A Family Indiscretion

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Father’s name: Frank Walker,
Mother’s Name: Bitch ran out when I was born.

Tracy sighed and ran her fingers through her hair. She pressed the back space on her keyboard deleting the last entry. She hated filling out forms, mostly because it reminded her of her mother leaving when she was born. Like many kids these days she grew up in a single parent home, growing up with only her father.

Her father had never remarried, actually he never really dated much either. Understandably soured on the last relationship, he had focused on raising her. While she didn’t always get what she wanted, she always had what she needed. In truth, her life hadn’t really been all that bad.

Now at eighteen she was ready to go to college. She was starting in two months and had forms to fill out. Her dad had already paid for the classes and books, but with a limited income he couldn’t afford to get her an apartment. It wasn’t really that big a deal for her. Living only twelve miles from campus, it was an easy commute.

Tracy finished typing out the form on her laptop and saved it to her hard drive. She would e-mail it later that day to the college so they knew what classes she wanted to take. Frustrated at the lateness of her application, she had been unable to get into the university she wanted to attend. Lack of funds on her dad’s part and a failure to get a scholarship on hers.

Tracy went down stairs into the kitchen. Looking for something to eat, she saw her dad in their eating a sandwich and reading the paper.

“Hey Dad. What’s up?” Asked Tracy.

“Not much.” He said. “Just reading what our dumb ass President did this time.”

Tracy knew that the political section of the paper was like the comics for him. “Yeah? And what did our beloved President do?”

“Uh hem.” In his best Bush voice. “There’s no question about it. Wall Street got drunk — that’s one of the reasons I asked you to turn off the TV cameras — it got drunk and now it’s got a hangover. The question is how long will it sober up and not try to do all these fancy financial instruments.”

Tracy laughed. “What the hell does that mean?”

Frank shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know. But if you figure it out. Let me know.”

Frank put the paper down. “Did you get your class request form sent?”

“I finished filling it out. I just have to attach it to an email. I wanted to get something to eat first. Besides, it’s Saturday. No one is going to get it until Monday.” Answered Tracy as she made herself a sandwich.

“That’s fine. Just don’t forget. I’m going to leave in a bit to run some errands. You need anything while I’m out?”

“I won’t. And no, I’m fine” Tracy took her sandwich and grabbed a soda. Heading to the living room to eat her meal, while she watched TV.


Tracy woke up on the sofa. Looking at the clock, it was now 5PM. She had only been asleep for a couple of hours. Looking around she yelled out. “Dad?” No one answered. She looked out the window and didn’t see his car in the driveway. He must still be out running errands, she thought to herself.

Tracy went up to her room and got on her computer. She pulled up the file with her college form. She then opened up her e-mail account. She entered the information in the ‘to’ and ‘subject line’. Hitting the attach button she tried to attach the file. Nothing happened.

“Piece of crap computer.” She said as she tried again.

Still nothing happened as she clicked the attach icon several more times. Frustrated with her e-mail account, she closed her e-mail and saved the file on a memory card. She would just use her dad’s computer.

Tracy walked into her dad’s bedroom and sat at his computer desk. After turning it on she placed the memory card in to the MMC/SD slot. The computer immediately started searching it for files. It pulled up the file and a ‘Save as’ screen. She was about to click cancel and just transfer it straight to e-mail when she noticed one of the names of the files.

“T & F?” She mumbled to herself.

Seeing that it was in the ‘My Documents’ section. She hit cancel to close the ‘Save As’ screen and then hit ‘Start’ and ‘My Documents’. Inside she found the T& F file. Double clicking on it, it opened to a new file with the name spelled out. ‘Tracy and Friends’. Curious she double clicked on the file.

Tracy was stunned. There were hundreds of JPEG images of her and her friends. Mostly her though. There were pictures of her in her bikini, laying out by the pool in their back yard. There were several pictures of her sleeping in her panties and tank tops. There were up skirt images of her sleeping on the sofa. As she scrolled to the bottom her eyes stopped on a new type of file ‘Windows Audio/Video File’. Each of them was saved by date and time. There were eight of them. Double clicking on the first one, Windows Media Player opened up.

