18 Today – Her Virginity MUST Go!

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18 Today — Her Virginity Must Go!

50 Guests Witness Jenny’s Birthday Defloration

‘Fantasy’ — ‘n., a fanciful mental image; a day-dream; whimsical speculation’

… but it COULD have happened…

‘Thankyou for coming tonight to help us celebrate Jenny’s 18th Birthday,’ John said.

‘Some of our relatives know what is about to happen, but most of you — particularly Jenny’s school friends – might think it unusual from me and Lesley, my good wife, to invite you to our Master Bedroom at a quarter to midnight….especially as Jenny’s four younger sisters, and some of Jenny’s school friends have been instructed to stay downstairs.’

‘At the outset, let me say this will probably be the strangest 18th Birthday you will ever attend…as I’ll now explain.’

‘Jenny’s great-aunt, Robyn, died a few years ago. She was quite a character and, I must say, had enjoyed a very active sex life. I imagine not just an active sex life, but an unusually adventurous one.’

‘She bequeathed multi-millions of dollars to my eight daughters, on the condition that each of them remain a virgin until her 18th Birthday…and, to access her share of the legacy, each of my daughters then had to lose her virginity at exactly one minute past midnight on the morning of her 18th Birthday.’

‘BUT – and this is the very unusual bit – Robyn also specified that at least 50 people must witness that happening. And this must include at least 10 of the girl’s school friends …but nobody under 18 years of age, including any of her younger sisters, is to be present when she surrenders her virginity.’

‘So, now you will understand why some of the guests tonight – including my four youngest daughters – are still downstairs, and why you have been invited to join us here in the main bedroom.’

‘As a family, we haven’t publicised great-aunt Robyn’s legacy, and similarly we haven’t talked about our daughters agreeing to lose their virginities at one minute past midnight on their 18th Birthdays — and this is why most of you will be surprised by what is about to happen. But, I’m sure you will understand and respect our decision not to have forewarned you about this.’

‘Jenny, and all her sisters, have known about this inheritance – including its very odd requirements — for many years, and it has been Jenny’s decision to lose her virginity tonight in front of all of you, so that she can access her share of her great-aunt Robyn’s fortune.’

‘And her younger sisters downstairs know exactly what will soon be happening…and they are probably just waiting until they hear, and probably hoping they might hear, a scream from Jenny coinciding with the moment she is penetrated for the first time.’

‘Those of you who are Jenny’s friends should also be told that her three elder sisters — Victoria, Mary and Kate — all chose to lose their virginities in the same way that Jenny is about to lose hers tonight.’

‘I should say that no pressure has been placed on any of my girls to celebrate their 18th birthdays this way…except that, if they don’t, they are simply unable to ever share in Robyn’s very substantial legacy.’

‘And, in fact, Jenny has told us that she knows she will have to lose her virginity at some time during her life, and for some time has been quite looking forward to doing so tonight, on her 18th Birthday.’

‘And she is also pleased that she has helped plan tonight, and is completely happy knowing exactly what will happen and when it will happen.’

‘Jenny has also chosen who she will go to bed with…and that is Nathan – who’ll be joining us and Jenny again in a minute.’

‘But first, the Trustees of Robyn’s Estate require certain things be provided to enable them to make the appropriate payment to Jenny. And the first is a doctor’s certificate attesting, as far as he can tell, that Jenny is a virgin.’

‘Jenny obtained this yesterday…and it reads: ‘I have been asked to provide a certificate confirming the vaginal virginity of Jenny G.. I have spoken to her and have examined her appropriately and I have no reason to believe that she is not a virgin. To be absolutely certain, she would have to possess a totally intact hymen. One is not present. However, in my experience, few if any 18-year-old girls now possess intact hymens and I am satisfied that if Jenny G. did once possess a hymen, it has now been perforated and has been dispersed through regular use of tampons and/or from her own instinctive digital penetration of her vagina. Dr R.L. Collins, General Practitioner.”

Having received this certificate, Jenny purchased several zucchinis on her way home. She had decided, after Googling ‘widening vagina’ that she would use them as vaginal dilators that night, hoping to stretch her vaginal muscles in advance of her defloration.

And even now, she had the merest feeling in her vagina of it having been stretched a little by those zucchinis.

