A Day in the Country

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The rain was making visibility difficult. He hated driving through these small country roads as it was. With the rain as heavy as it was his journey was taking a lot longer than it should have. He had been on the road for three hours and normally this journey would take four at the most. The rain had slowed him so much he was looking at another hour and a half before he arrived at the conference, and that was going to be bad enough, a whole weekend alone in a hotel being bored silly. Jesus I really need to get a new job. He thought to himself.

These weekends usually involved getting very drunk and hiring escort girls for company, yet that was beginning to get really expensive, and if he was honest it was always pretty much the same, just with a different woman. All he really wished for was a nice settled life with a beautiful wife and kids, a nice house and financial stability. Yet all he had was the financial stability.

He carried on driving down the winding country roads. The rain was still lashing against the windscreen. Will this ever stop? He questioned himself. It was also quite a while since he had seen another car. Not that that was an overly bad thing as passing vehicles on these roads took great skill and patience. Unless you were lucky enough to spy a field gateway it was virtually impossible. He tried to think when he did see an actual car. Tractors, yes, he had seen loads of those but they had gone in the odd field entrance. It was cars he wanted to see, driven by real people. Slowing the car slightly he took his eyes off the road, just for a second, while he went to change his music.

Suddenly he heard the blare of a car horn and a screeching, skidding sound. He looked up and stamped on his brakes. He skidded to a stop just feet away from the front of one of the cars he was so desperate to see, but almost didn’t. Dropping his head onto the steering wheel he breathed slowly, trying to calm his racing heart beat. Knowing he should have been looking but also knowing that he wasn’t going that fast he raised his head, ready to leave the car and have a go at the other driver for their speed.

Staring straight back at him was a beautiful redhead. Sitting there transfixed as she mouthed a stream of obscenities through her windscreen he was taken by her beauty. For some strange reason the more she mouthed the more he found himself thinking about how she would look naked, and how badly he wanted her. I wish we had met out at night I would love to fuck her. He thought. No sooner had the thought gone through his mind an erection began forming in his trousers. Here he was sat staring, with an erection, and neither of them seemed to want to move. He decided to get out and go towards the woman’s car exactly as she had the same idea. She is fucking gorgeous. He thought, staring, taking in all her beauty.

She wasn’t anything like the escort girls he usually hired, yet there was something about her that he couldn’t quite get out of his mind. Looking at the woman who was getting out of the car he had no idea why he was thinking he things that he was. She looked no more than five feet six or seven inches tall and seemed to be wearing size fourteen clothes, at a conservative guess. She wasn’t what he would call overweight but at the same time the escorts that he isveçbahis so heavily relied on were no more than a size ten, twelve at a push. She was definitely not his usual type yet he still couldn’t shake the feelings of lust that were coursing through his body, causing his cock to strain against the material of his suit trousers.

He stepped out of the car, wondering how the hell he was going to hide his predicament, and made his way forward. She strode towards him, her face like thunder, still shouting a tirade of obscenities in his direction. The two of them stopped a few yards apart, like two cowboys ready for a duel, neither of them sure if they should take another step. He kept his eyes firmly fixed on her still fantasizing about what he wanted to do to her even though she looked like she might actually swing for him.

“Why the fuck weren’t you paying attention moron?” She screamed at him.

“Calm fucking down who the fuck do you think you are screaming at?”

“I don’t know maybe the type of bastard that doesn’t look where he’s going. Do you drive using psychic abilities?”

“Well I wasn’t expecting Michael fucking Schumacher was I?”

Christ she is even more gorgeous when angry. He found himself thinking. I want her and somehow I will.

“You would probably have tried to ram him off the road as well.”

“That’s rich coming from someone practising her entry for the fucking British rally.”

The two of them stood staring at each other neither of them prepared to back down. Looking her up and down he realised he was falling in lust with her his cock, which had lost its erection during the shouting, starting to stiffen again. He was just about to say something else when he caught her giving him the once over.”

Now what the fuck are you looking at?” He asked.

“I think you better give me your name.” She told him.

“Why we never actually crashed, no thanks to you.”

“I like to know the name of the person I actually fuck, that’s why.”

Then completely out of the blue she took one step forward, grabbed his face and thrust her tongue deep into his mouth. To say he was shocked would have been a slight understatement and to make matters worse his cock was hard again.

“Well I’m Lisa are you going to tell me yours?” She said drawing away from his mouth.

“My name is Adam.” He finally responded.

“My you are a big boy aren’t you Adam?” She said to him smiling.

“Yes six feet two. ” He answered with a cheeky grin.

“I think we both know what I mean.”

“It’s not every day a near accident has this effect.” He told her.

“You are right there what do you think we should do?” She asked.

“I know what I would like to do.” He answered. “And that is you.”

“Well I think we best move the cars first somehow.” She smiled and realised she was so horny she could feel the dampness between her legs. “Then we will see.”

Adam didn’t need telling twice. He virtually ran back to his car, his cock throbbing, and jumped in. Reversing the car at an unnatural speed he remembered that he had passed a gateway about one hundred yards back down the road. He was in such a rush he didn’t even stop to think if anything was coming. The rain, which had slowed to a light drizzle, had made him isveçbahis giriş look like a half drowned rat but he didn’t care he just had to fuck Lisa and fuck her hard. He found the gateway and swung the car in and, after turning the engine off, looked to see if she had followed him.