It was her naked about to get in the shower, a look down view. She was horrified. She opened the next several files and they were mostly the same, her in her bathroom. On the sixth file it betsobet yeni giriş was a different view. It was a video of her in her bed. It was the same as before, another look down view.

Tracy jumped up and ran to her room. Looking on the ceiling she saw an air vent. It was about two feet past the edge of her bed. Seeing that it required a screw driver she ran down stairs to the kitchen and got a flat head from underneath the sink. She also went into their cluttered garage and grabbed a small step ladder.

Tracy removed the screws from the air vent and pried the vent loose.

“Fucking pervert!” She exclaimed, as she saw the small camera bracketed to the back of the vent and pointed down. A piece of black electrical tape covered the power light.

There was a hole drilled through the top of the vent with a cable running from the camera through the hole. Walking into the hallway, she pulled down the folding staircase that led into the attic. Once inside the attic she turned on the light and walked carefully across the support beams towards where her room was. Sure enough the cable came out and ran along the side of one of the support beams. If she hadn’t known what she was looking for, she would have easily just dismissed it as electrical wiring for the house. She followed the cable to where her father’s room was.

“Fucking sicko. Peeping at his own daughter.”

Tracy left the attic and went back to her dad’s computer. She looked at the corner and saw two cables running down the corner painted the same color as the wall. Shaking her head in disgust she looked back at the open file. Seeing how many pictures he had versus the small number of video files, it looked like he had just done it recently. Checking the date of the oldest one it read July 4th. That had been the day she went to the park with her friends. She had been gone all day. It was just nine days ago.

Tracy opened up the internet page of her dad’s bank. Typing in his username and password she had gotten along time ago so she could access his account and would know when to ask for money. There it was. July 2nd he made a purchase at the electronics store for twelve-hundred dollars. It didn’t say exactly what he bought but it was obvious. Apparently not satisfied with only taking pictures of his daughter he had upgraded.

Tracy closed the file on her dad’s computer and finished sending her e-mail. She then started snooping around his desk to see what else he had been up to. Most of the drawers had just typical office stuff, pens, and paper and income tax return files. When she opened the drawer on the bottom right she saw what he had used to take the pictures. There were two cameras. Both of them digital, one was just a small pocket camera. The kind she took, when she went out with her friends. The second was a larger more professional looking camera, a black Nikon with a telephoto lens. Clearly the one he had used to get the close up pictures of her and her friends by the pool.

After she closed the drawer with the cameras she took one last look around. Her attention was drawn to the trash can. Inside were about a dozen wadded up tissues. She didn’t have to pull them out to know what he had used them for. ‘Gross.’ She thought as the involuntary image of her father jerking off to his own daughter, crept into her mind.

Tracy marched down stairs and waited for him in the kitchen. Already worked up into a fierce anger, she was going to tear into him.

Tracy waited nearly an hour before she heard the car pull up in the driveway. She had been ready to rant and rave but now she just felt sorry for him. The door opened and her dad walked in carrying pizza and couple of small bags.

“Hey Tracy, I got some pizza for us. You want some?” Asked Frank as he put the pizza box on the counter.

Tracy bit her lip. Part of her wanted to scream at him for invading her privacy and being a pervert. The other part loved him and she didn’t want to embarrass him.

Frank not hearing an answer turned and saw a strange expression on his daughter’s face. “Everything alright honey?”

Tracy opened her mouth and wasn’t entirely sure herself what was going to come out. “Yeah. Everything’s fine. I’ll be right back.”

Tracy ran up to her room and put the cover back on the vent, but first removing the electrical tape so she could see when he turned on the camera. She didn’t have the heart to humiliate him. She then grabbed the step ladder and carried it back to the garage.

“What did you need that for? ” Asked frank with a little trepidation in his voice. As he saw his daughter with the step ladder that he himself had used to install the cameras in her bed and bathroom.

“Nothing, the light bulb just went out in the hall by my room.” She replied casually, seeing her father visibly relax.

Tracy ate silently, every once in a while glancing up at her dad. She couldn’t understand why he had resorted to getting his kicks spying on his daughter. He was a good looking guy for forty-one. He was about 5’10”. He wasn’t fat, betsobet güvenilirmi he had all his hair and wasn’t gray. He should be able to find a woman easily. She just didn’t get it.

