A Dream of a Week

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Twenty year old Julie Barnes walked into her bedroom and gasped, her eighteen year old younger brother was sitting on her bed and holding her dildo, the drawer in her bedside cabinet was open, he was so intent on studying it he didn’t hear her come in.

“Robbie what the hell are you doing?” she said and strode towards him.

Blushing he stood and fumbled the small penis shaped dildo, dropping it on the carpet. He had obviously turned it on as it now it bumbled and rolled over the carpet. Julie bent to pick it up grasping it into her fist to turn it off. It tumbled out and rolled away buzzing gently. Robbie laughed and scampered after it.

“It’s not funny, what the hell were you doing snooping through my things?”

Robbie blushed and mumbled as he stooped to grab the dildo. He raised it triumphantly and switched it off.

“There you go sis, one lovely dildo, safe and sound.”

He handed it to Julie and turned to go.

“Robbie, you still haven’t told me why you were in here and what you were doing, apart from invading my privacy and playing with something you have no right to touch!” Julie’s voice rose as she turned on him. “Just what the hell were you thinking?”

“Sorry sis, I just sort of came in and well you know..”

“Actually I don’t know so please tell me why the hell you were here and what you were doing?”

“You’ll get mad at me, I know you, you’ll be all sweet then you’ll just kill me.”

“Try me?”

“Nope, I don’t think you’d understand.”

“Tell me or I’ll tell Mum.”

“Oh yeah, what, that I was playing with your dildo friend there.” He pointed at the slim rubber penis in her hand.

“You think she doesn’t know?” Julie’s left eyebrow raised in question.

“What? Mum knows about it, yeah right, you’re bluffing.”

“Again, Try Me?”

“You’re kidding right?”

“Nope, it’s true, so that blows your bargaining chip out the window, so come clean little brother or you’re toast.”

“Fuck, you’re serious aren’t you, she does know?”

Julie nodded and placed the dildo on her bed, sitting next to it.

“Come on out with it you little perv, why and what.”




“OK, I’ll buy it, why knickers?”

“well you know on websites like Literotica the brother always finds his sisters knickers fascinating and uses them to er,,,”

“Toss himself off with them?”

“Yeah, well they always find the dirty ones and smell them and rub them on their dick then come in them.”

“So why are you looking in my bedside cabinet, my knickers are in the chest of drawers over there and the dirty one’s are in the laundry basket.”

“I know I went through them; you’re pretty boring in that department aren’t you. They’re all pretty standard big pants, no thongs, no French Knickers, no girly boxers or anything.”

“I prefer comfort over sexy, especially as I’ve no one to be sexy for.”

“You’ve not got many bras either, just a couple of bog standard white things.”

“Small boobs, no need, they’re just for show really, I rarely need to wear one.”

“Wow, you’re usually braless, fucking hell, that’s enough to give a boy a boner.”

“Oh gross, I’m your sister, please tell me you don’t get off on my underwear?”

“Well I have wanked off into your bra once or twice, but I made sure it went straight in the wash afterwards.”

“Eugh yuck, why did you do that, which one I’ll never wear it again.”

“Well it’s not in the drawer now and I didn’t see it in the wash basket.” Robbie grinned and stared at her chest.

“Oh no, not the one I’m wearing, oh that was my favourite and now I can’t wear it again. “

Julie turned her back on Robbie and began to unbutton her blouse then pulled it over her head, unclasping the bra she flung it backwards at Robbie.

“Here you might as well keep it, I’ll never use it again.” She pulled her top back on and rebuttoned the top two buttons on the blouse.

Robbie picked it up and sighed.

“Thanks sis, it’s lovely and warm, mmmm”

Robbie buried his face in it and breathed in his sister’s scent.

“Oh stop that, you little perv, I never want to see that again. She was panting from the effort of pulling her bra off and redressing. Her nipples grazed the blouse and formed little indents. Robbie stared in fascination and licked his lips.

“What now you perver, God, just get out and leave me alone.”

Robbie grinned and waved the bra at her,

“Thanks for the present sis, I really will treasure it, bye.” He strode out the bedroom humming.

“Bastard,” said Julie, tucking her blouse back in.

She went to her bedside cabinet and tucked the dildo back into it’s box, closed the lid and slammed the drawer shut with her knee. She went to her chest of drawers and checked through her knicker drawer. The perv had been careful but she could see he had been through her stuff. She tidied it quickly, closed the drawer and went to the one below, extracting a jumper and shut the drawer. She pulled the jumper betist giriş over her head and down over her top. She felt her stiff nipples as her hands smoothed the woolen down.

