A Daughters Reluctant Love

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I laid naked on my bed. Waiting, just waiting. The moon shoned though my bedroom window lighting the room just enough to allow me to just be able to see a few things in my room, the nightstand beside my bed, the closed door and more importantly the door knob. My eyes were locked on the door knob watching, waiting for it to turn. I knew it would turn sooner or later and he would ease into my room like he’s done almost every night for the last two months, ever since my eighteenth birthday. He took my virginity that night claiming it was my “birthday present”. He made me a “real woman”. His woman. His words not mine. And almost every night since he would ease into my room and for the next two or three hours I would be his play thing.

As I laid there on my bed my ears strained listening for any sound. Anything at all that might signal his approach. But I don’t hear a sound and begin to wonder if he’d forgotten. Maybe he just fell asleep! Maybe tonight he won’t force himself on me, make me submit and make me moan in pleasure as his fuck stick rams inside of me. Maybe tonight I can just relax and sleep. Part of me was overjoyed at that thought but a bigger part of me was kind of disappointed.

But then I heard it. The jiggle of the doorknob moments before it turned and the door eased open. And in he came. His tall frame eased into the room and closed the door quietly. The pale moon light fell on him giving him a ghost like hue. His chest rose and fell slowly with each breath, his body was bare of any body hair except for his crotch. A man’s not a man if he doesn’t have a bush above his meat. Again his words not mine. All he was wearing was a pair of boxers and already it was starting to tent from his erection. He wasn’t huge like the men in erotic stories try to make themselves seem and no he wasn’t porn star big but he was big enough especially when he pushed that joystick into my tight little hole.

He walked over to my bed, a smile on his face as he pushed down his boxers and stepped out of them. “There’s my girl. How’s daddy’s princess? Ready to have some more fun?” He reached down and gently stroked my cheek, I didn’t say a word. I never do…..in the beginning. “Speechless as grandbetting giriş always.” He chuckled.

Slowly he crawled onto my bed and spread my legs exposing my treasure to his eyes. My wetness was obvious even in the pale moon light and a smirk crossed daddy’s face. All that waiting and anticipation had made me all wet. And that horrified me. This was wrong! This was incest, taboo and against everything! And yet I’m always, always dripping by the time he comes into my room.

Seeing no obvious need for any foreplay daddy lined up his bare cock and slide inside me. One long smooth motion, all the way down to the hilt, stretching my tight hole around him. It fit like a glove. “Baby girl your pussy was made for me.” He said for the hundredth time. His weight pressed down on me pressing me into the mattress and oddly his weight comforted me.

Slowly his sperm sword slide out of me until just the head was left then he pushed back in just as slowly. He did that again, and again and again and again. And then suddenly……wham! Out of nowhere he rams he meat into me hard drawing a loud moan from my throat. “Music to my ears.” He whispered in my ear before grabbing my hips and starting to pummel my pussy. It gripped at him hard, rippled along his rigid length like it was trying to force him out. But daddy was having none of that. He pulled his thick cock from my dripping pussy and forced me over onto my belly. Then he pulled on my hips bringing me to my knees before spearing me once more and started to fuck my pussy into submission. His hips collided with my ass producing a wet smacking sound that joined the sex music my bed was making as the bed springs squeaked. He’s never quiet once he starts to fuck me, his grunts loud enough Im sure to be heard outside my bedroom door. I know mommy is sleeping just down the hall. Can she hear him? Can she hear the bedsprings or the slight bang of the headboard against the wall? Who knows. She’s never let on that she knows what goes on in my bedroom late at night. She hasn’t said a word about her husband fucking his own daughter. Maybe she just doesn’t care. It’s not like he’s neglecting her pussy for mine. He fucks her all grandbetting yeni giriş the time, hell he fucked her tonight! I heard them earlier when they first went to bed. Minutes after their door closed I heard the rhythmic bang of the headboard against the wall and her muffled cries of pleasure.

