A Distant Touch Ch. 02

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Big Tits

Kerry picks up the story…

The rest of the day passed in such a daze. How could this have happened to me? One minute I was sitting at my desk, Kerry Lincoln, Senior Associate, professional, capable, respected (I think) and hopefully liked too. Then an email arrives from someone sitting by a pool thousands of miles away who I’ve never met. Next thing I know I’m literally stuck to my seat swapping obscenities before finally making my unsteady way to the Ladies for the most incredible orgasm of my life.

I had been tempted to head home “sick” straight away, and I might as well have done the amount of productive work I managed. But a little voice somewhere inside was just strong enough to say I had to keep some control, that this could be even better if I didn’t succumb completely.

So I waited, sure the total transformation in the way I felt must shine from the very pores of my skin. I was burning. As it was, twice more during that long hot day my imagination got the better of me, and I found myself back in the Ladies, my skirt around my waist, my fingers feeding and punishing the need I felt in my sex.

Then, it was time to leave. On the journey home, everyone I saw was transformed too. That middle-aged woman over there, does she dream about kneeling on all fours being taken repeatedly from behind by different men? That young man, reading the French newspaper, does he have a girlfriend who ties him to the bed and fucks herself stupid on his captive cock? Suddenly, after years thinking it was only work and friends and family, everyone was a sexual being again.

There was no time for a shower, or food, just a bottle of water and my computer taking the most incredible length of time to start up. How many different screens do they need to taunt me with before I can log in?

It was only as I was connecting to the internet that some doubts crept in. Perhaps that was it? Rob had managed to score a chick by email, and even now he was sitting in a bar bragging to his mates that he’d got me to talk about “my cunt”. Even as the computer told me I was connected I felt a wave of shame and weariness. How could I be so stupid? Something so simple, so perfect, so compelling, couldn’t be for real.

But as I powered up Outlook, an email was waiting. From Rob. “I’m here, could we talk on Messenger this time, it’s even more fun?” I took a long draw of water. The game was on again.

For a while we just swapped pleasantries, the banality of our conversation in stark contrast to what we had previously been saying. But then I realised that, no matter what the medium, this was a second date, and if I had met Rob in a bar we wouldn’t have immediately dived into last night’s fuckfest.

Having said that, Rob was a skilled and smooth operator, and just as in our first sexual conversation he was able to seamlessly take me from innocuous safety to that dangerous place I so badly wanted to be.

“When did you get home?”

“About half an hour ago,” I lied.

“Still in your work clothes then?”

“Yes.” Actually as the computer was booting I had slipped my skirt off, seeking the comfort and freedom I’d been denied during the day, but there was no need for me to be brazen right away.

“Aren’t you going to ask what I’m wearing?”

“Sorry.” Why did I keep apologising? Okay, I knew why – I was nervous and inexperienced and I hated feeling like I kept letting Rob down. But I wanted to stop it, relax, enjoy being guided to where he wanted me to go. “Let me guess. Nothing.”

“Actually I have some boxers on. You have a dirty mind Kerry.”

“Well maybe you should take them off then.” He wouldn’t mind, would he, if I made suggestions too? If I was “dirty”, would that turn him off?

“I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.”

I was quickly naked, and it felt strange there in my little living room in the early evening with the curtains drawn, the electric glow of the computer bathing my skin in electric blue. I felt vulnerable.

“God I wish I could see your naked body, Kerry.”

It felt good, being the recipient of such desire. “Well you can’t – you’ll just have to use your imagination. Not that there’s anything much to imagine, anyway.”

It had slipped out of my fingers, onto the keyboard, just as easily as it would have done if I’d been sitting next to Rob in a bar. And I felt the same sense of frustration at my own stupid inability to keep my mouth shut. Sure enough it’s true – I’m skinny and pale, not any man’s idea of a sexy woman. I never seem to get the sneaky and sometimes not-so-sneaky glances my more voluptuous friends claim to find so tiresome.

Even worse, Rob didn’t need to know. In the bar there’s no disguising my lack of curves. But he was thousands of miles away, on another computer, with nothing more to go on than a thumbnail from the company website. I could have been Rixie Dixie 34DD and he’d isveçbahis have been happy and none the wiser.

I actually cursed my computer. Would I never learn?

