A Few Hours Together

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It happened quite by accident.

Had events not occurred in the exact order that they had, neither would have ended up here.

Here was a small discrete road-side motel. On the edge of town. It belonged to another time, almost forgotten in the rush of traffic back and forth on the busy highway.

They had driven separately, arrived almost within seconds of each other. He had been there first, as arranged, and had paid cash for the room; he received a knowing smile from the clerk, but that smile had been met with a look that the clerk felt rather than saw.

He had texted

5, she had gotten the message and had parked on the other side of the building.

Her hands shook as she pressed the button to lock her car. She had never done anything like this before. At one level of her mind, she knew it was wrong, remembering back to her days in Church, it was a sin. At another level of her mind, the one that controlled her legs, she kept walking. She knew that he would be waiting.

Knocking on the door, then trying the knob, it was open.

Open, only for a second as she slipped into the room and locked then latched the door.

He met her at the door, she had been able to think of nothing else all day, except this particular moment, and maybe a few moments that she hoped would follow this. All day long, the clock seemed to take hours to move the minute hand, but now she was here as was he.

Their lips met and the feeling was electric, she had been kissed many times in her life, but she could not remember feeling the electricity that she felt at this moment. His lips opened and his tongue moved in concert with hers, the passion from his kiss making her knees wobble, maybe it was the anticipation, maybe it was the danger, but mostly it was the kiss.

She felt his hands working, first holding her tight, the feeling of being pressed hard together. Hands roaming her body, first on her back, then around her ass, his strong hands gripping each of her cheeks, one hand moving around to her front and feeling of his hand against her pussy, of a finger lingering on the wetness of her through the material of her slacks.

The rush of electricity as his finger molded perfectly into the cleft in her pants. The feeling of his other hand moving up and feeling her breasts, and the feeling of her nipples hardening.

All these sensations were felt, not seen by her; her eyes had been closed since their first kiss. More feelings followed, her buttons coming undone, the blouse being pulled from her shoulders and then the sleeves rubbing along her arms and the quiet sound of it falling to the ground.

The feeling of him cupping each breast and the release of the clasp holding them in place. The delicious release of the constricting black lace material coming loose from each of her boobs followed by the touch of his lips on the closest one, his tongue moving over her areola and nipple, sucking and pulling. Her eyes rolled back in her head as the warmth and moisture between esenyurt escort her legs intensified.

He shifted to the second breast as his fingers found the button on her pants, she willed him to move faster, there was nothing in the world she wanted more than to have him rip her clothes from her body and to ravish her, here, now!

The wetness between her legs had soaked through her panties and the intoxicating scent of her sex filled his senses as he knelt before her and pulled her slacks from her hips. Hooking his thumbs around the waist band of her silky black panties he deftly removed her panties and slacks at the same time.

She steadied herself by holding his shoulders and stepped from the last remaining clothes she wore, not recalling when she had slipped her shoes off.

She inhaled sharply as his tongue made contact with her pussy. The tip of it, moving with a mind of its own, in and around her opening folds. His entire face flush with her body, the pressure of his face and the motion of his tongue, making her senses come alive with pleasure.

A new intense pleasure was joining the others, his free hands were once again gripping and massaging her ass. The combination of his firm strength and the light touch of his finger tips awakened her memories of experimentation and exploration of her sexuality.

A finger traced from the bottom of her pussy to the beginning of where her cheeks began. Slowly back and forth, all the while his tongue and lips worked magic on her pussy. Finding and moving over her rosebud, his finger tip felt like a tongue rimming her ass.

The passion and emotion of the moment and his attention to her pleasures rose up and engulfed her in a feeling that she had almost forgotten was possible. Her orgasm seemed to have begun in farthest parts of her body, building as it flowed up her limbs and then exploded as it reached her center.

Her body shook and tensed as the waves rolled over her and she almost collapsed on top of him, but he was there. Holding her in his strong hands, he straightened, and lifted her off the ground and placed her onto the bed. It was only then she remembered he was still fully dressed.

Standing back from the bed, he never broke eye contact and his smile never waivered. He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off. He was strong, he had a broad chest in a toned way and powerful arms. Undoing his dress pants, he let gravity do the work, they dropped from his narrow hips and tight butt, revealing two strong legs, that he didn’t wear any underwear, and that just like his flat chest, his lower body was completely shaved as well.

Her eyes broke his gaze and fell to his smooth cock, it wasn’t huge, but it was thick and looked delicious. She climbed to her knees as he knelt on the bed, their lips met and their tongues were next. Her hands pressed against his chest and she felt the muscles moving and he rolled them together onto his back.

His legs spread apart and she moved against him, avrupa yakası escort feeling his hard cock on her lower body, she was lost in his arms and their mouths seemed to belong to one person.