“Oh you perver, you got off on my nipples. right buster, you’re fair game now.” She went out and closed the door.

Next Day

After work she went for a drink with some colleagues before heading back. At home her Mum, Sally, was sitting at the table in the kitchen with a glass of wine.

“Hi Julie, good day?”

“Not bad, nothing special. just same old same old. How was your day?”

“Pretty average, you eaten yet or are you happy to help me make something?”

“I’ll get my coat off. Mum can I talk to you seriously about Robbie.”

“Sure, what’s he up to now?”

“What makes you say that?”

“Your tone and the fact he’s been through my knickers and bras, has he done that to you?”

“Yes and he found my, err, ‘little friend’ and was holding it when I caught him in my room.”

Sally laughed and shook her head,

“sounds like our Robbie is starting to get some kinky thoughts about his Mum and Sister, are you worried?”

“Pissed off really, I never would have done that to him, why me?”

“He’s a boy, you’re a girl, his hormones are raging, he’s like a dog on heat, you show a bit of ankle and he’s hard as a rock. I caught him trying to look down my top the other day.”

“Whaatt! you’re his mother, what did you do?”

“Called his bluff and pulled my t-shirt off and offered him a better look.”

“Mum, that’s wicked, what did he do.”

“Almost came in his pants but his willy was being strangled by his tight jeans, he went red and muttered something and fled, no doubt he had that little boy out and was pulling himself off in his room, more washing.” Sally grinned and mimicked a wanking motion. Julie blushed and put her hands to her face, stifling a laugh.

“Mum you’re so rude, I would have loved to have seen that.”

“Well, despite the dirtiness of it, I felt quite turned on with my little boy getting hard over my saggy boobs.” Sally blushed, “Isn’t that a terrible thing to admit.”

“Poor you, I take it there’s no chance of you, you know, finding someone else, a friend to comfort you?”

“No love, losing your Dad was too much to take, I can’t risk finding someone else and losing them too, I know I’m a widow for life. I had seventeen really good years with John, I can’t replace him and I don’t want to, but the nights can be lonely you know.”

“Oh Mum, I can’t give you what Dad did, but if you get lonely just come and find me, we can cuddle up and share a bed.”

“Thanks Julie, you’re brilliant, now let’s see what surprises the fridge freezer is hiding from us?”

Later they sat at the table to eat their scratch meal, Robbie wolfing his down was soon looking around for more.

“Robbie, Julie tells me you were in her room, searching through her underwear, like you’ve done in my room. Son, you need to get a grip, and not just on your tool. Please respect our privacy, this is not some silly story so tone down your imagination and expectations. If you need to masturbate, find something on the internet, or on the telly, but stay out of our bedrooms unless invited, OK?”

“Yes Mum, sorry. Sorry Julie, I won’t do it again.” he hung his head and reddened.

“It’s not as if I’m that pretty, ” blurted out Julie and blushing looked down.

“Sis you’re hot, believe me, my mates all rate you, they said…” he trailed off.

“Great a bunch of nineteen year olds drooling over me, fantastic, I feel so good now!” she quipped acidly.

“Robbie, what did they say?” Sally asked quizzically.

“Ugh you know, the usual, lads stuff that they’d like to… well bang her.” he finished lamely.

“Oh even better a bunch of spotty, smelly nerds want to bang me, how sweet, no please I feel really special now.” She mugged “stupid”.

“Julie, please that’s unkind, Robbie and his friends are right, you’re very pretty and you should be happy that people do find you attractive, even if you don’t find them attractive.”

“Huh, I bet they’d cum in seconds and not worry about my satisfaction.”

“Julie, that’s enough, remember that these boys know very little about women apart from what they see on telly and in films and the trash they read. Given a proper sexual education I bet they could satisfy any women as well as themselves.”

“Wow there’s a project for us then, let’s educate Robbie in the mysteries of ‘The Woman’, so he can go out and satisfy us and get pleasure himself.”

“Hmm, not a bad idea, Robbie are you up for that?”

“Mum” her offspring chorused, then laughed.

“Seriously, Robbie have you ever seen a real woman naked, not actresses or porn stars, a real woman?”

“Mum, you know I haven’t, where would I find someone willing to do that?”

“Well I’m willing to volunteer, you’ve been trying to find out what I look like so why don’t I just show you?”

“Mum, I,I.I….” Robbie was bright red and stammering, betist yeni giriş he tried to stand, then realised his hard-on would be visible, caught half standing he tried to move away from the table so he could turn round.

