A Backwoods Tale

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Readers; some of my best friends are genuine redneck or hillbilly folks. I even have some redneck/hillbilly blood running through my veins. I have the highest respect for these people, so hopefully, I won’t be making offense with this fairytale story. The circumstances and dialogue here may be a little bit exaggerated. I’d like to preface this tale by saying that much of the grammatical errors (word spellings, tenses, double negatives, etc) are purely intentional. For argument’s sake, I do know how to write right but herein I decided to write wrong.


Time: August 17, 1935

Place: Depression Era Appalachian hills

Today is my birthday. I’m now a full-growed fella of 21 years in age. I was born and raised right here in these Smoky Mountain backwoods hills. I reckon I’m right proud of my Appalachian heritage. My folks have lived in these hills for countless generations. Some ‘outside-folks’ might call us ignorant redneck-hillbillies, but as far as I’m concerned, they can just kiss my lily-white ass!

I had just woke up and I had to pee real bad, so just naturally, I jumped outta bed shirtless and barefooted and headed for the outhouse. We got what is called a ‘two-holer’. Two folks can pee or shit sitting side-by-side. I’m here to tell you that outhouses smell like hot turds in the good old summertime, but I reckon when that’s all you got you get used to it.

It’s a good thing that we’ve got us a two-holer because when I opened the door somebody was sitting on one of them holes. Well heck, I just couldn’t hold my piss any longer, so I went on in.

My sister, who is 18, was sitting there peeing. She had her yellow summer- dress hiked clear up over her waist. I seen at first glance that the barefooted gal didn’t have on no underwear. I went ahead and pulled my pants down to my knees, held my pecker out, and started peeing.

Now, I know that ‘pecker’ ain’t the right word for that dangly thing hanging between my legs. I’d heard other guys talking, so I knew that it’s really called a ‘cock’ and that thing between a gal’s legs is called a ‘pussy’. I ain’t ignorant. Now that I’m 21, I reckon I ought to use the word ‘cock’.

So, I stood there holding my cock with my sister watching me pee and I knowed that the gal could see every inch of my meaty bone. Just for curiosity’s sake, I measured it onct and it reached way out to the 7-inch mark on the yardstick I was using.

That cockbone of mine always gets big and hard whenever I hold it to pee. It was special big this morning with me standing there beside my sister. Why, I was looking right at that pussy between her legs! I reckoned that the sight of her pussy was hardening my cock!

I said that I wasn’t ignorant, but maybe I wasn’t being 100 percent correct. My pa says that we live so far back into the deep woods that they have to truck in sunshine. Right now I was wishing that the sunshine truck had brought in a little bit of learning lessons about the differences betwixt male and female bodies. At my advanced age, I outta know more about gals than I did! Goodness, I reckon I’d been too sheltered from the ways of nature! My sis had been, too.

I stood there studying that pussy of my sister’s with my eyes and my mind. Why it was a real pretty one, it was! It was all puffed-up and mounded real nice. The gal was using her fingers to hold it open so she could pee. I seen a pretty pointy-thing sticking out proud-like. I had been told about how that particular female thing was called a ‘clit’. Now, that gal’s clit was real fine looking, too.

I was so busy looking at that pretty pussy and clit, that I didn’t hear when my sister said something. So, she repeated it. She looked right at my cock and said, “Jimmie, I said that’s a real nice one you’ve got there in your hands!”

Well, that was a shocker she’d say a thing like that, but her words made me feel real proud-like and warm. My cock growed a little bigger and harder. At 7-inches long it was full man-growed, but I was for sure surprised by its quick-swelling, extra-tight hardness. Why, it seemed like my manpole was showing off itself just because a gal was looking at it!

I reckoned that my sister knowed I was looking at her pussy, so I let her know what I thought about it. I said, “Thanks Janie, I’m glad you like my cock. I like your pussy, too! I reckon it is the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. Lordy, I like it a lot!”

Right then and there, I decided I wanted to tease the gal a little bit. Why I like teasing my sister more than anything in this world! So I said, “I still like your pussy, even though it’s broke!”

Well, the gal had a look of puzzlement come to her eyes. She spoke in startled surprise, “What do you mean ‘even though it’s broke’? Why, Jimmie, my pussy ain’t broke!”

I knowed I’d get a quick reaction out of that gal. This redheaded sister of mine was quick-tempered at times, but I went ahead and teased her some more anyways. I was smiling with mischief celtabet giriş when I said, “Why, Janie gal, it is so broke! It’s got a great big crack running right up the middle!”