“Actually, Kerry, a little bird tells me that you are ‘petite but hot’.”

For a moment I was confused, and a little frightened. How the hell could anyone be telling him anything like that? But then I remembered how we’d first started emailing – Mike Chambers. The nice but quiet guy in my team. No doubt Rob had asked him to give him a full description. My first reaction was anger. How dare the little creep eye me up? But I looked at the description, sitting there on the last line of our conversation. ‘Petite but hot’. That was cute. I liked being that. I even liked the thought of Mike thinking of me like that. Temporarily at least, I had an epitaph.

“Did Mike say that?”

“Yes. I think he has a thing for you. I didn’t tell him anything about earlier on – I’m a gent I promise.”

Mike, a thing for me? I’d never really thought of him that way. Work and play didn’t mix. He wasn’t so good looking, but he looked after himself, and if you could get him to talk he had a wickedly dry sense of humour. I liked Mike liking me.

Thinking all these thoughts had made me slow to respond. It was funny, during the day and then on the way home, I was so turned on, so filled with the buzz of what was going to happen, that I was sure I’d only last a couple of minutes before I was cumming hard, slumped exhausted over the PC. But now we’d started I was enjoying taking my time, and the control that the computer gave me. I seemed to be a better cyberlover than I was in real life.

Whatever, Rob interpreted my silence in an entirely different way. “Are you touching yourself, Kerry?”

I blushed, but his impatience was exciting.

“A little,” I lied coyly, but even as I clicked “Send” my left hand was sneaking down to stroke my inner thighs, my usual prelude to self-pleasure.

“Me too.”

“Are you hard?”


“Are you holding your hard cock in your hand and wanking yourself, Rob?”


“Would you like me to wank you with my hand, Rob, feel your hot stiff cock between my fingers?”

“God, yes.”

“I enjoyed you cumming over my face before, Rob, feeling your hot spunk shoot off all over my upturned face.”

“It felt so good. Are you wet, Kerry?”

I moved my fingers to stroke down the folds of my sex. “I’m soaking, Rob. My pussy is soaking thinking about you wanking your hard cock.”

In my – quite limited – real life sexual experience, I had always been so passive, uncertain what to do, concerned anything I did do would turn my lover off. Much easier, it had seemed, to go along with what they were doing (within limits), than risk ruining everything by saying or doing the wrong thing. Sadly my desire to please never seemed to help my lovers enjoy themselves that much.

But now, with all the safety and security of online sex, I was free. I could tell Rob I’d like to be taken from behind by an entire football team, and the worst that could happen is he’d log off forever.

“God I’d like to fuck you, Kerry.”

“Mmm.” It was true. I was enjoying our game, but it had been much too long since I had experienced the electric sensation of rigid manflesh sliding tight and hot inside my pussy. “Fuck me right now, Rob.”

“Tell you what I’d really like, Kerry…”


“To fuck you on all fours, me kneeling behind you with my hands on your tits, slamming my hard cock into your wet pussy.”

I had never liked doggy-style. It had always seemed so crude, so impersonal, not even looking at your lover as you invited him into your body, pushing your bum up towards him obscenely.

“You want me like a bitch, on my knees and my cunt wet and juicy for your cock?” It was so satisfying, a few taps on a keyboard and I knew way over in Australia my sudden sluttishness would make Rob’s cock jerk up even harder, if that was possible.

“Fuck, yes.”

“I’m kneeling on all fours for you, Rob, a horny little slut who wants you to fuck her hungry little pusspuss from behind.”

“Do it for real. You got a vibe?” How little Rob really knew me, however intimate we had suddenly become. Anyone who had met me would know that the idea of Kerry Lincoln walking into a sex shop and putting down cash for a sex toy was laughable.


“Well what do you normally use?”

“My fingers.”

“But sometimes, right, just your fingers isn’t enough?”

“Maybe ;-)”

“So what do you use then?”

“I do have my favourite hairbrush…”

“Go get it for me. I want you to kneel on all fours in front of the computer and fuck yourself with your hairbrush for me.” I wondered if good real sex was like this, one minute one partner taking the initiative and driving things on, the next minute the other?

I isveçbahis giriş rushed to my bedside table, feeling like a thoroughly naughty little girl as I ran around my apartment naked in preparation for fucking myself for someone. “I’m back.”

“Describe it for me.”

