A Crush Revealed

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Just seeing him coming through the hotel lobby was enough to make her flush. The thought of his arms, wrapped round her body, lifting her upwards. To his mouth, his soft lips, his tongue as it invaded her mouth.

‘Scarlett!’ He clicked his fingers in front of her face. ‘Are you with us? You’ve got to stay focused for this.’

‘Yeah, I’m here.’ She snapped out of her daydream. Her boss, Michael, kept invading her fantasies, even at the most inconvenient moments. She’d seen him at the company gym once before, lifting weights, watching the muscles in his arms ripple. Scarlett spent half her time daydreaming about him and it was starting to affect her. He’d chosen her for this proposal to show that she did want to stay at the company, that she wasn’t a dreamer.

‘Remember, this is your last chance. Your input has been failing over the past couple of months.’ He looked straight at her and she almost melted. His longish brown hair styled out of his piercing blue eyes was enough to floor most women. Michael took on a concerned look. ‘If there’s anything I can help with…’ Scarlett thought she saw a flash of something else across his features. But it was gone before she could catch it. ‘I just wish I knew what was in your head.’ He turned back and carried on to the conference room, Scarlett trailing behind him.

“No, you really don’t.” She thought as he pushed open the door. She shook herself, she needed this job. She resolved to keep her mind focused and to concentrate on the meeting and nothing else.


She flumped back on her bed, the meeting was finished and she’d done her best. Now she just had to wait until Monday to receive the report on how they’d done. She closed her eyes and thought of Michael. Stood beside her through the whole meeting, eyes boring into her. She caught him checking her out at one point, as she had turned to look at him, his eyes snapped back to her face from her curved ass. She slipped her fingers beneath the top of skirt and into her lace knickers. She thought of his hands on her ass, feeling their way up her sides, across her back, in her hair. His lips on hers, his tongue probing inside her mouth, his hand feeling its way up the inside of her leg. She felt her own wetness and rubbed her finger round her clit, a moan escaping from her open mouth. She jumped up in shock as the phone rang.

‘I’m in the bar, fancy a drink?’ Michael’s voice cut through clear and strong. She gulped guilty and removed her hand.

‘Yeah, I’ll be down in ten minutes.’ She heard the other end cut off. Nervousness cut through her like a knife. Oh god, he was going to tell her how the meeting went, whether she still had a job or not. She stood up from the bed and wiped her fingers clean. She re-did her makeup, shook off her jacket, undid a few buttons of her blouse and strode out her room.


‘I got you an appletini.’ Michael passed her the drink as she sat down on the sofa. He was sat at the other end, beer in hand. Two empty glasses were in front of him. Oh, she thought, that’s not a good sign. Getting up the courage to fire one of your employees.

‘So, how do you think the meeting went?’ He looked her dead in the eye and she flushed again. She became very aware of how much breast was on show as she took a deep breath.

‘I think it went well. We stuck to the plan, they seemed very receptive and hopefully we should hear from them by next week.’ She bit her bottom lip and looked at her drink. Crap, I did terribly and I’m going have to move back with my parents.

‘Well…’ He put his drink down and reached for one of her hands. She glanced up in shock and saw him smiling at her. ‘They rang me half an hour ago to say that they loved the pitch and there are well assured the company is in good hands.’ Michael almost cheered. She gasped, not knowing whether to hug him or cry. She still had her job. She wasn’t being fired. She smiled at him.

‘I knew you had a beautiful smile.’ He grinned at her. Again, she flushed. Christ, what is wrong with me?! I’m not a 16 year old schoolgirl, she chastised herself. ‘Look, I know I’ve only been your manager for a couple of months but there is something that’s bothering you, isn’t there?’ He edged closer to her on the sofa, so their knees isveçbahis were touching. ‘Maybe problems at home, husband?’

She could have kidded herself into thinking there was a hint of hope in his voice. She looked at him and almost collapsed at the look in his dark, green, eyes. Almost hungry, like he wanted her.

‘Well.. I ..,’ She stammered out. Pull yourself together, Scarlett mentally slapped herself. ‘I don’t have a husband, or a boyfriend. I put too much time into my work.’ She looked him dead in the eye and smiled.

‘Oh, I just thought someone as gorgeous as you would have someone, even a lover.’ He was now pressing his leg against hers. ‘Let me get you another drink.’ And too quickly, he’d stood up and strode off to the bar.

She couldn’t put her finger on it. She wanted him and now it seemed like he wanted her. But why? She was average looking, a bit plump and not exactly the cleverest of people. The drink had made her head swim.

‘I got you another appletini.. Oh and a tequila.’ He placed two shot glasses in front of them, along with the drinks, winking at her. She felt a shock go straight to her pussy.

‘Tequila? Really?’ She glanced at him again, the boss plying her with drinks.

‘I know, I’m the boss but since I moved here, it’s been kind of lonely.’ He looked so forlorn, Scarlett wanted to reach over and put her arm rounds his tight, muscular….