A big grin broke out on the gal’s face. She giggled and laughed. Best of all, she didn’t get mad. She knowed I was just teasing. She teased me right back by saying, “I reckon my pussy is cracked, but that don’t hurt it none. You sure are looking at it a lot with bug-eyed stares! Besides, your cock ain’t perfect neither. It’s got a big hole right in the end of it!”

It was now my turn to giggle and laugh. I winked at her and said, “Gal, that’s my pee-hole and you damn-well know it! But, that’s not all that can come out of it. I can shoot out milky-white cream from it, too!”

Another startled look appeared on the gal’s face. She spoke with disbelief in her voice, “Oh no, you can not! You ain’t no milk-cow and you cain’t shoot out cream! Whoever heard the like? You’re just funning me again, ain’t you?”

When I answered the gal, I took every hint of a giggle out of my voice. I said, “Oh yes, I can and I ain’t kidding! I bet you I can prove it!”

That gal answered real quick, “Ok mister, you go ahead and prove it! I bet it cain’t be done! What do you want to bet? There’s no way I can loose this wager!”

Well, I thought about it for a minute before answering. I then thought of something special I wanted. I was looking at her pussy when I said, “If I win the bet, you’ll have to give me what I want for my birthday. If I don’t win, then I’ll give you a 5 dollar bill.”

The eager gal quickly reached for my hand and shook it to seal the deal. She sealed it further by saying, “Ok mister, you’ve got a deal, but what is it you want for your birthday? I ain’t got no money to buy nothing. Do you want something homemade? I can do that.”

I answered her with a sly grin on my face, “Yep, I guess you could say that what I want would be ‘homemade’. It wouldn’t cost a dime. What I want for my 21th birthday is to fuck you! I ain’t never had my cock inside a gal’s pussy before, but I hear tell it’s a lot of fun. And Janie, I’d rather fuck you than any other gal I know!”

That gal’s eyes got real biglike and glisteny. I guess my words were a shocker to her. But when she spoke, she was the one with shocking words, “Oh Jimmie, I think that would be a fine birthday present for me to give to you! I wish I’d thought of it when I had my 18th birthday last month. I would have asked you to fuck me as a present. I’ve been wanting to do it with you, so even if I loose this bet, I’ll still let you fuck me! But, I won’t loose, because there ain’t no way in this world you can make cream come out of your big cock!”

Those were real comforting words. I was glad that she wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted to fuck her. Now it was time for me to either ‘shit-or-get-off-the-pot’ and I was thinking what better place than a shithouse to do it? It was time for me to prove up on my bet.

I moved until I was standing in front of the gal. I stood between her legs with my pants pulled down to my ankles. I didn’t have on shoes or a shirt, so I just stepped out of the pants and underwear. I was completely nekid!

Now, back here in the hills, we got ourselves a notion about the difference betwixt the words ‘naked’ and ‘nekid’. If you ain’t got no clothes on then you’re naked. If you ain’t got no clothes on and you’re up to something fun-loving and wicked then you’re nekid!

So, nekid I was and nekid I felt! I looked at my sister and said, “Sis, I need your help for a minute. I need for you to play with my cock. Maybe you can kiss it or suck it or something like that.”

Well, the gal took me at my word and she didn’t need any further instruction. Letting nature be her guide, she grabbed hold of my cock with both hands then she squeezed, and she pulled, and she tugged. My erection was even stiffer than before. My cockhead popped in and out from its hiding place inside her hands. Janie gasped, “Oh my God, Jimmie it’s so pretty! It’s so big and hard! I didn’t know it’d be this much fun to play with! Oh, wow, I love it!”

Just to prove her point, the gal squirmed around and dropped down on her knees in front of me. With my cock in her hands, she leaned over and kissed it then she kissed it again. Her kisses went up and down the elongated cockshaft. She reached down for the hem of her yellow summer-dress and pulled it up and over her head. Not only did she not have on panties, she had no bra on either. She too was now completely jaybird nekid!

I looked down and saw my sister’s tender, young titties. They were not very big at all. Each one would probably fit snuggly inside a good sized coffee mug. Even though they wasn’t all that big, they were surely nice tits to look at! They had cute little pointy, dime-sized nipples budding out. Them buds was rosy-pink with pale-pink, quarter-size areola frames circling around them.

I watched celtabet yeni giriş as that gal leaned forward and wrapped my cock in a firm tittie-hold. She used her hands to squeeze my shaft in a soft, warm tittie-vise. My horny-hard erection felt like it was resting on billowy pillows in tittie-heaven.