After dinner Tracy wasn’t sure what she was going to do about the whole thing. Not really wanting to stay in her room, she grabbed a pillow and blanket and lay down on the sofa.

Frank saw his daughter on the sofa. “Are you sleeping down here tonight Tracy?”

In her head she knew exactly what he was asking. ‘Why aren’t you going to sleep in your room so I can spy on you?’

She gave him a smile. “Yeah. They’re having a ‘Sex in the City’ marathon tonight and I wanted to watch it on the big TV.”

Frank walked to his daughter lying on the sofa and kissed her on the forehead. “Alright. Have fun watching your show. I will see you in the morning.”

Tracy rubbed her head where her dad had kissed her. It felt different now than it did just yesterday. Pulling up her blanket she started watching TV. In the back of her mind she was trying to figure out what to do.


Tracy woke up the next morning and ate a bowl of cereal. She walked up to her bedroom and went into her bathroom. Crap. She didn’t know if her father was peeking at her because she hadn’t opened this vent and removed the tape on the power button. Oh well. She would just have to risk it. Besides, nothing he hasn’t seen before anyways.

Tracy turned on the shower. Sticking her hand in the water ever few seconds until the temperature was just right. She then walked into her room to the dresser night stand by her bed. As she walked towards it she glanced up at the air vent. She saw the green light of the power button turn on. She quickly turned her head away and stepped out of the view of the camera.

‘Crap. He’s watching’ she thought. She chewed on her lip for a second. ‘Alright dad, you want to peek at your little girl? I’ll give you one.’ She walked back to her dresser nightstand and pulled out the smallest thong she had. She then walked into her closet and got a t-shirt.

Once back in the bathroom she started to undress. She took off her boxers and t-shirt and through them in the hamper. She was completely naked and she knew her dad was watching her. Her stomach was nervous. She couldn’t believe it. She was actually excited at the fact that her dad was a voyeur and she was the object of his voyeurism. She then looked at herself in the mirror. Checking out her body, she turned this way and that. Well, she did have a nice body.

Frank starred at his twenty-four inch monitor. An image of his daughter in the bathroom filled the screen. She had just picked out a pair of the tiniest panties he had ever seen. Nothing more than a couple of pieces of string with a small patch of material in the front. She had then walked into her bathroom and taken off her clothes. She was now looking at herself in the mirror, turning around so she could see herself from different angles.

Frank got an instant erection. His daughter was sexy. Her long dark hair came down to the middle of her back. At 5’5″, she was the same height as her mother. Her nice, round, firm breasts were perfectly proportioned to her thin lithe frame. Her ass so perfectly curved, it could only belong to a teenager.

Frank began to jerk off as he watched his daughter. He was in luck; she had only closed the shower curtain two-thirds of the way. Seeing her appear every once in a while as she shampooed her hair or reached for some other product on the shower wall.

Tracy could feel herself getting excited as she took her shower. She had intentionally left the curtain part way open, to give her pervert dad a glimpse at his baby. Popping out from behind the curtain ever so often to grab something from the assortment of products she had hanging on the back wall of the shower.

Once behind the cover of the shower curtain she ran her hands over her wet, slick body. Brushing up against her hard nipples, sliding her hand between her legs, she could feel the heat there despite the hot shower.

Tracy knew right there what she was going to do. She was going tease the hell out of him. And it would start today.


Tracy started by waiting in her room until she heard her dad go down stairs. Looking in the full length mirror on the door, she smiled as she checked herself out. She was wearing her tiny pink thong with a see-through mesh front. Her t-shirt only going down to the bottom part of her ass were it started to curve. Lifting her arm, she watched as her shirt lifted up and exposed her ass. “Perfect.” She said to herself.

Tracy saw her dad lying down on the left hand side sofa. “Hey dad, what are you watching?”

Frank watched as his daughter walked passed in a t-shirt. “Gladiator. It just started.”

“Oh. I like Russel Crowe. I’ll watch it with you. Let me get a drink first.”

