A Daddy’s Seduction

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The following story is wanton, horny, and full of degrading language; not to mention all the daddy/daughter incest. So, if that’s not for you, feel free to go elsewhere for your masturbatory needs.


I can’t really pinpoint the exact moment it happened, but the images are fresh in my mind. Well, that’s not exactly true, I do know when it happened, but I don’t want to give anything away.

My name is Gabriel, and this is the story of the first time I fucked my favorite little whore…

My daughter.

In my line of work, I tend to have late nights; especially when I’m managing teams located in different time zones. Because of this I keep an office in our home where you can usually find me late into the night or in the pre-dawn hours.

But, let’s face it, you’re not here to hear me talk about my work and home.

On that particular night work was scheduled to start at 11:30pm with my project team in Hong Kong. But starting so late does give me a lot of free time to fill, especially when my wife decides to go to bed early, so, naturally, I needed to fill that time somehow.

Though, I think I’m going to digress a bit to give everyone some context.

Like I said before, my name is Gabriel and, yes, I am married. My wife, Andrea, and I have been together for 20 years. We met at college when we were both 18 years old and shortly after that she became my girlfriend. We were, you could say, a very adventurous couple; even at that young age, and we enjoyed experimenting a lot. We experimented with drugs for the first time together and we quickly learned that it wasn’t for us (except for the occasional joint here and there.) We also lost our virginity to each other and, suffice to say, our horniness grew from there. It wasn’t long after that we started to share in other experiences.

The first one of those experiences was when we invited one of my friends to join us in bed for a threesome that Andrea enjoyed immensely, but ultimately didn’t live up to expectations. In short, my friend stopped talking to us after that because he felt left out during the threesome saying that Andrea didn’t pay as much attention to him as she did to me. Go figure, considering he was the one that was invited to join US. So that friendship ended there.

After that experience, my then girlfriend surprised me with a fantasy of my own. She had hired a prostitute for the night on my birthday so we could both share her. Another threesome that, I can attest to, ended much more successfully than our first attempt. I can’t really say if it was because it was a stranger this time around or the fact that Andrea was exuding lust out of every pore that night, but we were both, well, all three of us, very happy and satisfied by the end. As an added surprise for that birthday night Andrea later told me she had set up a series of hidden cameras to record the entire encounter with our new friend, Estrella (she told me her name a week later when she surprised me with the recording.)

The night she showed me the video, as we lay in bed watching it, Andrea started jerking me off while she whispered in my ear things like, “You loved that night, didn’t you, daddy?” and, “You loved fucking that cheap whore I got for your birthday, didn’t you?” The latter she said right before swallowing me whole.

The entire scene was enough to push me over the control edge, “Well, you were the horny slut that got that hooker to begin with,” I said as I took a fistful of her hair in my hand. “Besides,” I continued, “I didn’t see you complaining that night. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you cum so much before,” I grunted as I fucked her face.

It was that night, a week after my 18th birthday, that Andrea got “accidentally” pregnant. I only put “accidentally” in quotations because we had already talked about starting a family; she had stopped taking her birth control pills and it was the perfect excuse for us to get married. And from that unplanned pregnancy our daughter, Fernanda, was born.

At first we were able to keep up with our experimentation, sexually speaking, but the frequency with which we played was much reduced. And two years later, when our son Gael was born, it had all but stopped.

Now a days we are, what you would call, a normal family with what can only be described as an “interesting” past between my wife and me.

But back to reality… that night would be a long night and I had a couple of hours to burn before work actually started.

At 20 years old our eldest still lived with us and was in her second year of college studying fashion and design and that was her plan for that night. Gael, 18, was a senior in high school and had opted to spend the night with his friends most likely getting drunk or high or both. Something neither his mother nor I could reproach him considering we had been doing the same at a much younger age. But I keep digressing.

As I mentioned before, things change celtabet giriş over time and Andrea and I acted like a couple of old fogies, personality-wise, at least, having dinner at 7 and, the nights I didn’t work, being in bed by 9. Tonight was no different and Andrea was in bed passing out by 9:30 while our daughter informed us that she would be studying in her room. And as for me, I headed to my office intent of finding a way to burn the couple of hours I had before my first GoToMeeting began. Being the horny bastard that I had always been, making that decision wasn’t a hard one as it was usually pulling my cock out and edging myself until it was time to cum and get down to business.