She did have some trouble fully inserting them all — especially the larger ones. And she found she was unable to sleep esat escort – which she had intended to do – with one still inside her love tunnel.

She was just too aware of its unfamiliar presence.

But she was able to push them in and pull them out, just as she imagined Nathan’s hard-on would be doing in her vagina the very next night.

‘One of the things that always happens when our girls turn 18 and lose their virginity is that their next oldest sister — that is the one who turned 18 and lost her virginity the previous year — schools the next young man who will be involved,’ John continued.

‘And, at the 18th Birthday Party, she explains to us exactly how she has prepared him for the job he has to do.’

‘This year, the person who has been responsible for educating Nathan is my third daughter, Kate… so I’ll now ask her to tell you all about her talks with Nathan.’

Kate stepped forward.

‘Tonight Jenny is going to accept a fucking…and a fortune,’ Kate told those assembled in the bedroom.

She now had everyone’s complete attention!

‘I received my 18th birthday fucking, and access to my fortune about a year ago — and, I can assure you, it is perhaps not the most romantic way for a girl to lose her virginity.’

‘But if you ask Victoria, Mary or myself — and presumably Jenny after tonight — if we are to lose our virginity in the presence of others, then it is probably best that it happen with a group of friends and not among a group of strangers.’

‘So, on behalf of Jenny, welcome tonight to her friends — and thank you for sharing probably the most important day in her life, at least so far.’

‘You probably think it must feel very strange for a girl, knowing for much of her life exactly when — down to the very minute — she will have that first experience of feeling a penis in her vagina. Well IT IS…but knowing that all your other sisters have had, or will experience, exactly the same thing on their 18th Birthdays makes you think it is just a ‘normal’ part of growing up.’

‘And in exactly the same way, we all had – or are still experiencing – intense pressure from Mum and Dad to retain our virginities until we turned 18…which, for some guys here tonight, may explain why Jenny firmly rebuffed you when you tried in the past to get into her pants.’

‘But after tonight, after Jenny has had her first sexual experience, you may find you will have more luck!’

‘Anyway, having lost my virginity last year, my job this year has been to prepare Nathan for tonight…and that is a task that few other girls will ever be able to add to their C.V.! But, I must say, I am privileged to have had that responsibility.’

‘I talked to my older sisters about it, and we agreed that my job really was to teach Nathan how to hold an erection long enough and hard enough to be able to fully penetrate Jenny, and then — perhaps after some thrusting — give her the pleasure of receiving a sizeable wad of cum.’

‘And, as I discovered, that is something that can only be learned with practice — so, to my delight, I had to welcome Nathan enough times to my bed, to ensure that he was completely up to the job tonight when he is finally asked to enter Jenny’s virgin hole.’

‘As you’ll see in a few minutes, Nathan is well endowed. And he tells me I am tight! I imagine Jenny is not too different to me, so, I warn you, poor Jenny may not particularly enjoy Nathan’s first few thrusts.’

‘But Jenny does know what to expect. She came to our last practice session, so has seen and handled Nathan’s shaft.’

‘But Nathan has not yet seen what is between Jenny’s legs — we’re keeping that as a surprise for him, because it will help him get his erection tonight. But I’m sure he will be delighted by what she has to offer him down there.’

‘Nathan was an extremely good pupil. I suspect he didn’t arrive for his lessons a virgin…but I can guarantee, 100%, he is certainly not a virgin now!…but I’ve really enjoyed having him on the bed with me, and I’d welcome him there again anytime in the future — so girls, there’s a real recommendation for you!!!’

‘And, I must say, Jenny made an extremely good choice when she chose him to be ‘the’ man.’

‘Jenny, Nathan and I also discussed what Jenny would like to happen tonight, so that I could prepare Nathan appropriately…and, because there is really just one task to perform tonight to satisfy the requirements from the Trustees of great-aunt Robyn’s Estate, and because all of us are going to be present, Jenny has agreed that once Nathan has the head of his manhood in her love tunnel, he should just push down as far and as quickly as he can.’

‘So I have made sure he has had practice doing exactly that,’ Kate said with a smile.

‘So, Jenny my little sister, I hope everything now goes well…and Nathan, my new friend, all the best as you take your first virgin — you’re a very lucky man.’

