A Chance Encounter Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

To Lee, for reminding me to write what I like to write, instead of what some bimbo wants.

Ken had been on duty for nine of his ten-hour shift. As a police officer in a major city, he had just about seen it all and done it all. This particular day had not been any fun. With calls backed up, he had been running from one call to another from the moment he first got onto his police motorcycle. He had been assigned to the traffic division for over 5 years, a job that he was more than happy with. A typical ‘motor officer’, he was dressed in the usual attire, skin tight lycra pants, knee high leather boots, helmet and the customary dark Ray Ban sunglasses. Most motor cops were prima donnas and Ken was no exception. He actually did look good in uniform. But this was one of those days that every citizen contact had seemed to either go bad or the citizen was rude and hostile.

While sitting and finishing a report on his motorcycle, he glanced up and was amazed to see a new model car run a red light. Most people run red lights by ‘almost’ making it through. They think it was a yellow light, but from the straight on angle, it is obvious that the light was red. Ken wanted to just sit there and finish his report; he was already several reports behind. But when everyone around him turned and waited for him to zoom off after the offender, Ken decided that he had to stop the traffic violator. Switching on his emergency lights, he pulled out into traffic behind the new model car.

After several minutes of trying to get the car to pull over, he had to turn on his siren. Only then did the driver of the car even acknowledge that he was aware of Ken’s police unit. Pulling to the curb behind the car, Ken got off and cautiously approached the violator. The red light violation had been so blatant that Ken was expecting the usual irate male, late for some trivial appointment. He was shocked to see that the driver was a very attractive female. But she was also a very irate female.

“What the fuck did I do?” she demanded, glaring at Ken. “Well…” her words trailed off. She wasn’t even going to give him a second to answer her question.

“Lady, the reason I stopped you.” was all that he could get out before she started again.

“Well, what did I do? Tell me, I don’t have all day.” She was about as hostile as she could get. Obviously, something was making her day about as bad for her as Ken’s day was for him.

He couldn’t help but notice that she was very attractive. She had short dark hair, which was one of Ken’s favorite looks on a woman. Her clothing didn’t help matters any. Even though sitting in a car, Ken could tell that she was obviously tall. Her long legs were wrapped in skintight blue jeans, and her short white tank top barely covered her large breasts. The tank top looked as if it had been spray-painted on her. He could even make out the small nipples under the soft fabric. Ken also had a fascination with bare stomachs and this lady’s was very bare and very nice. Her dark suntan was obvious on her arms, shoulders and stomach. She had a very small and delicate piece of jewelry through a belly button piercing. This was another curiosity that Ken loved. As a cop, he wasn’t allowed to have any piercings that could be seen by the public. One way to get around that policy was to have piercings that did not show. And the frenum piercing on the underside of his cock definitely did not show under his uniform pants. Just the vibration of the motorcycle engine kept him about half swollen all day.

“Whoa, hold up a second lady. Let me see your driver’s license and proof of insurance.” He stood firmly, glaring at her. What he wanted to say to her and what he actually said to her were two worlds apart. What he really wanted to do was pull her out of the car through the vent window, then show her what purpose a nightstick was for. Giving her a good demonstration of nightstick versus human skull. But that was usually on television, and not in regular life. Taking a deep breath, he stepped back away from her car.

She just glared at him, obviously upset at something prior to the traffic stop. The look on her face was a glare, even though he could not see her eyes behind the dark sunglasses.

“Well, I’m waiting.” She demanded, still staring at him. After a few moments of silence, she reached over and got her driver’s license and insurance from her purse. As Ken stood inspecting the driver’s license picture and the insurance, she took a long look at the authority figure that had stopped her. She thought to herself that he looked pretty good for being a cop. From behind her sunglasses she isveçbahis could pretty well take in all of the man standing by her car, without him knowing that she was visually examining him. Even though he looked like something out of Star Wars with his helmet and sunglasses, she could see that he was well built. He looked to be about 6 feet tall with a muscular build. The one thing she couldn’t help notice was the bulge that was obvious under the soft lycra pants. This guy was huge. The bulge under his uniform pants was sticking outward, very large and rounded, as if his pants couldn’t contain the fleshy meat under them. He wasn’t hard or erect, but there was so much there that she wondered how he could even tuck all of it inside the pants. A slight smile started across her face. She began to wonder if the traffic stop might not be a bad thing after all.

He was still looking over her papers when he announced that he would be back in a minute. He then turned and walked back to his motorcycle. At his motorcycle, Ken ran the standard check on her license, confirming that she was a valid driver and that there were no ‘wants or warrants’ on her. He always documented his contacts for future reference. On a pad, he wrote down the name Misty Wulf, as well as her address and DL number. Just being away from her for a minute seemed to relax him a bit. Besides, it wasn’t that long till he got off from work. He hoped that he could just make it a little longer.

Walking back to her car, he could see that she was watching him in her rearview mirror. “Damn,” he thought to himself, he hated it when traffic violators were this attractive, not to mention this well built.