But even this primal act had turned into a reflection of how boring we had become, and a routine had settled in. My routine was simple, I would open my browser in private/incognito mode and open two tabs, one with Pornhub and one with Literotica. I’d always start with Literotica searching for a story in the Group Sex, Celebrities (tell me of someone that doesn’t wish they’d be able to fuck one of the most famous women on earth), Affectionate Wives, or Incest/Taboo Genres. I know it’s unconventional, but the taboo nature of those stories always made them hotter for me, not to mention my wife’s affinity for calling me “daddy” in bed. Once I had my story picked, I would get to reading and stroking. And, if the edging was successful and I had not cum by the end of the chosen story, I would always have some videos queued in Pornhub to finish me off.

That night, I knew, would be a taboo night.

However, something strange happened that night as I started my routine. As I opened my laptop, I noticed that the private/incognito window was already open with the tabs already open to their designated masturbatory sites. A brief moment of panic overtook me as I tried to figure out who could have snooped on my privacy, but it was quickly washed away as thoughts of my wife maybe using the computer before me came rushing just as quickly. After all, she knew of my routine, too and we shared in some playtime every now and then.

Having calmed down I put my soundproof earbuds in and continued with my routine by removing my pants and pulling my still flaccid cock out. As I mentioned before, I knew that night would be a taboo night, especially noticing that my Literotica tab was already open to one of my favorite authors, “silkstockingslover,” a brilliant writer that seemed to share in my fetishes as well: incest and lingerie. Most importantly, her stories aren’t a billion pages long and take forever to reach their objective; to fuck and cum.

So it was no surprise that I was soon leaning back in my chair leisurely stroking to her words. For that day’s session I’d opted for a story in which a horny mother, who in my mind took on the appearance of an older version of my wife, lusts after her virgin son who becomes domineering after finding out just how slutty and lustful she really is. After a long while of slowly stroking I had to pause to relubricate and it was then that I felt the delicate touch of a smaller hand wrap around my cock and squeeze.

I jerked back in surprise but not too violently and not all the way out as someone had me in their hand and all I could think was, “What the fuck?” It wasn’t long after that that the small hand began to pump my shaft making sure to squeeze the head tighter, stimulating my urethra causing me to grunt and growl out my approval. And it was then that I heard the words that would change my life forever.

“That’s right, Daddy, you keep enjoying your story while your little girl sucks this delicious cock.” The words I heard, the voice, THAT made me jerk out of my seat, the violent pull on my dick be damned. As I stared down under my desk all I could only see was the beautiful face and tiny hand of my daughter smiling at me and reaching out to grab hold of my fuck-tool again and giggling taking a lick of the head lapping up the pre-cum that had accumulated. The sensation had been too much and, again, I jumped backwards stunned, my cock falling out of her hand and quickly shrinking to its pre-erection state.

“What in all fuck are you doing in my office?!?” I whisper-screamed at her as to not wake her mother up.

“Isn’t it obvious, daddy?” she asked incredulously as she crawled out from under the desk. “I was about to put that huge and delicious cock in my little mouth.” Finishing her sentence and free from the confines of the underside of my desk she stayed on her knees in front of me.

“But… what… no…” was all I could stammer.

It was then that I noticed what she was wearing. She was wearing lingerie, the sexiest I’d seen in my life. Her bra was a shelf-cup that only served to lift her firm and large breasts, like those of her mother’s, but did not cover her hard, pink nipples. Not able to control my gaze I kept scanning her body downwards when I saw the garter belt attached to a pair of black celtabet yeni giriş stockings, the straps of which seemed to be under her barely-there thong.

Seeing that my penis was completely flaccid, my little princess (I still thought of her as my little princess) stood up before me showing herself off. Noticing she seemed to be standing taller than normal I looked down to see she was wearing a pair of sexy stilettos and she said, “Didn’t you like what I was doing to you, daddy?”