His hands found her boobs and with his forefinger and thumb on each breast, he pulled and pinched with a gentle power that made her heart race.

She pulled away from him for a moment and knelt beside him, brushing her hair back on one side she leaned down and took his cock in hand and then brought her mouth to the tip. Reaching out with her tongue, she ran it over the top of him.

She hadn’t tasted a new cock in a very long time, feeling the warmth and hardness of this one she took more of it into her mouth. Her tongue lingered on the top and then she licked and sucked on the wide shaft.

She felt him lifting her up and repositioned her pussy directly over his month. Now in a classic “69” position, she licked and sucked his smooth cock and balls, while he licked and sucked on her neatly trimmed pussy. She found another source of pleasure again as he played with her ass, fingers lightly stroking every inch of her checks and the spaces in between.

She could feel another, but smaller orgasm building inside her, the steady but oh so delicious actions of his tongue and fingers threatened to push her over the edge again, as she was trying to prolong the feeling, she felt his balls tighten slights and he groaned a little as she felt his hot cum flooding her mouth.

Some went straight down her throat, some stayed in her mouth, and some dribbled on her lips. He only preceded her own orgasm by a few seconds and she squirted into his face and mouth. Shifting around, she moved up his body and kissed him.

Her open mouth shared his cum with him, and he shared with her. He never hesitated, kissing every inch of her face while she did the same. This is something her husband would never have done in a million years, in fact none of the things that had happened in this room so far were things her husband would have never considered.

She tucked her head onto his shoulder as she laid on top of him, both shamelessly naked on top of the comforter. She looked into his eyes and looked deep into the blueness and then put her head back down and closed her eyes.

After what seemed like forever, but what was really less than 20 minutes, she could feel his hardness again, she needed that inside her.

Sitting on top of his chest, she looked at him and smiled, other than the feelings and sounds of their sex, neither had said a word, none was needed, nor was it now.

Lifting herself up, she reached beneath her, taking his cock she eased down on top of him. She felt the wide tip press briefly against her, and then felt herself opening to him. Savoring each inch of him penetrating her, she pushed down until she could feel their skin come together.

With her hands supporting her she was in control, and anadolu yakası escort she used her hips and legs to the maximum effect. Thrusting herself up and down, all the while the friction between them did its job. His cock filled her pussy as she slammed down and then back up on top of him. Nothing else existed at this moment in time except the two of them. The intensity of her thrusts was met equally by his and both felt the approach of orgasms.

She was first, her hips clenching together in a long drawn out moan, the extreme sensitivity that followed her orgasm is what pushed him a few seconds later to fill her pussy with cum. She felt the hot liquid deep inside her and then felt it flooding out of her as he pulled out.

They kissed and kissed, and she knew they weren’t finished. She reached over to her purse and took out a small tube, that she had hoped that they would use today. Handing it to him, he unsnapped the lid while she positioned herself on all fours at the edge of the mattress.

She felt the cold liquid run between her cheeks as he liberally rubbed it into her ass.

She had never done this before, she had wanted it, she had read about it, she had told him about it, but she never expected it to actually happen.

She rested her head in her hands and with her ass still high in the air, she felt his tongue on her ass.

Just like before on her pussy, the tip of his tongue was magic.

His face buried between her cheeks, his tongue madly circling and rimming her ass, mixing his saliva with the lube, then penetrating her asshole.

The feeling made her moan loudly.

The naughty, taboo, pleasure was everything she had hoped.

Revelling in the pleasure she moved her ass around, finding all of the best ways to make it feel awesome.

When he stopped, she almost screamed in anger, that frustration was short-lived as his tongue was replaced by his fingers. One at first, stretching her and pushing through, knuckle by knuckle. Before long a second finger joined the first.

Reaching back with one hand, she ran her own fingers around and into her pussy. Her lips were red and puffy from all of the attention.

She knew it was coming and she inhaled when she felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to her ass.

She could feel her asshole stretching as he pushed deeper, the lube and saliva doing its job. As inch after inch pushed into her. She could never remember a feeling as intense.

She felt as if she might split in two, but oh the feeling, what a feeling.

She felt his balls against her ass and then he eased out and thrust back in again.

With her own fingers deep in her pussy and his cock pounding her ass, the remarkable feelings combined to make her scream out loud. Her reaction and the tightness of her ass had them both come at the same moment.

Utterly spent, she collapsed onto the bed and he beside her.

They held each other as their breathing returned to normal.

Sweaty, covered in cum, but very satisfied, in after a few minutes she led him into the shower.

They kissed and washed each other and kissed again.

Dressing they made plans to do this again as soon as they could.

Kissing at the door, they parted, her to return to her work and her regular life; and him, to do the same until they could be together again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32