By the time he reached her driver’s window, her mood had changed somewhat. He didn’t know it, but her observance of his large bulging attributes had put her mind into a different state. She was more than interested in seeing the bulge again. His mood had also changed, wanting to get a better look at the sexy woman sitting in the new model car.

“The reason that I stopped you was because you ran a red light at that last intersection,” he said, trying to smile. “Did you even notice the light?” Meanwhile, still behind the dark sunglasses he was noticing that her small nipples had grown considerably in size. They were very large nipples and were standing out hard against the cotton top. On such a warm day, he wondered what had changed their appearance.

“I’m sorry officer. No, I didn’t notice the light. I’ve been having a bad day and just trying to get home. I should be paying more attention,” she said softly with a smile. Meanwhile her eyes were hidden behind the dark sunglasses. She was taking in the view of him just as much as he was taking in the view of her. She couldn’t help but notice that the bulge inside the skintight pants seemed to have grown. He was massive. She found herself wondering just how big he was. Misty had an intense liking for large males. This one was larger than the normal ‘large’ male. She was intrigued. What she really wanted was a more up-close and personal examination of him.

From behind his sunglasses, he was now examining every inch of her upper body. The skin on the top of her breasts was smooth and dark. A creamy texture that was sure to extend down her body. Ken found himself staring at the nipples, which were now sticking out, almost as if begging for attention. And that beautiful bare stomach was more than he could stand, not to mention the skintight jeans on her long legs.

“Since you’ve been having a bad day and since I’ve been having a bad day, I’m going to let you go. Consider this a warning. You might want to pay more attention to your surroundings, it might be to your benefit,” he told her, trying to sound firm.

“Oh believe me, I’m paying attention to my surroundings,” she said smiling, her head nodding downward looking straight out at his belt buckle. It was obvious to Ken that she was looking directly at his crotch. He could feel his face flush red as he watched her. She looked back up at him, smiling. “I’m sorry you’re having a bad day. Maybe I could make it up to you. What if I bought you a cup of coffee or a drink?” She casually licked her bottom lip as she ended the sentence.

“Ummm, that is tempting but against policy,” he quickly added. He could feel himself beginning to get hard as her gaze dropped again down to his crotch. His face flushed again. “Besides, I don’t get off for another 45 minutes.”

“I didn’t mean anything by that. I just meant that I could easily be sitting at that restaurant down the street if you happened by.” She smiled broadly at isveçbahis giriş him. She could feel her own juices beginning to collect behind her tight pussy. She knew that her nipples were giving her away, becoming so hard and erect against the cotton top.

He stood there for a moment as if thinking about the offer. “We’ll see,” he said, quickly giving her back her driver’s license and insurance. At least he smiled back at her, taking in one last look at those gorgeous tits. He knew that if he stood there any longer, he would be fully erect. He figured that she had already noticed that part of him. With that, he turned and walked back to his motorcycle. Starting the motorcycle back up, he could see that she was watching him in her rearview mirror. He then turned around and drove off.

The more he thought about her, the more he couldn’t get that white tank top and the skin tight blue jeans out of his mind. She was what he would refer to as delicious. And he was always attracted to shorthaired brunettes. One hour later he was pulling the police motorcycle into the restaurant parking lot. He could see her car in the parking lot.

Entering the restaurant he saw her sitting in a booth. Almost hesitantly he walked over to her. Sitting in the booth, she looked different than she did in the car. She looked even better. Her tan was so dark, something that he loved in women. She had already ordered, two cups of coffee sitting on the table. At the very least, she was confident in herself.

“Hi, I didn’t know if you would be here or not,” he said, smiling at her and taking off his helmet and sunglasses.

“How could I resist? I wanted to see more.” her words trailed off as her gaze shifted to the obvious bulge in his uniform pants. She was smiling again. Again his face flushed.

“So, you know my name, what do I call you?” she said as she stirred her coffee.

“Ken. My friends call me Ken,” he said as he scooted into the booth across from her. She did look fabulous.

There were several minutes of small talk as they got to know each other a little better. She even apologized for her initial behavior when she was stopped. And she also thanked him for not writing her a ticket.

“So what made you decide to invite me for coffee,” he asked looking at her intently.

“Oh, I think we’re both here for the same reason. You do know what I mean,” she said, returning his gaze.

His face immediately flushed red. He was really starting to get tired of the facial flushing that she was causing. Normally he didn’t have this kind of reaction when approached by a woman. This one was different. She was definitely pushing his buttons, the ones under his uniform pants.

Smiling back at her, “Oh, and what reason is that?” If she was going to be this bold, he might as well make the best of it. She was now looking down, running her finger around the top of her coffee cup, obviously a nervous response. He let his eyes glance down at the fleshy mounds covered by the soft cotton fabric. Her nipples were once again standing upright, hard and obvious. Enjoying them for a moment, he was embarrassed to look up and see her staring at him.

“Do you like what you see?” she said, almost with a glare on her face. She didn’t look happy and she was waiting for an answer.