Tracy headed into the kitchen and to the refrigerator. It was an open kitchen that led into the living room. She knew her dad could see her. Opening the door, betsobet giriş she kept her legs straight and bent over. Pretending to look around on the bottom shelf, she could feel her t-shirt ride up exposing her ass. After digging around for a few seconds she grabbed a soda and quickly turned around. Seeing her dad’s head move as he quickly turned his attention back to the TV.

Tracy grabbed a pillow off the sofa and lay down on the floor, in front of her father and slightly to his right. She could feel as her shirt once again rid up a couple of inches, exposing a little of her ass. Her feet were crossed and she could only imagine her dad’s frustration. Wishing she would uncross them so he could get a better view.

About half an hour into the movie, she granted his wish. She uncrossed her feet and spread them so that her feet were now about a foot and a half apart. Beginning to kick her feet up and down, one at a time, she could feel the material of her t-shirt slowly ride up her ass.

Frank was no longer watching the movie. Here he was his daughter only five feet away and giving him the most amazing view of her tight young ass. The first half hour had been frustrating for him. She had her feet crossed and all he could see was just the bottom part of her ass. Now however, she had spread her feet apart and he could see everything.

Frank licked his lips as his daughter kicked her feet. She was unknowingly causing her t-shirt to rise higher up her ass. He could now see the pink string that went up the crack of her ass. The thin pink mesh material hid little. Pressing tightly to her mound, he could see the outline of her clearly shaved pussy.

Frank could feel himself getting an erection again. Especially when she had both her knees bent and rocked them sided to side. This had caused one of her pink lips to peek out from under the small piece of material.

Tracy wanted to see what else he would do. An hour into the movie she moved her head which had been resting on the back of her overlapping hands and rested her head on the pillow. She straightened her legs but left them spread apart. Closing her eyes, she pretended to be going to sleep.

Twenty minutes later she heard her dad whispering.

“Tracy. Tracy, honey. Are you asleep?”

She didn’t move. Keeping her eyes closed and maintaining a slow and steady breathing. She heard him call her name and ask if she was awake a couple of more times. Then she heard his footsteps as he walked out of the living room and up the stairs. She could feel her self getting sexually aroused. The anticipation, the excitement of having her father think he was getting away with something so perverted turned her on.

A minute later she heard her father come back down stairs. Once again he called her name and asked of she was awake. Once again she feigned sleep. She then heard the light click of a camera button being pressed.

Frank saw his daughter’s ass through the view finder of his small pocket camera. Getting it aligned, he pressed the button and got a picture of his daughter in her thong. He couldn’t believe his luck. He snapped picture after picture. Some close up, so only her hairless mound was in the picture and others with the zoom out so he got her entire body.

After a couple of minutes and about twenty pictures, Frank wanted to see if he could get her entire ass and thong. While he could still see most of it, her shirt was still covering her panties waist band and top part of her curved ass. Frank kneeled by his daughter and once again called out to her.

Tracy heard her dad kneel beside her and call her name. It was everything she could do, to not start shaking with excitement. She felt her shirt on her skin as it slowly was moved. She could feel it sliding the last few inches, to completely expose her bottom. She wondered if her dad could see the moisture building between her legs.

She heard the tell-tale click as he took several more pictures. After about six more she decided to give him another point of view. She started to squirm a little and then rolled over on her back. She heard her father quickly put away his camera and start to walk off.

Tracy had her head tilted to the side with her eyes still shut pretending to sleep. She left her left leg straight but bent her right knee, leaving it flat on the floor. This would giver her father a perfect view of the front of her panties.

“Tracy. Honey, are you awake?” Asked frank again.

Frank had thought he was about to get caught when his daughter rolled over. Seeing that she was only tossing in her sleep he approached her again. His luck was continuing. He now had a perfect view of the front of her panties and her nice mound. Taking out his camera from his pocket he started taking pictures again. Close ups and far away. On one of his close up shots he could have sworn he saw moisture on her panties. He couldn’t imagine how she could get wet sleeping. It was probably just one of the many lotions she used.

Tracy opened her eyes when she heard her dad’s foot steps go back up the stairs. Probably going to add them to his T & F file and then jerk off to them. It wasn’t a bad idea. She herself was incredibly wet and horny. Sliding her hands into her wet panties she started to finger herself in the living room. It took only about five minutes for her to come.

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