“Oh for God’s sake, you’ve got a stiffy, we’ve seen it before, just live with it!” stormed Julie, staring at her brother. “in fact, sheltered little girl that I am I’ve never seen a real prick let alone a boner, get it out and I’ll get mine out.” She looked Robbie in the eye.


“Deal, now come on, you get to see two real women and I get to see your stiff cock.”

“I’m definitely in, I’ve not seen a live one since you’re Dad died, come on Robbie show mummy your big stiff willy.”

“You’re bluffing I’ll get it out and you’ll just get a laugh at my expense,” he wavered between standing and turning.

“OK,” said Sally and pulled her shirt over her head, her skirt rustled to the ground, leaving her in her bra, knickers tights and shoes.

“Look Robbie, a girl with no tits!” Julie pulled her jumper off and unbuttoned her blouse. Pulling it over her head, her tiny boobs and hard nipples appeared and Robbie stared, torn between the large bra covered boobs of his Mum and Julie’s tiny molehills. His cock was now fully erect but pushed tight against his jeans in a very painful trap.

“Come on son, let’s see that lovely cock of yours,” Sally said as she unhooked her bra, allowing it to fall onto the floor.

Meanwhile Julie unbuttoned her skirt and allowed it too to fall to the floor, standing in her panties and tights she smiled at Robbie and his predicament.

“Robbie, why not let it out and ease the pressure, those jeans can’t be good for your circulation.” Julie smiled at her brother.

Robbie’s hands flew to his belt and unbuckled it, he pulled the button out and slid the zipper down. Kicking off his Rebok’s he pulled his jeans and pants down then he tried to step out of them. Julie and Sally watched fascinated as his cock swayed from side to side and up and down as he tried to kick his jeans off. His cock was about six or seven inches long. Behind it was a thick nest of crinkly hair covering his groin and balls, which hung in a pouch under his cock. Finally freeing his feet he stood to face them, then pulled his t-shirt over his head.

“Bloody hell Robbie that’s enormous, how the hell are we supposed to get that inside us?” Julie said watching his organ in fascination.

“Without putting you down dear, his cock is quite a normal size, and believe me when the time comes it will fit,” said Sally wistfully.

“Aren’t you two going to finish stripping then?” said Robbie urgently, eyeing his Mother and sister.

Sally and Julie stepped out of their shoes and pulled their tights and knickers off. Stepping out of them they glanced over at Robbie, whose eyes bulged out of his head.

“Wow, you’re both beautiful, better than any of the girls in the films and magazines. Look at you two,” and as he was looking hard at them a drip of pre-cum oozed out of his pee slit and formed a perfect tear on his cockhead. Julie looked intently and placed her hands on her hips.

“Right well, now we’re all nude, why don’t we take ourselves off to the lounge where it’s warmer and more comfortable.” Sally scooped her clothes up, giving Robbie a view of her arse and wandered into the lounge. Scooping their clothes up Robbie and Julie followed. Sally sat in her armchair, her clothes on a dining chair at the other end of the room. Julie and Robbie found a chair and placed their clothes on them, then wandered back to the sofa. sitting at opposite ends. Julie nearer to Sally.

“Ohh come on Robbie, sit by your sister, she doesn’t bite, although if you ask here nicely I’m sure she will!” Sally mischievously winked.

Robbie shuffled along the sofa, apologising to Julie as his hand brushed her leg. Julie smiled and put her hand on Robbie’s thigh. His cock seemed to swell slightly more and poke up towards his belly. Sally knelt down in front of Robbie, her breasts touching his knees. Robbie gasped and his cock almost took off on its own.

“Okay son, cool down, take it easy, ok? Now we’ll just explore your body then you can explore ours ok?”

Robbie grinned and nodded, face crimson.

Julie tentatively moved her hand up Robbie’s thigh to his groin. Robbie groaned and some more pre-cum oozed out the slit.

Sally leaned forward and gently took his cock in her hand, running her thumb through the pre-cum and spreading it round the head of his cock. Robbie groaned again.

“Mum, I’m going to explode I can’t hold it back, sorry.”

With that his cock slit began to emit a volcano of white gooey liquid, a few spurts flew up and it all ran down his cock onto his mothers hand.

“It’s okay baby, that fine, that’s right, let it out, relax.” Sally coaxed as the liquid continued to ooze out his slit. He adjusted his bottom and opened his legs slightly, letting his balls sink between his legs pulling his cock down. Sally reached for betist güvenilirmi a tissue and gently wiped his cock clean. Finding another she wiped her hands, tossing the crumpled tissues into the wastebin.