“Definitely. They are fabulous. I’m sorry for being rude, it’s uncalled for,” he softly replied, looking down.

She immediately stood up, picking up her purse, still glaring at him. “That’s ok, I’m pretty use to men staring at me.” She then moved to his side of the booth and quickly slid in beside him. Scooting in closer, she sat with her body pressed up against his side. His shock was obvious as he tried to scoot further into the small booth, but there was nowhere to go.

“I said I’m pretty use to it. I didn’t say that I liked it. But I might make an exception in this case,” she said, her left hand moving across her and dropping into his lap. He sat bolt upright, almost knocking over his coffee cup. “Like I said, I think that we’re both here for the same reason.” She was only inches from his face, looking into his eyes. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

Slowly recovering he looked at her, “I would say that you’re correct. What do you have in mind?”

“You might say that I love the male form. Actually, it’s more like I love cocks. I like all shapes and sizes, colors, cut, uncut, thick, thin, long, short, you name it. And what I like most of all is cum. I love cum.” Saying this, she had leaned in closer to his face. Her hand was now softly cupping the growing bulge under his pants. He was isveçbahis yeni giriş already large enough that she could feel the difference between his cock’s shaft and the head. Her fingers were beginning to move softly, encouraging it to grow. The encouragement was more than working.

“So what you’re saying is that you are a cum loving cock slut? Does that about sum it up?” He was almost upset by her boldness but couldn’t help but notice the effect her hand was having on his body.

She glanced down, but kept her hand on him. “No, that doesn’t sum it up. I do love cocks and cum. But I’m not a slut. You’re saying it to me does sound erotic, but I don’t even date that much, let alone sleep around. Honestly, I do very little dating.

“Based on what you’re doing right now, I would beg to differ.” He could feel that his cock was fully erect, throbbing from her gentle squeezing. He was aroused but didn’t feel like going home with such a bold woman. He just wasn’t use to this approach. “You’re hand is in my lap and you’re telling me that you don’t do much sexually?”

“I can’t be anymore serious. Believe me, I have never done this type of thing before. I swear. You don’t have to believe me, but today, was just one of those days. The mood hit me and I thought, why not? I’ve never been assertive, never been this bold. I just wanted to meet with you and see where it went. I’ll leave if you want me to.” By this point, her hand was resting on his cock, but she had stopped all movement. She couldn’t believe it, but he was bigger than she had imagined. She didn’t want to give up now.

Starting to ease out of the booth, Misty moved away from him. As her hand left his lap, she felt him grab her hand, softly. He placed it back on his hard cock. “Hold on, I wasn’t trying to run you off. I was just having a hard time believing that you could love cocks and cum and not be fucking everything that walked. I am sorry for calling you a slut.

“Don’t be sorry. I’m not a slut, but the way you said it did tend to get me going. I mean going in a good way. I’m so hot right now that I can’t stand it.” Her hand now started back up, gently squeezing his cock through the pants. Her squeezing was slightly more insistent.

Leaning over close to his ear, she whispered, “I want to see it. I would love to play with it. If you’re game.”

“I’m more than game. But I’m warning you, there might be a little more there than you’re bargaining for.”

“Ummm, now you’re teasing me.” Her hand squeezed him hard, making him jump. “I live just a few minutes away, can you give me fifteen minutes? Besides, judging by the size of that thing, you might need the 15 minutes to relax.”

“Fifteen minutes it is. I’ll be there.”

“You have to promise me something, that you’ll talk dirty to me,” she said, eyeing him carefully. She was waiting for a reaction from him. When he smiled back at her, she knew that he would do it. “Sometimes the vocal is just as important as the physical. Does that make sense?”

“Totally. I think I can handle that,” he said, still with the same odd grin on his face.

“If you can handle that, then I can handle this,” she said, squeezing his thick cock real hard. It was hard enough that it caused him to jump. But at the same time, he moaned softly.

“If you can handle me being rough to you, then I expect you to be rough with me.”

She stood up from the table and quickly wrote down her address on a napkin. She leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. A minute later she was quickly leaving the parking lot. Ross sat there, trying to think of anything but her hand on him.

Arriving at her home, Misty literally ran up the stairs and pulled off her jeans. She wanted to clean up, change clothes, and straighten up her apartment. She then decided that there wasn’t enough time. Tossing her jeans into the closet, she quickly started picking up things in her bedroom, then moved her attention to the living room. It had barely seemed like a few minutes when she heard the doorbell. Glancing at a clock, she realized that it had been just over 15 minutes.

Moving toward the door, she happened to catch a glimpse of herself in the full-length mirror. She was embarrassed to see that she was only wearing a white cotton thong and her white tank top. She had been so busy straightening up that she had neglected to put anything else on. She didn’t mind the site of her almost nude body, since she was confident in her looks. It just bothered her that she had been so intent on getting things done that she had forgotten to change. She laughed thinking to herself that she was losing it. Well, maybe not losing it. She could feel the wetness between her thighs.

“Not much I can do now. Besides, this is the body that he was looking at, I might as well get him started quickly.” She then opened the door.

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