20 Years Later Ch. 01

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Our previous relationship was one of bar flirtations with friends present, afterwork hook-ups, and incredibly hot sex.

There were shenanigans. Dating others. Taking each other for granted. We were never really a couple.

But it was always fucking hot. The flare of your hips. The tattoo on the small of your back. The strength of your grip on my arms and back. The look in your eyes. All forever etched in my memory.

There was the time you spent the night with me at my parents’ place while they were away. I was so sore from our night and the following morning that walking in jeans hurt.

On several occasions I left your place in the hills with rug burns on my knees because we never made it to your bed.

We had crazy AIM sex across different Continents. I’m sure you said things that you wouldn’t today – or maybe you would? It was graphic, dirty, and sent me to the office bathroom on at least one occasion. As I think it through, even though it was 2am your time (and 10am mine), I don’t think it was just wine talking. We just had amazing chemistry, even if our non-naked interactions were sometimes a bit rough.

After one of our nights together, you told me over the phone that you could see my hand prints on your ass from my spanking you while we fucked the night before. I apologized for getting carried away and you told me not to be sorry – that seeing it turned you on. And that you kept looking at the marks. I would never hurt you. But your response always intrigued me.

20 years later…


We meet for dinner. My first inclination was to isvecbahis revisit old haunts – somewhere on the Ave followed by an Irish bar.

But this is new, so I want it to be different.

I’m eager, and already seated at a table in a loud, SF restaurant when you arrive. I watch as you talk to the hostess, turn and walk towards me she points you to the table – your skirt contouring to your fantastic hips, and a tight v neck sweater showing off the rest of your beautiful curves. We both smile and as our eyes meet. You sit, order a n/a beer and look at me. I’m self-conscious drinking wine, even though I know you don’t care.

Conversation flows but is superficial. We’ll have great conversations in the future, but tonight it’s random babbling. We both know what the night ahead holds and we’re torturing ourselves. I order the first thing on the menu, not having the focus to mull over options. We make quick work of dinner and pass on desert.

As we wait for the check that seems to never arrive, you excuse yourself to use the restroom. I smile to myself, feeling my pants stir as I watch your ass disappear around the end of the bar to the restroom. I pull out my phone and text you. “Take your panties off and hand them to me when you come out”. I know they are small, lacy, and will be easy to exchange as we hold hands across the table.

When you return, the check is out of the way and I head to the men’s room briefly to examine my prize and inhale your scent. It drives me crazy.

We walk outside, and I pull you around the side of the building. Pinning you to the old brick isveçbahis giriş wall. Kissing you passionately. The noise and lights of the city disappear. I kiss your neck, holding the back of your head with one hand and grabbing your ass with my other. Your body is warm and feels fantastic. I drop my hand from your ass to just above your knee on your leg, and slide it up, bunching your skirt. Feeling more heat with every inch.

We hear footsteps and compose ourselves as a valet runs around the corner to retrieve a car. Deciding it’s time to move on, we hop in a cab.

After walking through the hotel lobby, we attack each other in the elevator. I’m laughing and struggling to keep your hand out of my pants. Feeling modesty only because I don’t know what each floor holds or if the doors will open. When the doors open to our floor, I swat your ass hard enough for anyone in the hall to hear. Your eyes open wide in a lust filled shock.

Walking into the room, you turn as the door closes and we kiss passionately. Our bodies can’t seem to get closes enough. We flop onto the bed, clothes flying, pulling at each other and awkwardly fumbling a bit. It’s been almost 20 years and we are finally naked next to each other again.

I latch on to one of your nipples. They seem to be perpetually hard, and I can’t resist. It’s always been a huge turn on for me on. Normally I would take my time and try to tease you, but tonight is not that night. I’m a bit rough and you seem to love it as I pull first one, then the other away from your body with my teeth. One hand behind your head, fingers isveçbahis yeni giriş wrapped tightly in your hair, the other tracing your inner thigh. As I let go of your head and nipple and start to slide down your body to taste you, you flip over and are on top of me. Suddenly in control. You’ve never let me do that I’ve always wondered why. Applying a total double standard, you grin, slide down and take me in your mouth.

Always talented at this, tonight you’re showing off. I’ve been on the edge since dinner and beg you to stop because this is not how I want the first round to end. You smirk & laugh, enjoying my sensitivity, slide back up so we are face to face and sink onto my cock. Your body is amazing, and I hold your hips and take it all in as you ride me, lit only by the lights of the bridge and city through the window.

Feeling the need to be in control again, I flip you over – driving myself into you. Your hands and nails are digging into my ass, pulling me into you. It feels amazing, but it’s distracting for this first time together again. I take your hands and hold them together over your head, thrusting into you as you push off the bed to meet me. Suddenly, you’re over the edge. Spasming uncontrollably followed by me. I’m trying to get deeper than I’ve ever been. My release is dizzying, and I collapse on top of you, out of breath, laughing, feeling like I’m 20 again – noticing for the first time how we’re both covered in sweat. After a few minutes, I pull out and roll over next to you. We catch our breath in silence and I laugh as you swat my hand that has instinctively moved to caress one of your breasts and play with its perpetually hard nipple.

I sleep soundly for the first time in a while. Content. Knowing there will be time to act on the years of fantasies running through my head.

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