Coming back to reality I responded, “It’s not about that,” and began to quickly try to cover my nakedness up.

“So?” she asked me taking a step towards where I was. “What is it?”

“What is it? No! What are you doing in my office?” The incredulous questions were slowly beginning to bother me.

It was then that Fernanda put a finger to her mouth and bit it very sexy. Her face, her body, her attitude reminding me of her mother in our younger years.

“Can I tell you a story, daddy?” she asked rhetorically taking a step back until her ass touched the edge of my desk. “You see, once upon a time, about a week ago my classes were canceled you see, so I decided to come back home early. It was a Tuesday if I remember correctly,” she began with her story. “Upon arriving home I saw that your and mom’s cars were parked in the garage and, well, that made very curious since mom isn’t usually home at that time. “

It was then that I remembered and knew exactly what day she was talking about. My wife and I had decided to play hooky that day, not really a big deal for me since I work from here, but it was for her. We hadn’t fucked in days and were both very, VERY horny. And as I mentioned before, my beloved wife knows about and shares in my kinks and that day she really wanted to roleplay as my “sister.”

“So when I went inside and didn’t see you guys in your office or the kitchen or the living room I naturally assumed you would be ‘busy’ playing,” she continued. At that point she had jumped onto my desk, her sexy little body on display for me to see, my nakedness becoming an afterthought at the sight of this sexy, little thing before me. “And just as I thought, when I made my way up the stairs, I noticed your door was ajar and there you were, my daddy fucking my mommy!” she exclaimed emphasizing the word “fucking”. “My sexy, hot, horny mommy on her knees getting fucked like a slut from behind.”

The words coming out of my daughter’s mouth… I had never heard her speak like that before.

“It was then that I saw mommy whip her head to the side to look at you over her shoulder and scream, ‘Fuck me, brother! Fuck me like the whore you know I am!'” Fernanda began to open her legs as she told her story. She had spread them wide enough that I could see a pool of her wetness begin to gather under her thong covered pussy.

“I was so scared and confused,” she said, “but also I got sooooooo excited.”

When she said “excited” she began to rub her pussy over her thong while she licked a finger in her other hand and began to tease her quickly hardening nipples. “I couldn’t just stay there playing with my tight, little cunt without one of you noticing me standing there so I decided to go back downstairs to play in your office, daddy.” The memories began to flood back like the angry rapids of a river. That day I HAD left my private/incognito window open to some taboo stories. And my little princess had gone in there to finish off what she had started when she watched her mother and I roleplay. She must have seen…

“I saw your computer open and I bet you can’t guess what I saw there, daddy.” I wanted to apologize to my daughter just then, but my cock was finding the entire situation far more stimulating and the battle between my two brains had begun. “I found your stories, daddy. And your videos. And, well, I bet you can imagine what I did next, right?”

I could, in fact, imagine what she did next since it was the same thing she was doing at the time. She had pulled her thong to the side exposing her bare pussy to me and I saw her insert first one, then two, and finally three fingers into what looked like the tightest vagina I’d seen in my life. That is when I gathered my valor and the thought crossed my mind, “If this girl wants to play with her daddy then I’ll give her something to play with.”

“Of course, I can imagine, baby,” I replied to her as my dick began to grow once again. “I imagine that my little slut daughter inserted her delicate little fingers into her soaking twat pretending it was her daddy’s big cock. Is that what you wanted to hear, honey?”

I saw her shake and squirm at my words. “That’s right, daddy,” she barely got out as an animalistic groan.

“And you thought that if mommy and daddy like to role play as brother and sister and that if daddy has ‘taboo’ stories on his computer, then what better experience than the real thing, is that it?” I asked already knowing the answer.

“You know celtabet güvenilirmi me so well, daddy!” she exclaimed convulsing.

“Very well, then,” I said, “if my daughter wants to be her daddy’s whore, then I’ll make you daddy’s whore!” Her eyes widened when she heard me say that and a smile crossed her lips knowing what would happen next.

