A Deep Dark Secret Ch. 01

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I have always been first chair in the Clarinet section. There is this girl named Abigail Conley that plays Flute in band and Clarinet at home who became my best friend pretty quickly. I normally don’t tell about my Clarinet fetish, in fact, not even she knows about it. I don’t know what it was about this girl though, but I felt like I could tell her anything, which is very uncommon; usually I don’t tell anybody about anything. Abigail is about 5 foot, 8 inches and is skinny like me. One thing about Abigail though is that she is terrified of balloons. So as long as I don’t tell her my little secret about that, everything will be good. Abigail is like me, she is quiet and mostly calm; but if you talk to her she will definitely talk back. We are both 18, and our birthdays’ are not far apart.

During Christmas break of my senior year when she would normally hang out my house, the conversation came up about if I had a deepest darkest secret. Because I trusted her so much, I eventually told her mine. I can still remember the conversation. She asked, “Do you have a deep dark secret?”

I said “Yes.”

She said relieved “Oh, me too.”

I said, “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.” I made it sound like I wasn’t begging, just curious.

She said, “That will work.”

I said, “Well, I have a fetish with my Clarinet.” I knew she would be confused when I told her, and expected her to ask more.

She asked confused, “What do you mean?”

I replied, “Playing my Clarinet turns me on.”

She said a little surprised, “Wow.”

I continued to tell her more by saying, “Yeah, I’ve even went so far as to use my Clarinet as a sex toy.”

Amazed, she asked, “How do you do that?”

I replied, “I put my penis inside the bell of my Clarinet and make it wet inside there, then I move the bell of my Clarinet up and down until I cum inside it.” I was started to get a little scared with telling her all this, which was why I was being so short with her in the first place.

She said happily, “That’s pretty hot.”

I said, “Yeah.” I was glad that she didn’t start freaking out on me.

She asked, “So did your sperm get stuck inside your Clarinet?”

I was trying to make it seem like it wasn’t my first time, “It oozes out when I take my penis out.”

She said slowly, “So when you say it oozes out, do you mean that this was onetime thing?”

I told her, “No, I do this almost every day.”

Surprised, yet amazed she said, “Wow!” She paused for a little bit and then said, “Well I guess I’ll tell you bahis siteleri my deepest darkest secret.”

I said wanting to know what it is, “Ok, tell me.”

She said, “Well when I was 5, it was discovered that I have a birth defect and it’s impossible for me to have children. Also, I barely have periods because of it. I don’t tell anybody this because they usually get all weird after they hear it.”

I replied trying to support her, “People are just stupid, but it’s not your fault.”

She said, “I know!” Some time had passed and she said, “So this will be weird, but I kind of want to see you use your Clarinet like you do, but I don’t know maybe that would be too weird.” I was waiting and hoping for her to ask me this, if she hadn’t, I would have suggested to later.

I replied, a little nervous, “I can show you how I do it.”

She agreed, “Sure.”

I then opened my Clarinet case and put my Clarinet all together. I said, “First I blow warm air in it and play it for awhile.” I then played a note on my Clarinet for a short time. I then said, “Normally I practice my Clarinet naked.”

She said smiling, “Well okay then.”

I said wanting to show her, “Yeah, it turns me on. I’m going to take my pants off now.” I took off my pants and there was semen on my underwear.

She said excited, “Looks like you’re already turned on.”

I nervously replied, “This is a little scary, I’ve never showed anybody this before.”

She asked, “Really?”

I said, “Yeah.” I then took my underwear off. I think she was getting horny as well. I said, “Then I put my penis in like this and make it wet inside.” I slid my penis inside my Clarinet. It started making a little noise.

She said, “Wow, I didn’t know it made noise.”

I said, “Yeah, it’s louder than that though.” I started to move the bell of my Clarinet up and down a little bit to make it wetter inside the Clarinet. I paused while I took my penis out a little and put it back in then said, “Then I just move the bell of my Clarinet up and down until I cum.”

She asked, “Oh, does it feel good?”

I said, “Oh yeah!” I got faster and faster until I came to orgasm and was cumming inside my Clarinet. It felt so good that I didn’t think I would stop cumming and actually sat there for a little bit when I slowed down.

She asked, “Did you cum?”

I replied out of breath, “Yeah, it felt really good.”

She said, “It looks like it.” I then took my penis out of my Clarinet and my cum started oozing out. She said, “Wow, you got a lot of sperm inside there.”

I said, “I usually do. So have canlı bahis siteleri you done the same thing with your Flute?”