Daddy’s thrusts speed up his grunts become louder and I knew why, he’s close. He always cums fast the first time. I grip the sheet under my hands, my moans are louder too, my pussy still fighting him but slowly losing the battle. Deep in my belly I could feel the first tingles signaling an orgasm was approaching. But before I can go over the edge daddy pushes deep, as deep as he can go and lets lose his seed. It rushes into my love tunnel soaking my cervix and seeps deeper into my womb. But this wont be the first sperm bath my womb see’s tonight. After his cock stops twitching he pulls free and sits back on the bed. I know what to do by now. With his cum dripping from my hole I turn around and settle between his legs, and give his cock the kiss of life. He’s gone somewhat soft but before long he’ll be rigid once more.

I take his cock in hand and slowly lick the mushroom head, cleaning him of the last few drops of cum that cling there. Then I let him slide between my lips, my tongue swirls around the sensitive head then slides down the shaft as more and more of him eases inside. When I feel him bump the back of my throat I seal my lips around him creating a vacuum seal and start to bob my head. Its not long before life stirs. He grows bigger, harder in my mouth. My tongue is a buzz of activity swirling around the head, tickling the underside of his cock. Precum drips from his hole and I suck it up, eating it like candy. But soon he pushes me off. He doesn’t want my mouth today. No he’s all about my pussy. He pushes me down onto the bed and mounts me, his cock sliding deep once more. “Ooooohhhhhh!” I moan softly. My pussy is more accepting of him know and he smiles, he nows I’m submitting to him.

As he leans in to kiss me he starts to fuck me with long powerful strokes. No slow warm up this time, he’s all about the hardcore fuck. His hips force my legs grandbetting güvenilirmi wide, his ass cheeks clench and unclench as he fucks me harder and harder. “Yes! That’s it baby! Take daddy’s cock!”

His kiss is brutal, his hands hold a death grip on my hips trying to keep me still even as I push up to meet his thrusting cock. In and out in and out. Oh God it feels so good! I can’t hold back the moans even though I want to. I don’t want to enjoy this! It’s wrong! But I can’t help it! My body betrays me! I moan louder, my arms reach up to hold on to him my nails digging into his back. “Harder daddy! Fuck me ohhhhhhh! Yesssss!” My pussy clamps around him, my orgasm is so close! And then…….”AHHHHHH DON’T STOP! FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!”

My orgasm washes over me, my body shakes, sweat pops out all over my skin, my young wet pussy spasms and tries to suck the cum out of his balls but he doesn’t cum. Not yet. He rolls us so that I’m on top. I can no longer resist him, my wanton lust has been drawn out of me and I ride him like a pro. My ass rises and falls faster and faster! I want this! I want him! I want his seed and the pleasure that only he can give me! “Daddy please, please!” Another orgasm crashes over me and he just smirks watching my body contort and shake on top of him.

“That’s it baby, ride your daddy! Show me you want it!” He arches driving his cock deep, deeper. My pussy doesn’t fight, it lets him slide in and out with ease. It craves him. I’m a mad woman driven by lust, I don’t care if its right or wrong. All I know is I want his cock and I want his cum. And soon I was going to get what I want. The look on his face said it all, he was close. I rode him as hard and as fast I could. I no longer cared about being quiet and discreet. The headboard banged loudly against the wall, my cries filled the room and there was no way my mother could’ve missed it. With a mighty roar my daddy arched driving his fatherly cock deep in me while pulling me by the hips down onto him. His seed shot deep inside me, filling me yet again then dripping back down his cock.

I collapsed onto him, both of us panting for air and sanity. His cock softened and slide from my pussy, his cum dripping in globs out of me. But I didn’t care. It didn’t matter that he came in me because I was already pregnant with his baby.

Before he went back to my mother’s bed daddy dumped two more baby making loads into my pretty pussy. I fell asleep sated and already looking forward to tomorrow night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32