Julie watched in amazement and gripped Robbie’s thigh in her excitement. Robbie winced and placed his hand over Julie’s hand and loosened her grip a little, she mouthed “sorry” and grinned. Robbie ran his hand up hers to the crook of her elbow, then hesitantly onto her boob. Julie looked into his eyes and nodded, so he palmed her nipple and closed his hand over it.

“gently buster, I don’t like it rough ok, most women don’t, so go easy, yes that’s nice, like that. mmmm.” Julie stretched her chest up towards Robbie and felt for his cock. Wrapping her hand round it she murmured encouragement to him as he fondled her tiny breast.

“Ok Robbie, now try mine, notice the differences,” Sally leaned in and took Robbies other hand and placed it over her breast, feeling him close gently on it.

“Good, that’s nice; now use your hands and explore our breasts. Maybe if I sit next to Julie and you kneel in front of us.” She suggested. They traded places and Robbie resumed his explorations.

He felt the weight of Sally’s breasts and then returned to Julie. He watched as their nipples swelled and thickened and the pink skin around crinkled and puckered. Fascinated he brought his lips to Julies pert nipple and sucked on them gently, then transferred to Sally and repeated the action. Both women wriggled back in the sofa enjoying the feel of Robbie’s hands and tongue.

“Robbie, that’s really nice, I’m really enjoying you touching and sucking me, thank you.”

“Me to Robbie, you’re hands are so gentle and I’m getting really turned on, especially when you suck my nipples.” Julie put her hand out and stroked Robbie’s face.

Robbie smiled and bent forward again alternating between Sally and Julie, watching them begin to wriggle and clasp their legs together.

Julie suddenly arched forward and pulled Robbie onto her breast, before laying back with a sigh, Robbie looked at her in alarm. Sally pulled his head to her breasts and encouraged him to continue.

“You just made your big sister come, that’s very good, now I’m just about ready tooooooooooooo,” Sally exhaled and clasped her thighs tightly together, before easing Robbie off her breast. “Thank you Robbie, that was very nice, I haven’t had such a satisfying orgasm in years,”

Robbie sank back on his heels and his cock was erect again. he then stood between the two women and smiled.

“That was brilliant, you’re breasts are really neat, I love that, do all women want to do that?”

“Mmmmm, I do I love to have my breasts touched and stroked and my nipples sucked, but I’ve never managed to cum before just having them touched.” Julie sat forward and looked at her brother’s cock, “wow that didn’t take long to recover did it.”

Robbie looked at her proudly and grinned,

“considering how excited I am, it’s no wonder I’m stiff again, That is the best moment of my life, thanks Mum, thanks Julie, I like this kind of learning.”

They laughed and Sally moved to make room for Robbie, so he sat between them, raising his arms and putting them behind and then round their shoulders.

“Yes, like your Dad, you’re very hands on!” Sally said with a grin.

They snuggled down and enjoyed just being close to each other, as his excitement passed Robbie’s cock wilted then returned to its flaccid state. Julie looked in fascination and smiled at how it contracted and shrank back, almost disappearing into his pubic hair.

“Whoo look at that, a self retracting cock, do all boys have that?”

“yes when I’m not excited it’s just a pee point, touch it see how soft and saggy it is.” Robbie offered.

Julie gently put her finger on it and felt how soft and slippery it felt, she slipped her hand round it and twisted it slightly then back again. She felt it start to rise again and held it in her palm watching it stiffen. Finally it stood upright again and she circled it with her fist.

“Does it hurt, you know when it’s stiff, is it painful?”

“No it’s just stiff, it sort of sometimes gets half hard, which makes it difficult to pee, I can’t pee when it’s stiff either. In the morning I often wake up with a stiffy. The body does that if I need to pee but I’m asleep, that’s good in some ways, but sometimes it takes ages to soften and I need to pee and that can be a bit painful, other than that, I love my cock.”

“I would too, it’s so sleek and big and soft and slippery. What do you think about to get hard?”

“anything and everything, You and Mum obviously, and lots of other women..”

“Me, why me, I’m your sister and I haven’t got any tits, Mum at least has big norks, don’t all men want women with big ones?”

“Julie you’re well fit, and believe me after seeing these little beauties, I’ll be hard in seconds and it’ll last for days just thinking about them.” Robbie smiled and pulled Julie closer.

“What about mine, do you like mine Robbie.” Sally’s eyes twinkled and she moved slightly making her boobs jiggle.”

“Hell yes, they’re fantastic, so different from Julie’s, weighty, firm and with lovely large nipples, again that’ll keep me up for days.” Robbie smiled at Sally.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32