fucking her. Al was getting close to cumming and was starting to drive into Hannah faster and faster. Hannah could feel that cock start to twitch in her pussy so she knew he was close to cumming in her. She had to quickly decide if she should ask him to pull out or not.

Hannah decided to take the chance because she so wanted to feel that cum shooting up into her pussy and filling her up. She knew she would cum when she felt that cum unleashed deep into her pussy.

Al soon fucked Hannah as fast as he could and then drove as far in and deep as he could and held tight into her pussy. He grabbed her ass and pulled her strongly onto his cock, then he spewed Hannah’s pussy with 5 strong shots of cum in Hannah’s love tunnel. Al jerked into Hannah for every one of those 5 bursts of cum plus a few more. Hannah felt the cum spurt into her and that’s when she came too. It was the most intense orgasm she had ever experienced. All of that massage was like the ultimate foreplay.

Now as she was enjoying the afterglow of a good fuck she remembered that she was in danger of getting pregnant. She tried to think of what to do and could only think that she needed the cum out as soon as possible.

Then she had a thought and asked, “Al sweetie, would you mind cleaning me up?” Hannah got up from the table now and could feel some of Al’s cum running down her legs. Al had deposited a big load adiosbet güvenilirmi indeed.

Al was still horny and agreed. He didn’t mind this cream pie. She had a lovable pussy and it looked very sexy with a load of cum dripping out. The cum was running down to her ass and down to the table too.

Al quickly got up and moved a couple of levers on the table so it was flat again, the legs not raised anymore.

Then Al moved another lever and those spread legs came together to form a more or less standard table.

Al then lay down on the table and asked Hannah to straddle his head with her legs. Hannah was more than willing to get this cum from her out of her pussy so had no problem with this request. She also was looking forward to having Al eat her pussy.

Hannah then climbed up and put one leg on either side of Al’s head and slowly dropped her soaking pussy right onto Al’s face and lips, and of course Al’s tongue. She had positioned herself in the 69 position so she could see Al’s softening cock. She couldn’t help herself and reached down and grabbed it.

She realized this great cock had explored her depths but she hadn’t even handled it yet. It was very warm and very wet from their lovemaking. It looked so inviting that she couldn’t help herself and had to take it in her mouth.

Her pussy was dripping a lot of cum into Al’s mouth but he didn’t swallow any. Al drove his tongue as deep into Hannah’s pussy as he could to try and get all of that cum out of Hannah’s pussy.

Hannah could taste both herself and Al on the cock in her mouth and she was turned on again. She swirled her tongue around the head and moved her head up and down so that this cock could fuck her face too.

Al was no longer getting soft with all of this stimulation and was again hard and strong. Hannah’s lips and tongue were doing their magic on Al. He reached around and grabbed Hannah’s ass cheeks, one in each hand, and pulled her pussy even closer. He loved a good pussy, and this one was really tasty.

Hannah was getting VERY excited again with a mouth and tongue in and on her pussy and a hard cock in her mouth, with that cock maybe seconds away from filling her mouth with a hot load of cum. The thought excited Hannah and she hoped Al was getting all the cum out of pussy.

Al kept licking Hannah’s pussy and by now had quite a bit of his own cum from Hannah’s pussy stored in his mouth. He was planning a special gift for Hannah.

All of this was getting to be too much for Al so he stopped licking and sucking long enough to tell Hannah, “You wonderful bitch. I’m going to CUM all in your mouth.”

This excited Hannah and she was close to cumming herself. She hoped Al would cum. She wanted to taste and feel a hot load produced by her ministrations. It made her proud that she could do that to a man.

Even though Al had given Hannah a warning, he then kept on licking and sucking Hannah’s love box of all that cum.

Al could no longer hold out. He moaned and started spewing another 4-5 decent size loads right into Hannah’s mouth and tongue. “It tasted like a man’s cum alright,” she thought to herself and these sensations caused Hannah to cum herself. She came all over Al’s face and because she was so excited, she just started squirting her own cum. She had never squirted before but she was SO turned on it just happened.

Al laid there with Hannah squirting several of her squirt shots all over his face. It was a wonderful turn on to Al having a woman do that for and to him.

After Al had cum in Hannah’s mouth, Hannah was playing with all that cum in her mouth. Hannah loved having so much cum in her mouth and swirled it around her mouth and all over her tongue so she could really taste that cum. She wouldn’t mind more but she thought she would have to wait for a different day when she could be making love again.

Al finally could taste no more cum coming from Hannah’s pussy and his face was soaked in Hannah’s cum so he indicated he wanted to get up. All that cum from Hannah’s pussy was still in Al’s mouth.

Hannah got up and swallowed all that cum from Al and felt it flowing down her throat and into her stomach. She loved that feeling but wouldn’t mind more.

Al said, “You better lay down on the table again and I’ll give you a nice kiss.” Hannah got back on the table and laid on her back.

Al then leaned over to kiss Hannah now. When he did he stuck his tongue in her mouth and let all that cum fall right into Hannah’s mouth. She was beside herself with this new development and was thrilled to have more cum to enjoy.

Their kiss lasted a long time because they both enjoyed the warm slippery cum kiss. They moved their mouths and tongues around to get the maximum feel of this most erotic kiss between 2 lovers.

Finally, they broke apart and she could see evidence of a messy love scene. They both had traces of cum on their face, lips, pussy, and cock. Hannah had a warm glow now and her legs now felt great too.

She was SO glad she decided to get a massage today. And now she was planning for another one to happen soon.

The end of Part One

By OldMasseuseGuy

Edited by WokeUpOne Day

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