“Dark wooden handle, about an inch across and maybe nine inches long. It’s not as big as a cock…” I was about to type in “Sorry” when I realised Hell No, the guy was getting me penetrating my sex with a household object. Size, on this particular occasion, didn’t matter, “…unless you’re going to disappoint me ;-)”

“I think I can beat that. 😉 back to you. Okay, Kerry, I want you to cum for me on all fours, fucking yourself with your hairbrush. You can cum again soon, right?”

“I should think so.”

“Mmm. Okay, Kerry, I want you to kneel on all fours on your chair, facing directly away from the computer. I want you to expose your pussy and that sexy bum of yours to the screen. Then fuck yourself with the hairbrush with one hand, and frig yourself off with the other.”

“Write me something?”

“I’m kneeling behind you, Kerry, my hands holding your sexy white bum cheeks, my hard cock pushing in and out of your slick pussy. It feels incredible, fucking you like a bitch, Kerry, feeling your cunt so hot and wet, and I’m going to pump load after load of my hot white spunk in your cunthole.”

I turned and knelt as I had been told. Whereas before this position had felt cold, wrong, now, as I bent over and felt the cool harsh glare of the computer light on my bottom and pussy it felt so right. I was utterly, gloriously debased – fucking myself for a stranger, my hairbrush in my cunt, the most intimate parts of my body revealed to the mute glow of the screen.

I had no need of the words Rob had written me. The knowledge I was being a slut was enough to send me quickly over the edge, my legs trembling as the waves of my orgasm fought my aching muscles as they kept me in my awkward position on the chair. I flopped back down, careless that the juices flooding from my cunt would stain the chair.

“Fuck that was good.”

“Tell me.”

Trembling, I spelled out the gory details for Rob, and as I did so I could feel that all too soon I would be ready for more.

“How about you? Are you okay?” I asked. Before, with a real lover, I would have been worried, anxious that I was in some way disappointing. Now, it was simple regard for my lover’s needs.

“I’m okay, for the moment. It isn’t so easy for us boys 🙁 “

“I’ll be sure to make your one as good as mine.”

“Can I ask some personal questions then?”


“You ever had an experience with another woman?”

I laughed out loud. Men. “Sure. When I was younger me and my best friend learned about ‘doing it’ by feeling each other up at sleepovers.”


“No. Why are all men convinced all women are closet lesbians? And why do they want them to be?”

Rob ignored the gibe. He had an agenda. “So you’ve never fantasized or wondered about sex with another woman?”

“I didn’t say that…;-)”

“Well have you?”

“Given the amount of imagery in the mass media devoted to the male fantasy of two attractive women locking lips, it is difficult for even the most confirmedly heterosexual of women not to have considered what a little girl-girl action would be like.”

“So you have?” It was cruel of me. I had just had a sensational orgasm, and poor Rob was sitting in his room at whatever time of night, his cock in his hands and desperate for some release.

“A little.”

“Tell me.”

“There’s someone at the office, I find her kind of sexy.” Perhaps I should have been careful, there was the Rob-Mike link after all, but in the warm afterglow of my cum it was actually exciting to take such a risk.

“Tell me about her.”

“Her name is Susie. It’s a bit embarrassing, she’s actually my PA.”

“Ooh, the boss has the hots for her personal assistant!”

“Terrible, isn’t it?”

“Tell me about her.”

“She’s in her early twenties. Very different to me, I think maybe that’s why she interests me. Medium height, blonde hair down her back, lovely rosy skin. And she has such a lovely figure, all curvy and sexy.”

“She sounds nice. Even if I prefer my women petite but hot.”


“What do you think about her?”

I couldn’t tell him that. It was all very well, the cybersex comfort zone, but even so, I was sure he’d be shocked.

“Oh, the usual,” I lied. “What it would be like to kiss her, to play with her breasts.”

“That turns you on, does it, your PA Susie lifting up her top and offering you her breasts to touch?”

“Yes.” The interlude was over, and the game was on again.

“Would you like to suck Susie’s nipples, Kerry?”


“Roam your hands over her back and isveçbahis yeni giriş run them over Susie’s firm round ass cheeks?”

“Oh God yes.”

“Feel Susie’s hands slip inside your panties, brushing through your dark curls to your wet waiting pussy?”