‘I have had a problem actually.’ She snapped herself out of it before she launched herself at him.

‘Ok, well, tequila first, problem after.’ He grinned passing her the lime and salt. They did the slammers, wincing as the lime cut through.

‘Right, so what have you been having problems with?’ He leaned in, brushing her leg as he put the glass on the table. It sent shivers through her leg and right to where she was already damp.

‘I’ve had a bit of a crush on someone at work, but it’s complicated.’ The words came spilling out of her mouth, unforced. She almost couldn’t believe she’d said it.

Michael looked at her, running his eyes over her cleavage and down to pussy. Scarlett turned a bright shade of red and picked up her drink. Possibly to hide behind it.

‘Right, why is it complicated? Is it one of your friend’s ex’s?’ Michael had a cheeky glint in his eye. Oh my god, he knows and now he’s going to drag it out of me.

‘No, nothing like that, just he’s higher than me so if anything were to happen…’ She glanced at him and saw something in his eye, something hungry, animalistic. ‘It wouldn’t be professional.’ She faltered. Scarlett felt him move closer to her and pull the empty glass out of her hands.

‘What if, assuming they could be professional, they could keep it a secret?’ Scarlett was still staring at her hands, squirming as she felt the wetness between her thighs. He turned her on so much.

‘Well, that might be the answer.’ She looked up to find him centimetres from her face, so close she could taste the tequila on his breath, see the look in his eyes that said, I want to fuck your brains out.

‘Do you want to come upstairs and carry on talking about this ‘problem’?’ He grinned, not even waiting for an answer and led her by the hand to the lift lobby.


The minute the door had closed behind them, he slammed her into the wall, glued to her body, lips upon hers.

‘Christ, you’re so fucking sexy. I need you, need to feel you around my cock.’ He murmured into her mouth, his tongue swishing round hers. His hands were in her hair, kissing her neck and feeling down her sides.

‘Is this an expensive blouse?’ He glowered at her. She shook her head no and he ripped it off, buttons bouncing to the floor. He cupped both breasts and kissed them, feverishly. He ripped one bra cup down and clamped down on one nipple, sucked hard. She moaned out loud, her legs almost giving way beneath her, tingles going straight to her cunt, feeling the heat growing between her thighs.

‘Fuck, you have gorgeous breasts.’ He ripped the other cup down and sucked on the other nipple, his fingers now clamped round the other one, twirling and playing with it, sending waves of pleasure to her pussy.

‘Michael…’ She gasped. He carried on, oblivious. ‘Michael…’ She pulled him isveçbahis giriş back up and pulled his lips to hers. Pulling away, there was a wicked glint that he’d never seen in her before.

‘My turn.’ She grinned. She sunk to her knees, shoving him against the door for support. Fumbling with his belt, she undid his trousers pulling them apart to expose his boxers. She dragged her nails up the inside of his legs, chuckling when he shivered.

She felt his cock through his boxers and almost had to check herself. He must have been at least 8 inches long and as thick as her wrist. She pulled him out and kissed the tip. He was big, the biggest she’d seen. She put her mouth over the end and swirled her tongue round the tip, listening to him moan. She started to do it faster, feeling his opening and lapping up his pre-come. As she felt his legs start to shake, she started to bob her head up and down his shaft, still swirling her tongue around him.

‘Christ that feels so good. You’ve got the perfect lips for it.’ He moaned as she glanced upwards to see him hanging on to the door to keep himself upright. A streak of joy shot through her. She knew she was good, but the effect she was having on him, turned her on even more. She released her mouth and draw back. She grinned wickedly up at him and then shoved his cock to the back of her throat.

‘Gnnnrrrr.’Michael’s legs shook and he moaned loudly in pure pleasure. ‘Fuck!’ He bucked a little and she gagged but kept him at the back of her throat. ‘Fuck, that’s hot.’ She released him again and he gasped, almost in relief. ‘That was fucking amazing!’ He leant down to her and swept her up off the floor. She wrapped her legs around his back, kissing his neck. Dragging her nails down his back, he carried her to the bed, where he pulled off the rest of his clothes until he was naked.

She had been right, he was gorgeous, toned, a little bit ripped but not over the top. As he bent over her, she saw the muscles in his back ripple. A wave of pleasure rushed through her just from seeing that alone.

He kissed his way up her legs, whilst pulling off her skirt. He tossed it aside and carried on with her stockings. He slowly rolled one down her leg, and then the next, never losing eye contact with her. As he pulled off the last stocking, he dove straight into her pussy, clamping his mouth over her clit. She squealed in indulgence as his tongue lapped at her.

‘You’re so wet, god I love that.’ He breathed into her. She moved her hands to his head and pulled her fingers through his hair. His tongue kept swirling round her clit and found the opening to her pussy. She gasped out as he started to shove his tongue further and further into her, his fingers now rubbing her clit.