Lisa swung her car right behind his, got out, and walked to the front of his car. Adam was mesmerized by her body, her blouse clinging to her ample tits thanks to the rain, and then surprised to see her start grinding her hips and rubbing her tits through her blouse. Although it was still raining, just not quite as bad as it had been, she just stood there dancing in front of him, just like one of the dancers he had seen many times in certain clubs he frequented. That was one of the only good things about his job he supposed, always in a different town or city so he hardly ever saw the same dancers twice. Yet out of all the dancers he had seen there was something about Lisa that was hotter than any of them and he needed her so much. He wanted to taste her juice, make her scream with pleasure and cover her in his own hot cum.

Adam opened the car door but as soon as he did Lisa stopped her dancing and pointed at him, shaking her head, and beckoned him to get back in the car. Reluctantly he did as she had ordered and, once he had shut the door, she started her movements again this time though, instead of her tits, she began rubbing her pussy through her skirt at first. Slowly she lifted her tight skirt to reveal that although she was wearing stockings and suspenders she had no panties on. Did she always go without her panties? Adam wondered to himself. This is just so fucking horny. I am desperate to fuck that woman.

Adam began rubbing his cock through his trousers, never once taking his eye off Lisa, his erection desperately needing to be released, but he wanted to cum for her not waste it. He removed his hand and carried on watching as Lisa slowly turned around and bent over, spreading her legs and giving him a glimpse of her shaved pussy, glistening with her own juices. Slowly she inserted first one, then another, finger deep into her dripping pussy rubbing at her clitoris furiously. If I don’t fuck her soon it may be too late. He thought once again, massaging his cock and balls. Lisa while still furiously masturbating herself looked over her shoulder, and beckoned him out of the car, just as she plunged yet another finger deep into her soaking pussy.

Lisa removed her fingers from her soaking pussy and turned towards Adam, gently licking her own juice from her fingers, before lifting her fingers and brushing her remaining juice across his lips.

“I hope you like that Adam because my pussy needs your tongue inside it.” Lisa gasped.

“It’s beautiful.” Was all Adam could manage to say desperate to begin.

“Then get on your knees for me.” Lisa said as she leaned back across the car bonnet.

Adam dropped to his knees and looked up at Lisa’s neatly trimmed pussy. If there was one thing that Adam loved to see it was the sight of a woman’s pussy with a slight amount of hair. Slowly and gently Adam parted Lisa’s thighs and started to run his tongue up the inside of them, kissing gently, as he made his way to her sweet smelling pussy. Finally, with the smell causing isveçbahis yeni giriş his cock to tremble, Adam flicked his tongue out catching Lisa’s opening, causing her to gasp. Using his hands Adam gently parted her pussy lips and flicked his tongue over Lisa’s sweet little bud, slowly at first, gradually getting quicker.

“Mmm Adam lick me, bite me make me cum again.” Lisa panted imploringly.

Adam buried his face deeper into her pussy, getting his tongue as deep as he could, as Lisa screamed with a shuddering orgasm.

“It’s no good Adam I need your cock inside me please.” Lisa almost begged.

“Bend over then let me fuck you from behind.” Adam said.

Lisa didn’t need telling twice and as quick as a flash she was face down, her tits squashed against the car, and her skirt pulled as high as she could get it. Gripping her ass tightly Adam slowed pushed his cock against her dripping pussy. Sliding in easily he started slowly thrusting backwards and forwards, slapping her ass cheeks as he did so. Lisa’s moans were getting louder and louder as Adam thrust harder, pushing his cock as deep as he could get it to go. As he was pounding at her pussy Adam reached around with one hand and caressed her nipples, paying attention to each other, before sliding his hands down and rubbing her clitoris in a circular motion.

“Oh god Adam that’s fucking wonderful don’t stop.”

“You are a dirty bitch aren’t you?” Adam said.

“Yes now fuck me harder.”

Adam thrust harder making Lisa scream louder when he decided to do something that would really make her scream. Removing his hands away from her soaking pussy he gripped her and then, slowly, slid his thumb into her ass. Lisa tensed her whole body and screamed as a massive orgasm swept over her.

“Do you like that then?” Adam asked.

“Oh my god yes, just fuck me more.”

Adam started thrusting even harder, his thumb working Lisa’s ass at the same time, when he slowed and slapped her ass again.

“I’m going to fucking cum.” Adam gasped his balls tightening.

“Cum on my ass Adam please.” Lisa begged.

Adam didn’t need telling twice and removed his cock, wanking himself to completion, his hot cum spurting all over her ass and running in between her ass cheeks. Lisa stayed face down on the car letting Adam’s cum run down between her legs, mixing with her own pussy juice.

“That was beautiful Adam, thank you.” Lisa whispered breathlessly.

“You are so hot.” Adam replied, stroking her ass.

“I think we better get dressed before anyone comes.” Lisa said.

“Too late I already have.” Adam said with a smile.

“Cheeky come on.”

Adam left Lisa alone while he pulled up his clothes watching her as she ran her fingers between her legs. Lisa lifted her fingers to her mouth and sucked on them greedily before straightening her skirt. The two of them kissed passionately before walking back to their respective cars.

“Can I see you again Lisa?” Adam asked.

“Maybe you will, if you are driving along here again.” Lisa replied, before jumping in her car and speeding off.

Adam stood and watched as her car went round the corner and out of sight. That was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. He thought settling back into his car. Adam reached across and, smiling to himself, chose a CD and slid it into the player. Just think all this happened because I was trying to change a disc. Adam thought to himself as he eased his car onto the road and started to head to his hotel.

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