“Have you seen Susie naked, Kerry?”


“Tell me about it. Describe your PA’s naked body to me.”

“It was on a work awayday, we’d been windsurfing and Susie and I were getting changed. Although she’s often quite tanned I don’t think she normally goes topless because her breasts are so creamy. She has quite wide brown nipples. Her bum cheeks are white so I don’t think she wears thongs either. She’s shaved her pussy hair into a little vee at the top of her pussy. I couldn’t really see but I think her pussy hair is darker than her head. Fuck she’s sexy.”

“God yes. What would you like to do with Susie’s sexy naked body, Kerry?”

I took a deep breath. Perhaps Rob was ready now, to hear what nasty thoughts his supposedly oh-so-innocent online lover had? “Okay. I can’t believe I’m going to tell you this. I only hope it turns you on as much as it does me. Later that day we went off mountain biking, and Susie and I got behind the others. She looked so incredible, in her shorts and tee-shirt. Anyway she pulled off the trail and announced she had to pee, would I mind standing watch? Normally I wouldn’t have thought anything at all about another woman doing that, but I think because she’d looked so magnificent in the changing room I was a lot more heightened to her, sexually. So she headed off behind some bushes and although no-one on the trail would have seen her, she wasn’t that hidden from me. I tried so hard not to look – I’m her boss for God’s sake, she couldn’t catch me peeking at her going to the toilet – but I couldn’t help myself, I stole a couple of glances, and I could see her lovely tanned legs, her shorts and panties around her ankles, the curves of her flanks and the creaminess of her ass. I was rooted to the spot. And then – this is so embarrassing – she turned around and she must have seen me staring at the naked lower half of her body and she just smiled. I looked away, of course, but my face was burning for ages and I know she must have seen me perving at her. She was sweet as anything, and I think she probably didn’t think anything much of it. I guess she’s used to being stared at. Does that gross you out?”

“No. I’m rock hard. You look so prim and proper in that picture. Underneath you are the dirtiest girl. So you think about what you saw when you’re touching yourself?”

“Sometimes. It turns me on to think about watching Susie pee. Sometimes it’s what I actually saw, sometimes I make it up more, and from the start she knows I’m there, that kind of thing. You really like me thinking stuff like that?”

“If only you could see my cock now, Kerry. I’ve gotta cum so bad. Do you want to cum again, maybe writing for me about Susie?”

“Do you want me to write about her peeing?”

“Fuck yes.”

“She could be squatting on the ground in front of us, ready to pee.”

“She’s slipped her panties off, so we can watch properly.”

“Then she shyly opens her legs a little, Rob, and we can see how creamy her skin is around her neat little trimmed pubes.”

“Get her to show us her breasts. Tell your PA to show you her full creamy tits, Kerry.”

“Fuck her tits are so sexy, Rob. Now I’m reaching down to pull your cock from your shorts. You’re so hard, your cock feels so good in my hand, I’m wanking you slowly and Susie is watching me play with your cock, Rob.”


“Now we’re standing closer to her, so your cock is near her pretty young face. I tell her to pee for us – I tell Susie, my sexy young PA to open her legs wide and pee.”

“Go on.”

“I’m wanking your cock slowly right in front of Susie’s face, Rob, her face is turned up towards you and she is offering it, she’s so pretty and all she wants is for me to wank you off so you shoot your hot cum all over her face, all the time emptying her bladder onto the ground for us.”

There was no reply, and I concentrated on my own need, my fingers slick and urgent on my clit. Part of me focused on the image I had created, another part imagined my online lover’s hand on his cock, moving up and down so desperately as he imagined defiling my PA in this way.

I started to spasm, frantic and insane, my mind filled with even more lurid images I was sure I could never share. Eventually, when the tremors had subsided some, I slipped back on the chair. It seemed the seat of the chair and all of my thighs and groin were slippy with my juices.

“Good?” Rob asked.

“Mm. Incredible. You?”

“Yeah. You’re so nasty, Kerry, I love it.”

“I’m a good girl really ;-)”

“Sure. Same time tomorrow?”

“Yes.” I felt more sexually satisfied than ever before, and there wasn’t even anyone else in the room. But even now, as Rob and I enjoyed the honeymoon of our online relationship, the feeling between my legs told me that I would soon need more than an old wooden hairbrush to satisfy me.

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