The gal then did something that made my cock shiver with joy and quiver with excitement. She released my shaft from her tittie-grip and grabbed it again with both hands. She touched my peehole with the tender tip of her tongue. The fiery touch ignited an inferno of lust within my mind. Her moisturized tongue found the sensitive orb of my cockhead then it made a circular odyssey of discovery around this sphere.

My cockcream was boiling and churning inside my ballsack. I looked down to see an unbelievable sight as my cockhead and half of the elongated shaft disappeared into the gal’s ravenous mouth. She licked and she sucked furiously. This cock-hungry female gobbled, she slurped, and she played her kissy-licky meat-eating games.

Time flew by in a flurry of glorious bliss. Lordy, I’d never imagined anything could feel so good! My swollen erection pulsated with fast-racing blood. When I knew I could stand no more, I grabbed two hands full of the gal’s long, curly, fiery-red hair. I had to stop her. Damn, I was about ready to blow!

As I tugged back viciously on the gal’s hair, I whispered a scream, “Oh, goddamn Janie, you’ve got to let me get my cock out of your mouth! Oh, shit that feels good, but you’ve got to let go! If you don’t, I will choke you to death with my cockcream! Oh, it’s coming out now…!”

It was almost too late. I pulled the gal’s head away from my cock just as the thick, gooey cream began to spurt. The first pressurized shot hit her bottom lip and her chin. The next shots sprayed her tender titties and nipples. Instinctively, as orgasms wreaked their glorious havoc all over my body, the gal kept on pumping my shaft. More of my cream gushed out and splashed onto her nekid nubile flesh.

My cock-loving sister refused to give up on the meaty shaft she was milking. This gal’s country-girl hands pumped and jerked with an energetic zeal born of lust. Just when I thought I could never in my life have another orgasm, I spasmed as one hit me hard!

Suddenly, the pumping and tugging stopped. My proud, masculine penile rod was slowly softening and my testicle sack was empty. Every last drop of cockcream in me had been milked out!

I was now so weak in the knees that I fell back on my ass onto the outhouse seat. I looked at the female kneeling before me. She was looking at herself. The gal’s nekid body was glistening with soaking-wet juices. Cockcream dripped from her chin, her titties, and her nipples.

Grabbing, handfuls of tissue from a roll on the wall, I handed some to my sis. Together, we tried our best to clean up some of the mess we’d made. I felt a little guilty. Had I let this thing go too far?

Janie’s giggles and laughter seemed to answer that question. Her words confirmed it, “Jimmie, why I reckon you won that bet! You ‘can’ make cream come out of that hole in your cock!”

I grabbed the gal and pulled her onto my lap and I hugged her tight. I kissed her cheek then I kissed her mouth. I kissed her again right smack-dab on her lips. She kissed me right back. My tongue touched her lips and hers touched mine. We kissed again, this time with moistened wet lips. My tongue slipped into her mouth. Her tongue licked mine and mine licked hers. Our tongues teased and played with each other. Without knowing what we were really doing, we tongue-fucked each others mouth.

I hugged my nekid sister tighter then broke off the mouth-to-mouth tongue-fucking. I had to tell her how I felt. My words were a husky whisper, “Janie babe, I never had no gal to kiss me like this. Your kisses sure are sweet. And babe, I never ever knowed anything could feel as good as what you just did to my cock! Why, I never had no gal mouth-suck my cock! You sure did a mighty-fine job of it! You’re the best cocksucker I ever met!”

That gal giggled and her voice sang as she replied, “Jimmie, I’m glad I did it right. I wasn’t sure if I was. I ain’t never done it before, but I’d like to do it again! So, I’ll tell you this; anytime you want that nice cock sucked you just stick it out for me! I’ll take care of that job for you. And Jimmie, speaking of jobs, it seems like I owe you a fucking! I ain’t never done that before neither, but I been wanting to do it. When do you want to collect on our bet?”

I was the one to giggle now and I kissed her again. I kissed her right on her sweet, hot, cocksucking mouth then whispered, “Babe, after breakfast I’ll find us a place where I can collect my fuck, but Janie, I owe you something first. I owe you a pussysucking with my mouth and I’m going to give it to you right now!”

I switched around and sat my sis on the seat then I knelt between celtabet güvenilirmi her legs. I collected me a couple more sweet, wet kisses from the gal’s puffy-pink lips. That mouth of hers was sure an amazing thing. It was a real nice mouth for kissing and it was a good one for tongue-fucking, but it was best as a ‘special-pleasure’ mouth for cocksucking. I’m just the fella that ought to know about each and every one of this gal’s fine oral qualities!