Whilst Kate was speaking, Jenny and Nathan had walked into the back of the etimesgut escort room hand-in-hand.

They had both undressed (in separate rooms) and donned yukatas — traditional Japanese light-cotton summer robes, and a pair of Japanese sandals. This was an acknowledgment to great-aunt Robyn who had had a strong interest in all things Japanese.

‘It’s now five minutes to midnight,’ her Dad announced, as Jenny and Nathan walked towards the bed. ‘And I’d ask, so Jenny and Nathan can just concentrate on what is about to happen, that everyone here be silent for the next 6 or 7 minutes. Please no oohing or aahing, or any calls of support or cheering, please. And absolutely no photographs, or having your cell phones switched on.’

‘And, Nathan, I’ll let you know when it’s approaching one minute past midnight.’

The room fell silent. Nathan removed his yukata and slippers, handing his yukata to Jenny’s sister Mary, and climbed on the bed…his manhood in full view of everyone.

And yes, he was extremely well endowed in that area!

And it was already erect…but not yet rigid.

Several of the young girls standing nearby were so impressed that they made a mental note to invite Nathan’s manhood to also pay a visit to their vaginas.

Jenny slipped out of her slippers and removed her yukata, handing it to Kate.

She knew she was fully displaying her tits, her tweenie, her arse — and everything else – to everyone in the room.

She was not particularly enthusiastic about doing so…but once she had decided she would lose her virginity on her 18th birthday, she became resigned to the fact that she would be exposing herself — completely — to those present, and she had become resigned to the to the fact that her friends and relatives would be presented with a full, unimpeded view of every part of her nubile body.

She accepted that being naked was an essential prelude to her losing her virginity — in exactly the same way that school examinations and assignments were an unavoidable a consequence of being at school.

Jenny was actually more worried about what others would think of her teenage body…and how they would judge her sexual performance.

She may have had some reason to worry because, after all, she had had no previous practice and only had a vague notion about what she should do and what was about to occur.

What would her friends think of her breasts, she wondered. What would they think about her having trimmed her pubic hair? Would they be expecting her to scream when ‘it’ happened?

This was, of course, the first time that virtually anyone in the room — including Nathan – had seen her naked.

And they could not have been disappointed!

After all, standing in front of them was a stark-naked 18-year-old virgin!

The guests – in contrast to Jenny — were, in fact, more uncomfortable and more embarrassed about what was happening. Few of them had come to the party tonight expecting that the Birthday Girl would be parading in her birthday suit.

If only all 18th Birthday Parties were like this!

The men and boys, of course, all thought that all their birthdays had also come at once! Their eyes were firmly fixed on the area between Jenny’s legs…their own penises stiffening in anticipation of the moment she would be penetrated…most of them probably hoping to be additionally rewarded with the sight of virgin blood.

The women and girls felt a little uneasy, and were apprehensive about what may soon happen to Jenny. Some pretended not to look, and the others took care not to be seen staring at her.

But they all kept watching!

None of the guests could possibly have ignored their first sight of her tiny, tight teenage breasts…

her ‘come give me a squeeze’ waist…

her puffy, nubile 18-year-old’s pubic mound…

sporting a thin, dark line of hair that had been very carefully trimmed back to one of those narrow Brazilian landing-strips that are so popular with girls today…

and, further down, between her legs…

her darker brown labia…perhaps a little more engorged than usual…

and her virgin hole…well – more accurately – her virgin slit…

slightly opened, as if inviting penetration…

with a hint of wetness visible to everybody…the result of her having — on her sisters’ advice — inserted her finger into her vagina and spread a liberal smear of lubricating gel…

and whilst her fingers were in that area, having pleasured herself a little – and also increased her natural wetness – by gently rubbing and then gently tapping her tiny love-button…

in readiness for…

Jenny moved quickly to the bed and covered her breasts by snuggling close to Nathan’s manly chest…then the two of them kissed — very passionately…and her lady parts started feeling his gradually stiffening thruster.

Jenny’s breasts and privates were now largely hidden from view, but her taught backside continued to provide etlik escort a much-appreciated focus of attention for the guests standing around the bed.

Jenny closed her eyes, imaging what was to come…or, more correctly, terrified of what was about to come!

She tried to erase any thoughts about the fifty ‘witnesses’ standing just metres away.