I slowly approached my daughter. She stopped playing with her tight hole when I was within reach and she began to frantically remove my shirt. When she had me completely exposed, I violently took her by the braided pigtails she had fashioned her hair into and pulled her head back forcing her to look at me. She let out an excited yelp at this sudden turn, her hands shooting down to her soaking pussy to stimulate herself once more and without thinking I leaned down and kissed her passionately. Suddenly, feeling a moist hand on my cock, I knew she had wrapped her tiny hand around me and began to stroke. Breaking the kiss, she looked at me with wanton eyes and said, “Daddy, can I have my new toy in my mouth, now? Pretty please?” And before I could reply she had gotten on her knees again and swallowed me whole.

“This isn’t the first dick you suck, is it princess?” I asked grinning. “With your skills I get the sneaking suspicion that you’re a bit of a slut.”

Hearing the accusatory and horny words she stopped sucking for a second and replied, “No daddy, it’s not, but it’s definitely the tastiest and biggest one I’ve had so far. My cunny is dripping just thinking about how you’re going to stretch me out!” she continued, playing to my fragile male ego.

Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye I saw movement by the door. In the darkness I saw the light of the office dancing on a pair of eyes. Sexy eyes. The eyes belonging to my wife. And she saw that I noticed her presence. I was about to stop what my daughter and I were doing when I saw my wife press her finger to her lips in the universal sign “to be quiet”, so I complied intrigued at what might happen next. I saw her pushing the door open more, light pouring into the hall shining on her beautiful body, showing me that she was wearing a tiny robe and nothing else. As her finger pushed at her lips, now sucking it obscenely, I lowered my gaze to see her other hand parting her other lips. And with the situation quickly unfolding I opted to shut up and listen to my wife and not bring her presence up to my daughter.

After a few more seconds of my expert daughter’s ministrations I growled at her, “Get up, honey. Daddy wants to see how tight you really are. Especially with all the dick you say you get,” I finished winking at her. She got on her feet, drool covered her lips and her mascara was running. Without warning I lifted her onto my desk again and spread her legs open, ripping her delicate thong off on the way; the sudden pull and change in control cause her to scream out excited and nervously. And in one fluid motion I got on my knees and I took a long, slow, sensual lick of her smooth slit.

As I ate my daughter’s fresh, soaking, savory cunt I could feel as she ran her fingers across my hair. “Yes, daddy! Eat your little girl’s cunny! Tease my tight little asshole, too!” With each lap of my tongue I could feel her grip tightening around my scalp, the pain of her pulls somehow enhancing the pleasure of eating my snack. “Yes, daddy! More! MORE!” she shouted, “Eat my fucking pussy, daddy! I’m cumming so fucking hard for you, daddy!” But before she could reach the peak of her orgasm, I pulled her off the desk, turned her around and pushed her down so that she was facing away from me bent over my desk. Her firm, round, tight ass pointed toward me beckoning to be penetrated, I lined my cock up at her entrance and without preamble pushed all the way to the hilt. She had, without a doubt, the tightest pussy I had ever fucked in my life.

My pushing into her was all she needed to not only push her over the edge but have the orgasm prolong past the point where it might be over. “YES!” she screamed as her juices flooded out of her fuck-hole and around my cock.

Laughing at her visceral reaction I said, “If you keep screaming like a wanton whore, baby, your mother is going to wake up.” I continued to pump in and out of her tight hole doing everything I could to avoid cumming too quickly and continued, “And what do you think will happen if she catches us? If she finds out her daughter is as big of a slut as she is?” These last words I directed at my wife as I lifted my gaze to meet hers. Her lust-covered face contorted as she had lifted one of her breasts to her mouth and was biting down hard on her nipple while her fingers pistoned in and out of her sopping cunt.

“I don’t care, daddy! I don’t care if my whore-mother hears me cum!” she screamed. “I want her to hear how you fuck me! I want her to know how much I love your huge, daddy cock! That her pussy will never be as tight as mine! I want that whore to see us fuck!” he screamed through her second orgasm.

All the while I could see my wife standing by the door, masturbating, holding back her moans as her slut-daughter denigrated her. It was at that moment that I got a glimpse of the future and I knew exactly where this was headed, and looking back at me, so did my wife.

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