Pushing Janie back against the shithouse wall, I pulled her hips out and took a good look at them titties of hers. I’d never seen titties this close-up before today. Hers might not be all that big, but they was mighty pretty. My hands found them and started playing merrily. I squeezed and tugged and pulled on the beautiful baubles. I liked the way the two nipples perked-up and got pointy-stiff. I reached over to suck on one then I sucked the other. I might have been a little rough because them pink nubs was getting a little bit red, but Janie wasn’t complaining, so I kept on going.

I reckon I touched every inch of them two tasty-tit peaches. I kissed them, and licked them, and sucked on them. They sure was sweet to taste though there was a bit of a sticky-salty flavor to them. I finally figured it was probably the taste of some of the cockcream that had covered the titties when that gal gave me the cocksucking. I guess we didn’t wipe it all off.

Speaking of sucking, I still hadn’t given Janie that pussysucking I’d promised. I started in on that job, but first I first took a good look at that pretty pussymound. It was the nicest, most glorious nekid female flesh my eyes had ever seen. Them outer pussylips was puffed and mounded-up real proud-like.

Some kinda inborn reckoning told me that Janie had started in on her monthly bleeding cycles a few years ago. Why, with maturity’s blessings, that pretty pussy of hers had sprouted a nice bush of curly red hair on it! Still, there surely was a whole lotta pussymound bare and exposed for my eyes to see. I knowed my eyes were sure feasting on the sight.

I just had to touch that precious pussy staring me in the eyes. I grabbed a heaping handful, first with one hand and then the other. My fingers just naturally began to squeeze, and pull, and play.

I knowed that Janie was trying to lay still, but her hips was wiggling a little and her breathing was gitting faster. I looked up and she smiled at me. She spoke with a smile in her voice, “Jimmie, that’s sure a pleasurable feeling.”

I smiled back at her and replied, “Janie, gal, that ain’t nothing yet. I ain’t even started in on your pussysucking! But honey, I’m getting ready to do it right now.”

And, that’s just exactly what I did. I leaned over and kissed that puffy pussy. I kissed it right on the crack of the lips. I then kissed the outside pussylips. I kissed the tender flesh between the pussy and her thigh. I kissed each side of the bushy pussymound.

Next, I used my tongue and followed the path my mouth had taken. I licked the pussylips and the soft inner thighs. I licked the pussyslit that concealed the clit. By now that pussymound was firm and stiff with sexual arousal.

Finally, I spread the swollen pussylips and exposed the clit. Why, my eyes beheld a magnificent jewel that bedazzled them! Up until this morning, I’d never even seen a clit. With six younger sisters, I’d had occasional peeks at pussies, yet I’d never seen a clit! I was awestruck by the splendorous sight. It was love at first sight!

Just to prove this point, I kissed that clit and then I licked it. My lips closed around it. I sucked, I pulled, and I tugged. I licked, and tickled, and teased. I was becoming lost in some kinda pussyclit intoxication. I touched the tip of my tongue to the gal’s peehole. I couldn’t gain entry because the hole was just too small.

Although, I was sexually inexperienced, I knew that somewhere down there Janie had another hole. I’d been told that gals have pussyholes. This hole would be a lot bigger than a peehole. Suddenly, my tongue found it and the fact of me finding it was an absolute accident!

My tongue was slippery-wet from pussy and clit kissing, sucking, and licking. I had explored lower down inside the spread-open pussymound. Suddenly, my slippery tongue plunged tip-first into an opening. Why, it sank into a warm, inviting vaginal cavity! Having found a comforting home inside, my slicky mouthcock twirled around and around testing and tasting.

Janie’s hips were wiggling and squirming. She had a handhold on my head and her fingernails were digging in. That gal found her voice and whispered, “Ooh, ooh, ooh, Jimmie… What’s happening? Ooh, goodness… Ooh, my God, that feels good! Ooh, wow, I love it!”

I stopped and pulled my head back for a few seconds. I wanted to see the hole where my tongue had gotten lost. All I could see was the entrance so I pushed and Janie spread her legs wider. I spread her pussylips wider, too. It was then my eyes saw pink! The opening to this gal’s pussyhole was a pretty pink in color! It was a scorching-hot, dazzling pink! It was the most amazing color combination my eyes had ever seen. This was surely the prettiest, pink pussyhole I’d ever see in all my living days!

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