He inched up so one of his hands could play with her nipples and the other reached down to her cunt. He removed his tongue from her replaced it with his finger. As his mouth clamped down on her clit again, he pushed his finger inside her. She moaned out loud with ecstasy and could feel her orgasm building. He continued to finger fuck her, whilst one hand was playing with nipples and his tongue played with her clit. She felt her muscles begin to clench and moaned out loud, again and again whilst wave after of wave of pleasure crashed through her. She lay back, exhausted and satiated.

He sat back on his ankles and looked at her, splayed across the bed. Her cheeks flushed and her raven hair behind her in a mess. She smiled up at him and his erect cock.

‘You haven’t nearly finished yet.’ His cock jumped at the excitement in her eyes. He pulled her by the ankles towards him and flipped her on to her front. ‘I’m gonna fuck you until you come, screaming and not being able to walk straight.’ Scarlett frowned at his words; there was an insinuation in his voice that she didn’t like. But she dismissed it, as he pushed his cock into her pussy from behind. She whimpered slightly. He was big and he stretched her pussy, almost painfully. He felt it and almost came on the spot. He pulled slowly and fucked her until her pussy gave way. As he picked up speed, Michael pulled her upright, still fucking her from behind and played with her clit. She groaned as his fingers rubbed her and his massive cock fucked her, hitting isveçbahis yeni giriş the edge of her cervix. Scarlett felt another orgasm building straight away and just as she was about to hit release, Michael pulled out.

She cried out in loss and turned round to see him walking away. His cock was glistening with her cum as he bent over his suitcase. She craned to see what he was looking for. As he stood up, she felt the blood drain from her face.

He was holding two lengths of rope, one in each hand.

‘Hope you don’t mind being tied up.’ He grinned at her, the glint in his eye now turning slightly sour. She scrambled backwards but had nowhere to go. He launched across the bed and grabbed both her hands. She screamed and kicked him, but he was too strong, the muscles now taking on a darker meaning. Michael straddled her body, holding both wrists together as he tied her to the bedstead.

‘I’m not going to hurt you.’ Michael said looking down at Scarlett’s terrified face. ‘I think you forget that as your boss, I can check your internet history. And especially the sort of stories you read. Tying up, control, reluctance are some of your most visited. But I promise, I won’t do anything you don’t want to do. If you really do want to get out, say ‘red’ and I’ll let you out.’ He leant down to kiss her, feeling her heartbeat slow.

Scarlett tried to drag the word ‘red’ out of her, but she couldn’t. He was right, this had been one of her ultimate fantasies, controlled by someone she wanted, who would respect her wishes and wouldn’t push the boundaries. She kissed him back, feeling his tongue. She felt another wave of ecstasy as she tried to move her hands to his back but remembering they were stuck above her head.

He tutted at her. ‘No moving, you’re all mine now.’ He pushed himself upright, so he was hovering above her and guided his cock towards her opening. He touched it to her and she jolted downwards, trying to welcome him in.

He pulled away. ‘No, this is now out of your control, you can’t do anything.’ He kissed her again, softly, teasingly and moved his cock towards her pussy. He pushed the head of his cock through her opening and she gasped. He pulled straight back out again. She whimpered again at the loss, keenly feeling how close she had come before to exploding. He grinned at her and she felt a wave of pleasure as his cock pushed further in, past her opening, right to her g-spot. She squirmed as he swivelled his hips, so he touched it over and over again. Almost within seconds, she was close to the brink, but he kept pulling out, leaving her feel hollow and empty. She realised he was doing this to stop himself from coming.

‘I want your come.’ She whispered. He froze and looked down at her.

‘What?’ He frowned.

‘I want your come.’ She said, slightly louder. He looked at her for a second and then rammed his cock into her pussy. She almost screamed as felt the brink.

‘Say it again.’ He murmured as one hand held her breast the other, round her side, whilst he made his cock twitch inside her.

‘I want you to fucking come in me now!’ She half shouted, not even caring if the people next door heard.

He grinned at her, and started fucking her as hard and as fast as possible. Scarlett came again, screaming as she did, wave after wave of heat rushing through her. She looked up at him and knew from his look that he was close too.

‘Where do you want me?’ He whispered.

‘Inside me.’ She bit her lip at him which pushed over the edge. She felt his come in her pussy, pushing her towards another orgasm. He collapsed on top of her, contracting, breathing her scent in, sweat, perfume and come, mixed together. He reached up and untied her from the bed. He pulled out of her and wrapped her in his arms, kissing her wrists.


They both woke up at the same time, the next morning. She glanced at him and grinned. A slightly cheeky grin that made him reach over and kisses her again.

As they were getting dressed, she had one thought running through her mind. Before she left, she turned to him.

‘So, how do we act now?’ She questioned him, one hand on the doorknob. Michael looked up and saw her, slightly dishevelled, gorgeously sexy and nervous. ‘Do we pretend it never happened and go back to boss and employee?’

Michael heard the quiver in her voice. ‘At work, yes. We have to be professional.’ He saw her lip start to quiver and quickly added, ‘But outside of work… that’s up to you.’

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