Nathan and Jenny caressed each other for a few minutes…he kissing her, holding her, letting his hand move down between her legs and — for the very first time – easing his finger into her increasingly-wet virgin tunnel…she fondled his balls, squeezed his manhood…knowing that it would soon be very much stiffer and be thrusting deep down inside her…

all the time, both of them becoming increasingly aroused…

‘Please be gentle, Nathan,’ she whispered to him.

‘I’ll try to be,’ he replied. ‘Just try to relax, Jen.’

’30 seconds to go,’ her Dad said. He lifted his finger to his mouth as if to say ‘sshhh’, and then raised his hand above his head and held it in a ‘stop’ sign position.

Jenny rolled onto her back, as she had been instructed to do, and spread her legs.

‘It is about to happen,’ she thought to herself.

She had a general idea about what was about to happen…but absolutely no idea about how it would actually feel.

Nathan responded by moving on top of her…and tried to position his manhood over Jenny’s now-available slash.

‘Jen, can you lift your legs a little more — just move your knees a little more towards your head,’ Nathan asked, wanting a more-vertical approach to her virgin hole.

Jenny obliged, then suddenly thought ‘I am a virgin in more ways than one! Nathan has been told exactly what to do and has been practicing, but I have been given almost no instructions about what I should do…’lie on your back’…’spread your legs’…’relax.’ How helpful is that?’

And she wondered if the videos she had watched on the internet of girls losing their virginity were totally realistic and, in addition, whether they really has been of any help to her tonight — especially, as she remembered, the close-ups of two girls’ intact hymens, portrayed in two of the films, were absolutely identical!

She helped Nathan position his erection in the entrance to her vagina, and he gently pushed it a tiny way in.

50 pairs of eyes were totally mesmerised by the sight of Nathan’s manhood poised, ready to thrust, at the entrance to Jenny’s still-virgin hole.

Those standing to the side had the best view. And, undoubtedly, this would be one of the most memorable sights they would ever see.

Dad saw everything was in readiness. His little girl was about to accept her first fucking…but they were not here for that!

The important thing tonight was that she must ‘LOSE HER VIRGINITY at one minute past midnight.’

Would she scream?, he wondered. He thought so.

Would she bleed? Maybe.

‘5…4…’ Dad counted.

This had the effect of slightly tightening Jenny’s vaginal muscles as she realised ‘it’ was about to happen.

But it also focussed Nathan on the job ahead. He was certainly no longer thinking about Jenny’s pretty, tiny tits…or her pubic hair, trimmed to perfection!


‘Aaaaahhh!’ came the piercing scream from Jenny.

All the men in the room silently cheered…silently cheering because they were watching ‘the action’…silently cheering for Nathan, urging him on…

And their dicks, already aroused from what they were watching, engorged a little more.

Every woman’s vagina instinctively tightened… in feminine sympathy with Jenny…

Many re-lived the pain of their first penetration… others, yet to lose their virginities, imagined what a virgin will unavoidably experience…pain that they, too, would inevitably accept someday soon.

And downstairs, Jenny’s younger sisters heard the scream…each imaging how Jenny had felt when Nathan’s erection thrust into Jenny’s love tunnel, forever slightly widening her tight little cunt…and they giggled – for just a second or two…before then realising that it would not be very long before THEY also would be experiencing a similar piercing pain when their little cunnies were plumbed for the very first time by some young man’s totally stiff erection.

Jenny’s Dad raised his finger to his mouth again…sshhh!…then returned his hand to indicate ‘don’t’ to anyone thinking of cheering or applauding.

He wanted his daughter to experience the unrepeatable sensation of receiving her first load of cum in blissful silence.

Which…after some more thrusting…inevitably happened.

Nathan had played his role…and he collapsed onto Jenny.

Jenny smiled. She had lost her virginity at last…and suddenly she felt totally feminine.

Yes, she had been fucked…but now she felt that she was a ‘complete’ woman…no longer a little girl…or a virgin…and no longer needing to have any more of those teenage thoughts about how much pain she might suffer when, that first time, she would lose her virginity…and now she knew how it felt to receive a delivery of warm ejaculant.

She could, without any inhibition, now do whatever she wanted sexually…without anyone suggesting she should ‘save herself’…

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