She said chuckling, “No I haven’t done anything weird with my Flute.”

I said, “You should try it, you might like it.”

She said unsure, “I don’t know.”

I said, “It would be pretty hot if you did.”

She said, “I might try it, but I don’t know. So is your Clarinet the only deepest darkest secret you have?”

I said, “Well I have another one, but I won’t do that in front of you.”

She said, “What? Tell me.”

I said, “I have a balloon fetish as well.”

She said a little disappointed, “You know how I feel about that.”

I said, “I know, I won’t do all that in front of you.” It pretty much was left there. After she went home, I had to use my Clarinet as a sex toy again because I was so horny.

Later in the week, Abigail talked to me again and this time told me that she had something to tell me that I might like to hear. She said, “So I tried it with my Flute last night.”

I said impressed, “Really? How did it feel?”

She said, “It felt different, but I liked it.”

I said, “I knew you would like it.”

She said, “I might use my Clarinet one day, but I don’t know how that would work.”

I said, “You can take the reed off and use it that way.”

She said, “Yeah, I could.”

I asked, “Would it be weird if I watched you do it like you watched me?”

She said, “I don’t know, I would be too nervous.”

I said, “Don’t worry, I won’t laugh or anything.”

She said, “I might let you watch me, but I’ll have to think about it.”

Later that day, it was on a Friday, she called me wanting to come over. Her parents weren’t home that night. I came over and she said that she would show me do it with her Flute, but I had to promise not to laugh. She put her Flute together and took off her clothes. I noticed when she took her panties off that she shaves down there, which a lot of girls do, but it’s still interesting. She slowly started to put the mouthpiece end of her Flute inside her pussy and started moving it in and out. She would try to go deeper and deeper every time she would put it in. She started moaning and got faster and faster. Her Flute was so wet from being put in her pussy and it was turning me on pretty quickly. Suddenly, she was going really fast and then started cumming all over her Flute. She then got slower and just had the Flute sitting there in her pussy.

I said excited, “That was amazing!”

She said, “It felt really good that time.”

I said, canlı bahis “That was really hot. I wish I would have brought my Clarinet.” I was really turned on from watching Abigail use her Flute.

She suggested, “Yeah we could have done it together.”

I said, “You might think I’m weird, but I what if use your Clarinet as a sex toy as well.”

She said, “Hmm… I don’t know about that, but then again… I don’t know.”

She didn’t seem to sure about it, but all this was a lot to tell her at once. I said, “It would be pretty sexy.”

She said, “Yeah it would. I’ll think about it.”

I said, “Ok.” Later that night, she brought it up again.

She said, “So about using my Clarinet, I decided that I want to see you do it with my Clarinet.” I was glad she brought it up again, because I really wanted to use it.

I said, “Awesome, where is it?”

She said, “I’ll get it.” She got her Clarinet and put it together then gave it to me and said “Be careful with it.”

I assured her, “Of course I’ll be careful.” I then started to play her Clarinet for a little bit to warm it up. It felt a little different than mine. I took my pants and underwear off and was sitting there naked on her bed with her Clarinet. She was watching me closely as I put my penis inside the bell of her Clarinet.

She asked, “How does it feel?”

I said, “It feels really good.” I started moving her Clarinet up and down and my penis was making a little noise inside it. I got it really wet inside her Clarinet with my semen and I could see her face. She seemed surprised about what was going on. I asked, “Everything ok?”

She said, “Yeah, I just like to watch you.” I started to get faster and faster with moving the bell of her Clarinet up and down and it was making a lot of noise with my penis inside her Clarinet. It felt really good and then finally I was cumming in her Clarinet and then started slowing down until I stopped. After that she asked, “How did it feel?”

I said, “It felt amazing.”

She said, “I really liked watching you, I’ve never had anybody do this with my Clarinet before.”

I said, “I wouldn’t think so.” I took my penis out and my cum started oozing out of her Clarinet.

She said, “Wow that’s a lot of sperm.” Abigail doesn’t say cum like I do.

I said, “Yeah.” I cleaned my cum out of her Clarinet and gave it back to her.

She said, “That was really hot.”

Since that day, we would have meetings at each others’ house. Sometimes she would bring her Flute over to my house and she would use her Flute as a sex toy while I used my Clarinet. If we were at her house, I would use her Clarinet as a sex toy and she would use either her Flute or sometimes my Clarinet if I had brought it over. The relationship I have with Abigail is very unique, but it is the best.

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